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June 20th, 2006 // 40 Comments

On her marriage to Brad:

She says graciously: “I don’t regret any of that time and I’m not here to beat myself up about it.

“They were seven very intense years together and it was a beautiful, complicated relationship. I will love Brad for the rest of my life and I hope that someday we will be able to be friends again.”


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. shannon

    Classy! Nuf said.

  2. kw

    classy gal!!!!!!

  3. dude


  4. dc-20008

    Who is she and what is she talking about?

  5. me

    Why can’t she stop talking about him.
    Enough Already!!

  6. lady j

    she won’t stop talking about it until reporters stop asking…..and i think she has handled the whole situation graciously and in a classy manner..i would have drank myself into oblivion and acted rather recklessly….

  7. Rumor

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I feel certain that I’ve heard this quote a long time ago… Now that Brad is back in town, the media must be trying to stir things up again and cause friction.

  8. Turtle Shell

    PUHLEEZE!! There is nothing classy about this. She didn’t do it to be gracious. She refuses to answer any questions they pose to her about Vince Vaughn so why would she answer questions about her ex husband? Doesn’t add up. The only reason she answered this question was because she knew it would get press. What a fake. She needs to get her own press and stop getting attention off of what is going on with Angelina and Brad. Get off of Brad’s coat tails already and jump aboard Vince’s.

  9. chrise

    Yet again, she shows INFITELY more class than that tattooed-trailer-park ho Angelina Jolie–although if I moved to Hollywood and had the $ for an agent, I’d want AJ’s agent–she’s managed to convince so many folks of so much that ain’t true!

    “She’s a good actress”–well,yeah, if she’s playing a cartoon character or a psycho, as neither role is a stretch.

    “She’s bisexual” (so women like her) but doesn’t find women worth having as friends or dates and f’d over Laura Dern for Billy Bob and Jen Aniston for Brad. So what if she schtupped Jenny Shimizu–everybody’s schtupped Jenny Shimizu; that doesn’t mean diddly.

    “She’s a great gal” because she adopt trillions of kids. It’s called OCD…Look into it.

    Aniston’s the ONLY one in this messed-up triangle who has behaved in a classy manner here, but because she doesn’t have that super-mega-way-outta-proportion big-big-big thing going on that Americans like–i.e. she’s less like a cartoon character–so she’s seen as less attractive. And BP’s so weak he’ll morph into ANYbody he’s with. The sooner everybody gets over this the better, but AJ has learned this gets her publicity (like “bisexuality” or adopting 5,000 children–known as “hoarding in terms of pet adoption, and a sign of mental illness–so it ain’t likely to end anytime soon).

  10. Elaine Tanner

    I agree with lady j. If the media would stop asking about Brad, she would stop talking about him. The reason she is not answering questions about VV is because she has said she learned a valuable lesson being with Brad.

    She has said she will never talk that much about her relationship again. She has admitted that she invited comments about their breakup by opening speaking of their relationship.

    All things considered, she’s handled herself well and with class. Remember, she is not the one that cheated in the relationship.

    I find it amazing that people are quick to judge her harshly, when she didn’t do anything wrong.

    Some of the same people that dis Jennifer, speak well of Angelina, a strange, whorish woman, who happens to promote foreign nations. Good for her; but let’s not treat Jennifer as though she’s done something wrong.

  11. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    I agree, Chrise. Jennifer displays tremendously more class than her ex-husbands new white trash lover/partner/companion.

  12. Suck

    I guess not only the media should shut the fuck up! also her fucking fans and jolie’s fans who believes in every trash reports! to the fucking stupid tabloids whose making these worst like these things never happened in hollywood. Thank you

  13. Right, thanks Jen. After trashing and badmouthing your ex to Vanity Fair and the whole world – now you want to try to steal the limelight away from their new baby happiness.

    You obviously see your pity party did not help ticket sales for your 4 movie bombs so now you retract and try to be the nice girl.

    Meanwhile, Jolie and Pitt are the real class act because they keep their mouthes shut. They do not utter one word about you.

    Like my momma always said, your private business is your private business. Shut up already.

    I don’t buy your sudden niceness. Pluhhhhleeze.

    Brad is busy with his new baby daughter. Being a father is infinitely more important than being a media addicted twit such as yourself.

  14. More Class?

    #11 I agree, Chrise. Jennifer displays tremendously more class than her ex-husbands new white trash lover/partner/companion.

