Jennifer Aniston Stars In True-To-Life Film ‘The Baster’

Because artificial insemination is a timely topic for her, newly single Jennifer Aniston is starring in a romantic comedy called The Baster.  As in, the thing you use to flavor a turkey or, in this case, fill with semen and stick up your vagina.  Feeling romantic yet?

But wait – there’s a plot twist.  Jason Bateman – who plays
Jen’s “best friend” – pulls a fast one on her and switches out the
donor’s sperm with his own.  Why, you ask?  Well, because it’s a stupid
movie, for one thing.  For another, you can never trust a friend who
also happens to be a straight man.  Unless he’s Ed Westwick.

Much like Aniston’s businesslike approach to childbirth, the Baster’s
casting crew is skipping the formalities.  Per their Craigslist ad, they want
“a heavy set women who is able to ride a bike and comfortable in
provocative wardrobe who is comfortable having profanities shouted at
her.”  Instead of asking for a grammar tutor next, they requested an acne-covered teenage boy and “a woman with a round face, small eyes, and
upturned nose who is comfortable having profanities shouted out at her.”  Don’t all send in your resumes at once. 

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: Jennifer Aniston arrives to the set of her latest film The Baster