Jennifer Aniston’s Best Friend Right Now Could Be Her Bodyguard

The New York Daily News reports that Jennifer Aniston’s man-for-hire was in hot pursuit of someone who tried to illegally film Jen’s recent Boradway performance. From The Daily Dish with Rush & Molloy:

The bomber-jacketed bodyguard sprang into action and grabbed a camera as a well-dressed blond pointed it at the former “Friends” star. Several other illicit photogs also took snaps. Aniston’s superprotector checked the photos during an intermission – but hadn’t seen the video footage the woman had taken when she got her camera back and ran in her studded stiletto boots down W. 42nd St. Bubba followed in hot pursuit. He even jumped in a cab to go after her, but stalled in traffic as the culprit, who probably knows filming a play is prohibited, disappeared into the night. “He travels with her everywhere and is insanely protective,” said one celebrity reporter. “I did witness him take down a paparazzi in two seconds!”

Most people don’t understand that when you live a high-profile lifestyle much like the one Jennifer and I enjoy, it’s really hard to go out in public without at least some sort of security. However, since I have not yet attained the “financial security” afforded a former sit-com star, I’m forced to simply date big guys at this point in my career. Until I can afford to just buy one, that is.

Written by Lisa Timmons