Jennifer Aniston’s New Puppy Wuppy

Jennifer Aniston has brought home a new bundle of joy, a five-month old puppy named Dolly. Dolly is a white German Shepard that Aniston fell in love with when her acting coach took charge of Dolly’s sister. The Break-up star said that Dolly is a great watchdog, and she hopes that she can train her to protect her from the stalkers and the ever present paparazzi.

Aniston admits that the welcome mat was not immediately rolled out for Dolly at her present Malibu home. Her ten-year old Corgi Norman wasn’t too thrilled about having a puppy in the house but the friendly pooch is getting used to having Dolly around. Apparently, the two have different personalities Aniston claims that Dolly is unlike Norman in that he will “lick you to death.” Yet, another reason to love JA she is a friend to the animal world!

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Written by Christy Pastore

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