Jennifer Aniston to Get Musical on Us

Jennifer Aniston and producing partner, Kristin Hahn, have purchased the rights to an article from Texas monthly, which tells the story of a group of eight female prisoners, who formed a country and western band while serving time in prison.

The women were paying their due to society while in the Goree Prison in Texas during the 1940’s and their band was one of the first acts of its kind to be comprised solely of women. The Texas Monthly article, “O Sister Where Art Thou,” outlined the story of the women of Goree, whose music earned them millions of fans. Ultimately, the women were each pardoned for their crimes. A director is not yet attached to the Dreamworks project, which is entitled “Goree Girls.”

Plans are for it to be a period musical, as well as a possible vehicle in which Aniston plans to star. Well, this sounds like it could end up being pretty good. But seriously, if Jennifer is hunting for an Oscar, she seriously needs to gain fifty pounds for a role. The Academy LOVES the temporary fatties.