Jennifer Aniston Sexes Up Smart Water [Obvious Observations]

May 18th, 2010 // 2 Comments

“Working out feels great…afterwards. That’s why I drink Smart. It’s hydration I can feel. (And it’s one part of my routine I never sweat.)”

So says Jennifer Aniston, as she shows off her tight abs in a new advertisement for Smart Water.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lilac

    Yeah, she loves the way she looks now because she never had any children. There will come a day not far from now, when she wishes she gave of herself when she was younger to have the company of children who love her unconditionally when she herself is older. Big letdown coming up folks…it’s called aging the selfish way.

  2. Angelina

    Lilac – I bet you are the very person who judges and hates women who don’t have children. We are not obligated as women to have children – it is a choice not a sentence! I myself don’t want children! I hope you are not the type of parent whose children stops talking to you, hates you, and puts you in a nursing home when you are old and cripple. Not every child loves their parent unconditionally. Not every adult wants to be a parent for whatever reason.

    Now, I wish these actors and actresses stop trying to act like dancers, athletes, acrobats, and so on. Just act! Leave the working out and sports, dancing, circus acts, and so on to the Professionals. There is nothing more annoying than a so-called celebrity who thinks s/he is a professional dancer because s/he spent a few months on that horrible bloody show dancing with the stars. By the way, those “professional” dancers on there are not World Class! They are mediocre dancers looking to become celebrities.

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