Jennifer Aniston’s Perfume Could Double As Mace

Jennifer Aniston was looking loverly at the premiere of her new fragrance ‘Lovalie,’ despite the news coming out that she’s just ordered a restraining order against her stalker.

The 41-year-old’s stalker is a 24-year-old man named Jason Peyton, 24, has been ordered to stay away from the home, work and vehicles of the former Friends actress.

According to court documents filed in California, Peyton was detained last week after being found with duct tape, a sharp object and notes to Aniston.

He is described in the papers as “obsessed” and “delusional”.

While we give celebrities a fair amount of shit on a daily basis, stories like this are pretty creepy. I can’t imagine having to worry about and deal with the fact that people become obsessed with you in an unhealthy fashion and may threaten your life. While her perfume is a laughing matter, her stalker is not.

But as a reminder, if you carry perfume with you, ladies, you may also spray it into the face of an attacker! That’s your public safety tip for the day! Smell great and stay safe!