    WHAT???? I’m sorry but who is the one who won’t shut up about it? At least AJ and BP have had the decency to be private. This girl has not been classy at all. She says that Brad is “missing a sensitivity chip” and then hooks up with one of his friends? WHAT?????!!!!! She’s just bitter because she knows she lost a good thing. I remember reading her interviews and her saying that he would always come home on the weekends while filming Ocean’s 11 while the rest of the cast would stay and party it up. He would say,” i have to go see my girl.” She blew it. She was selfish, needy, insecure and cared more about her career than her family. Sorry but you can’t blame him for leaving if what he wanted was a family. I also love how all through their marriage, it was always “I’m not ready to have kids” and now that she wants sympathy it’s suddenly become “Oh, I’ve always wanted kids.” WHAT!?!?!?! This girl needs to get her story straight. Classy? I don’t think so.

  15. Justice

    Ho-lie and ArmPitt are the ones always clamoring for media attention. They can’t keep their mouths (or in Ho-lie’s case, her legs) shut!! Aniston DID handle this whole thing with grace, style, dignity, and decorum… All of these words are qualities that Ho-lie and ArmPitt will never possess! The media, and public, won’t stop asking her questions about Ho-lie and ArmPitt and that is the ONLY reason that she talks about that trash at all. And anyone that says differently is either as trashy as Holie and ArmPitt or a complete moron!

  16. tc

    A classy broad, that’s all I can say about that. As harassed and badgered as she was by the media, she’s still that decent a person. She’s kept her sanity and her perspective. How can you not like her? Beautiful and that decent a person.

  17. Brad Fan

    What!!?? classy!!? oh puleezz she’s the mediawhore did you forget what kind of media attention she just did magazine’s left and right, TV shows left and right and don’t tell me she’s promoting her movies coz in her every guesting she’s talking about Brad and don’t tell me again that she’s asked by the interviewer coz if she is really classy she would say “no comment or better i don’t want to talk about my personal life then shut up and focussed on the MOVIE! HARRASED and BADGERED!!!!?? What!!?? she asked for that and oh puleez again compared to other involved here whose the one bad in the eyes of the media for playing the victim and pity party? whose the got worst harrased by the media that eventhough your in the other planet and lived a normal life still want to take that fucking pictures that in order for them to get revenge they played the media and used for good cause! i would say that is classy inspite of what the media and public say about them! And for that VF interviewed its really annoying!
    WHY in the hell or why did she let her “friends” inluded in that interview? WHY oh WHY?
    NICOLE KIDMAN is a classy

  18. Omen II

    This info won’t interest some of you (I know you think it’s hogwash), but a “few” of you will find it fascinating or at least entertaining.

    Jen Aniston fans, according to Numerology, you are completely correct about your girl. Good person. The Lifepath Number is the most important number in Numerology. It’s what a person’s true character is. If a person follows that number and does things according to who they really are, they’ll be happier. The Attitude Number is what that person presents to the world or how others see him or her. So deep down you could be a loner, but present yourself to the public as a leader.

    In studying Brad, Angelina, Jen and Vince the results are uncanny. Just amazing! Here’s how it breaks down:

    Brad DOB: 12-18-1963, LifePath-4, Attitude-3
    Angie 06-04-1975 5 1
    Jen 02-11-1969 2 4
    Vince 03-28-1970 3 4

    Get this- Lifepath #4 is in a nutshell a total homebody. Home is haven to them. A #3 Attitude is the joker. They’re charismatic. When happy, it’s a big smile. When in a bad mood, they cause you to be in a bad mood too. Sounds a lot like Brad.

    Angie’s LP is #5. They seek freedom, fun & adventure, have a hard time settling down & fear of being smothered in relationships. A #1 Attitude likes to do things themselves. Self motivated. Needs a lot of praise from others and has self-esteem issues. If get praise, succeed well; if not, they become rebellious.

    Jen’s LP is #2. They are mediators who want peace and are loyal. They want companionship with a special person and don’t like conflict. Her Attitude of #4 is a listkeeper who keeps track of everything. They’re kind of handy and become skilled at doing things and teach others.

    Vince’s #3 LP blew me away: Natural comedian and excellent communicator in all areas. Good at broadcasting, performing, acting, etc. Can become manic depressive if doesn’t use creative energy. And, of course, his Attitude #4 is right in sync with Aniston’s. Must be the key to their getting along well and having fun.

    If you want to read more, check out the site where I got this info from. Glynis is aka the numbers lady. She’s been on radio, TV, all over.

    Glynis’s site would probably be the easiest for you to understand. I’ve done most of the work for you by already finding the Lifepath and Attitude numbers. Just go to the site and read more about the traits of each number.

    In any case (and get angry if you want to), Brad’s and Angelina’s Lifepath numbers are almost completely opposite, which sorry to say, is a very bad sign. In actuality, he meshed much more easily with Aniston. Her truest personality is more in line with his.

