Jennifer Aniston’s a Busy Lady

September 26th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Even though she’s not making too much news these days in terms of her action on the dating scene, Jennifer Aniston’s still very much on our radar with all the movies she’s been working on. At the moment, she’s filming scenes for her romantic comedy, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” and its just been announced that she’s going to be starring with Aaron Eckhart in the drama, “Traveling.” The gist of the film is that Eckhart is a grief coach hosting a seminar at the hotel where Aniston’s character is a floral designer and she teaches him that he’s not really taking any of his own advice. Hmm. Not sure yet how I feel about it. In any case, she’s a movie-making machine at the moment and from how trim she looks, I’m guessing that burns lots of calories.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. anonymous

    I don’t give a damn whether she wants children or not, whether she can or can’t get pregnant.

    Power to her for following her dreams. We only live once. Live it to your fullest. I wish her much success in her career.

    I love to see her act. She is a great actress.

  2. someone

    Thank goodness she didn’t stay with cheating Pitt, if it hadn’t been Angelina it would have been someone else..she looks great!

  3. Mr. T

    Considering her claim to fame is her role on a TV show and being married to Dumbo (and cheated on) her movies suck. Sorry, she’s not the most talented actress out there.

  4. erika

    I think she got a raw deal from Brad. That being said, it seems like all of the new movies she will be in will be sort of a Rachel-type character. Would like to see her in something where she would really have to draw herself out. Also, change the hair!!

  5. Vic

    Her looks are just as bad as her acting. She’s only famous for being Brad’s ex and being hounded by the paps. Enough of her already!!!!!!

  6. T-Bone

    For her face, this hairstyle seems to work best, although I’m sure she’d cut it all off for the right role. She’s sort of like Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts — they’re all known for their hair and the fact that people relate to them and love them, but not necessarily their range. If that’s all she ever is in Hollywood, who gives a rat’s a$$? She’s nice, smart, wealthy, beautiful and working (which is more than 99% of the actors trying to make it). She’ll be just fine.

  7. nastybugger

    erika, although I’ve not seen either movie, she supposedly did impress the critics with her roles in “The Good Girl” and “Derailed”. both roles were NOTHING like “Rachel”.

    she’s got range; perhaps she just prefers to be in the standard romantic comedy movies.

  8. Zekers

    I’ve always thought she has range as well, nastyb. I think it’s more the viewers that pigeon-hole actors into roles that they made famous. Christopher Reeves will always be Superman, Larry Hagman will always be “JR”, Alan Alda will always be Hawk-eye. Jennifer will always be Rachel…

  9. nastybugger

    zekers, I agree. there are some actors/actresses that, no matter what else they do in their career, are always remembered for that ONE role.

    her “claim to fame” may be the TV role, but viewers who are fans will know everything else she’s done.

    oh, and for me, Larry Hagman will always be Major Nelson!

  10. Zekers

    Yeah nastyb, I didn’t want to admit that I remember “I Dream of Jeanie” but since you jumped in the water…I’ll follow you-this time! :)

  11. T-Bone

    Yes nasty! Major Nelson! God I loved that show. Although it was somewhat ahead of its time (Jeanie in that skimpy outfit, living with Major Nelson without being married. Sure, she lived in a bottle, but ….;)

  12. green cardigan

    JA is good at comedy and while she’s no Meryl Streep, she’s not bad either. Frankly, I think she’s better at acting than Brad. He’s dreadful. I watched ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ over the weekend and I was cringing. He’s so hammy and wooden and he relies completely on his Golden Boy looks. I gave up on him after watching Troy (CRAP!) but I was giving him a second chance. STILL CRAP!

    Jen has as much range as AJ. AJ always plays the same role too. Exotic head case siren. Yawn! At least you get to laugh at JA’s films.

    I’ll stop now. I’m rambling, time for a sandwich:)

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