Jennifer Aniston Trying to Take Things Slow

June 28th, 2007 // 6 Comments

After her past two relationships with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt and ex-fiance (I don’t know if it was official or not, but whatevs, for the purpose of this post, it was), Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston is probably feeling a bit gun-shy about getting into a full-blown relationship at the moment. Currently, she’s romantically entangled with the British model, Paul Sculfor, but that doesn’t necessarily preclude her seeing other people. Aniston has been seen out and about without Sculfor by her side, while she visited with friends at various L.A. hot spots, including a Police concert. However, his absence doesn’t mean things have ended between the two.

“Jen and Paul continue to see each other, but it is not serious,” a source close to the star, 38, insists. “She remains cautious of anyone she meets.

That’s probably wise of her to do at the moment. The only thing is I still think it’s mighty precarious of her to be dating someone in entertainment. At the very least, she should at least to grab a guy whose job has him behind the lens. No offense to actors or models or anything, but it just doesn’t seem to have worked well for her in the past…and rarely works for any of Hollywood in general. Why tempt fate?

By Lisa Timmons

  1. CU Next Tuesday

    and might I add.. those fellas behind the lense… might be a little nerdy but they are way more fun to be around than some guy who shaves his chest. and definitely better in the sack. or less itchy.

  2. Margaret

    I’m a big Jen fan, and I’m sure she wants to keep her relationships private, but the bottom line is that Paul was photographed sneaking out her back fence on a Sunday morning and again on her balcony putting his shirt on. The fact is she was with Paul on Thursday night at the Sunset Tower, so says the staff there and a reporter who was thrown out of the place. In my opinion, there is definitely something there more than casually seeing Paul.

  3. She’d better hurry up. She’s not young, dumb, and full of cum anymore. She’s old.

  4. Lauren_SX

    I wanna have a little chat with T-bone, if she`s willing to. I say “she” because only a woman could be so passionate in hating Angelina Jolie and loving Aniston. I read some comments T-bone posted yesterday, among them :

    “As for AJ’s role in A Mighty Heart — doesn’t really matter if she’s good in it or not, because no one wants to see the movie” Question : Why do you think “no one wants to see the movie” ? And what relevance has that on Jolie`s performance ? Please explain this to me, because you left me in the dark with this comment.

    Now, I want to say what maybe you already guessed : I admire Angelina Jolie and have only antipathy for Aniston. As for your preference of Aniston you said : “she seems to be a nice, private, real, good human being. I’ve never read anything horrible about her, and believe me, if she had done AWFUL things or ridiculous things (like Angelina Jolie), we would ALL know about it.” This are all very good reasons to like your neighbor. Or your sister in law. But Aniston is a MOVIE STAR, and what you said does not change the fact that she is a shitty actress, nor that she`s ugly. What you said about Aniston applays to a lot of celebrities like : Rachel Weisz , Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron , etc, all of them being “, private, real, good human beings” but also very talented actresses and beautiful women. And that is why I admire them, and that is why I have nothing to admire when it comes to Aniston.

  5. chinny

    You know what is funny ? I just read that her boy-toy of the moment is a drug-addict and have been 2 times in rehab . And you know what`s REALLY funny ? That if you type “Chinnyfer Maniston” on the imdb search field it will take you to her. I reccomand you do that, it`s quite fun, exept you will have to see chinny`s but ugly face wich is kinda depressing

  6. Lauren_SX

    chinny that`s not funny, that`s immature. They find partial matches on imdb, if you type Blohan you will get Linsday Lohan. Btw I don`t want ppl to get the wrong ideea, I don`t dislike Aniston because she`s ugly. I mean, yes I consider her ugly but I wouldn`t have such a problem with her if her acting didn`t make me cringe.

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