    You might want to check out yourselves. It might blow you away. Numerology goes deeper, but this is the basic, most important info to look into.

  19. Lisa

    Very classy! I like her! I also like Angelina, what do you think about that?

  20. Rachel

    it’s nice to see someone say that they’ve actually got something good out of their marriage, instead of denise-charlie-esque divorces.

  21. irina

    this is soooooooooo old. it’s from september 2005 Vanity Fair

  22. FunMe

    If that pathetic gurl will finally realize that SHE is the ones with problems, perhaps she will be able to move on.

    Remember folks, this is the woman who got upset at her mom for writing a book where she mentioned her. She could have mend fences with her mom and figure out a way to FORGIVE. But no … she did NOT talk to her mom for many years. I read that is one thing that bothered Brad who is so close to her family.

    Second, Brad wanted to have kids. She did not. Hello Jennifer, you are ugly and not exactly spring chicken. She should just have had kids. it would have made her more “human” and even glowing. She would have garnered even more symptathy.

    But nooooooooooooooooo …

    Whe wanted to focus on a “film career” after that racist white only show “Friends”

    REALITY CHECK: Jennifer, most are your movies are flops. If they do well it’s because not much competition in the film world right now.

    Jennifer: you F***ed up the gig, big time!

  23. CareKate

    “Classy?” Maybe so, but it’s about the ONLY classy thing she’s said or done regarding this entire “I-don’t-want-your-pity-but-it’s-okay-to-feel-sorry-for-me-anyway-fest.” I swear, this woman missed her calling and should have become an opera singer because it’s always about, “Me, me, me, me, me, me…I, I, I, I, I….”

    Personally, I cannot wait for the day when this woman finally unhitches her wagon from the Brad Pitt star so she can fade back into mediocrity and obscurity where she belongs.

    And now I shall brace myself from the inevitable backlash and barrage of protests from the Jennifer-Aniston-is-the-posterchild-for-women-scorned fan club, so come on: hit me with your best shot!

  24. d. c.

    He left her because she was a lazy, bratty, no talent leech that happened to love his protection and silence on her creepiness. You know Vince is now in the know, running scared and looking for the perfect escape route all the time.

  25. Trujrzygirl

    First of all, she is much more classier and elegant than that piece of crap she was married to. Secondly, it’s pretty hard to stop talking or expressing comments when the f**king media ho’s won’t leave you a lone. She is handling it very well and very maturely. Thirdly, everyone who clicks on this website as well as others lives off Hollywood Gossip or you wouldn’t be checking the site all the time and posting- including myself, I love this stuff!!! But, I am able to put myself in Jenn’s shoes and see she is handling it as a jilted ex wife should, with style, grace, class and elegance. Angelina is a homewrecker and Brad is a jerk for the inconsiderate way he treated her.

  26. Trujrzygirl

    As for her sucking up the media, HELLO PEOPLE, she had all these new movies out, EVERY celebrity does A LOT of interviews and media segments to represent their new flicks … It was all timing !!! You don’t think Angelina is doing the same, not for one week did her and Brad’s name go unmentioned … they were everywhere, I almost think they were doing it on purpose !! And now, of all places in California, they have to move back by Jennifer Anniston, what is up with that ????????????? So inconsiderate and consumed by their needs and no one elses … Angelina is the type of woman who knows what she wants and goes for it regardless of what is in her path … Brad is a perfect example of that. I have zero respect for her or any other woman that goes with a married man. They should be pushed before a moving bus.

  27. NotNewNEWS

    This is not a new stuff from her. This is a mixup of different strung together this & that she’s’ been quouted as saying over a period of time. Rag stunt folks/hope she sues.

  28. NotNewNEWS


    Most likely for what reason would Angelina Jolie be doing it? She/he have been in the news ad nausem because the newsmakers have PUT them in the news ad nausem. Where are you now? In a thread about Jennifer Aniston. She didn’t call up A SOCIALITE’S LIFE and say “hey, put a thread up about me today.” So yes, just like Jennifer, Angelina/Brad news comes by way of OTHERS deciding that “they are news, and there should BE news about them……even if we have to make it up.”

  29. NotNewNEWS

    CareKate, she will NEVER unhitch her wagon to BP’s. I’m not a Jen A hater, but I think she’s one of the best manipulator’s in the biz, and she’s been the main one TO keep the connection in people’s minds. They had a nice quiet separation going on…..even went on vacation to announce it! Then a nice quiet divorce was filed, and then a lightbulb went on about how the moment could be used in her favor……boom, she and her PR guy Huvane so an opportunity, and suddenly damn near overnight she became POOR POOR JILTED POLLYANA. It’s amazing how many have chosen to overlook that in your face timing.

  30. HearMe

    FunMe, you don’t sound like much fun to me- you’re angry as hell.
    Jen’s relationship with her mom is her business. Brad would never understand since he is so close to his parents and family. Why comment on that when you have no idea what went on? You’re really stepping over the line about that. BTW, I’ve heard that she has gotten closer to her mom since she split with BP.
    You refuse to believe Aniston re the children issue, but you’re right there backing up Brad when he said he didn’t cheat (during filming–the phone calls,public displays of affection,meeting w/AJ in hotels,dates around the city), when all arrows point toward it. In my opinion, he lied.
    Jen Aniston doesn’t have to give birth to ANYBODYS baby if she doesn’t want to. Period. End of discussion. You gals are crazy! If what you believe is true and the marriage ended, so be it. But stop painting the girl as some demonic witch if she was not agreeable to having a doggone baby.
    I can’t believe you’re saying “she should just have had kids.” That’s an odd statement. I’m surprised anybody today would say something backward like that. Are you a backwoods country girl?
    Having a baby will usually ruin an already weak relationship. The stress from having/raising a child is a surefire way exacerbate already prevalent problems. More divorces occur after the birth of a first baby – check it out!
    Having kids would have made her more human? Glowing? Huh?
    Maybe it would have ruined her body and made her look a bit older.
    What’s wrong with “Friends” the white-only show? You’re mad about that too huh? I’m guessing you’re not white and have a chip on your shoulder.
    There are plenty of other “white-only” shows. Ever watch Laguna Beach on MTV? A huge hit.

  31. londongrl

    The blind item that was listed on here a couple of days ago was right on. JA is a coke-whore. She didn’t want to give that up or her career to have a baby. Brad gave her an ultimatum (while admitting that he did cheat) and left her when she refused. I mean, come on, they were shown being friendly (hugging, holding hands, etc . .) in Anguilla a couple of days before they announced their separation so apparently there were things on both sides, and they came to some sort of agreement. If your husband cheated and that was the sole reason you were getting a divorce, you wouldn’t be acting friendly. She has some blame here too, people. Not that that’s an excuse to cheat, but she had some part in the breakdown of their marriage.

    Anyway, I have friends in the industry and it is well known that JA is way into coke.

  32. Anonymous

    To londongrl: you have friends in the industry? janitors don’t count. i know JA personally and she does not do coke. as for the break-up of her marriage, she has openly stated that there was a breakdown on both sides, not just by brad.

  33. Becks

    “Jen is a known coke whore”…..hahahahahahaaha, that’s all I can do to that statement because it is SO rediculous. It’s amazing what people will say. That’s why this is called “gossip” I think alot of folks need to find the meaning of that word.

  34. Sick of Jen


    Ok, tell me again what interviews have Brad and Angelina given other than the one after the birth and the one last night? Sorry but the only person here with diarrhea of the mouth here has been Jennifer. Seriously, you Jen fans are delusional. Jennifer is so pathetic it makes my skin crawl. She makes women look weak and needy. Hey if your man doesn’t want you, kick him to the curb and get on with your life. She talked so much sh*t about him, leaked all these stories about him and now she wants to be his friend? Who would want to be friends with someone like that? I hope he continues to not take her calls. She has villified him in the press and I hope he never speaks to her again and she fades into obscurity and I don’t have to look at that chin anymore.

  35. Da Judge

    Brad and Jen didn’t want to give interviews and have been in hiding for months. They’ve been too ashamed of their obvious conduct to talk about it in public. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

  36. Da Judge

    Make that Brad and Jolie. Har Har.

  37. Audacte

    You are going to bring up Jennifer’s issues with her mother? Are you serious? How about lets talk about Angelina’s issues with her father? They are both equally flawed… wait.. not flawed… HUMAN!!!! Go figure!!!!

  38. Vgirl

    Brad Fan said: ????!!!!

    I’m sorry, but WTF are you trying to say? Lord, I really hate people who try to pick apart other people’s opinions, but you sound like one major ass! And I am not even trying to agree nor disagree! You just sound like a major ass! I mean, maybe it is because I am not getting that whole mess of crap you texted out but please!
    Go crawl back into bed with your moms or whichever family member you are doing at the moment…ugh!

  39. Hoot

    “Brad Fan” is an example of a true hater. She’s so mad that everything came out jumbled. Most likely her mind was raging ahead of her fingers typing.

  40. anon

    I’m starting to think this bitch is socially retarded and doesn’t know how to communicate directly with someone… will you shut up to the press already… my god…

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