Jennifer Aniston Marries Ben Affleck

September 21st, 2007 // 11 Comments

Here’s some blurry grassy knoll-type pics of Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck from the set of “He’s Just Not That Into You”. This pic has EVERYONE in it. Drew’s hanging out on the Gay Pride float with Ricky Vasquez. Scarjo’s being a twat on set, and look – Jennifer Aniston is fake-marrying Ben Affleck! They look good even though the camera that took these was apparently strapped to a buoy out in the ocean. Jenn’s trying to resurrect her hot lately, and was flaunting it on a beach in Hawaii.

A source told OK! magazine: “The reaction from people seeing her in that itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini did more for Jen’s self-image and self-confidence than all her years of therapy put together.”

“She didn’t realize the impact it had until she was back in Los Angeles after the trip. Everywhere she went, everyone she spoke to told her what an absolute knockout she is and what great shape she’s in.”

“For a 38-year-old woman who has just come out of a relationship and hasn’t been in front of the cameras in two years – it had her walking on air.”

No more sitting around eating pork rinds with Vince Vaughn. No more sneaking coke-sniffing British models up her driveway at all hours. Maybe she’s dismantled the cell where she planned to hold Shiloh. It’s a whole new world.


By J. Harvey

  1. green cardigan

    I don’t want this to be true. I hope Jenny isn’t STILL at the therapy and working on ‘the body’.

    I’m all for improving yourself but endless therapy is pointless. Get out there and live! Drink pina colodas, dance till dawn, romance beautiful men, sail across an ocean! Don’t sit forever on a therapist’s couch talking about your bitch of a mother.

  2. patty

    She should be very proud of herself in those Hawaiian photos in that itsey bitsey teeney weenie bikini….she was showing off one awesomely perfect female body! Amazing! One Hot Hot Mama. I don’t know the URl, but i came across a photo of Jennifer from awhile back in which she’s wearing sheer white gauze dress standing erotically posed underneath waterfall….nearly spilled my coffee over myself when that one came on my screen…Jen!! What HAVE you been hiding ?????….wow

  3. T-Bone

    Jennifer has one of the best REAL bodies in the business (meaning not surgically enhanced and not anorexia or bulemia induced). But she needs to get to a place where she loves and feels comfortable with every part of herself — inner and outer — and not just the bod.

    She does, however, seem happy and free, so good for her! Always on her side ;)

  4. Bodhi

    too bad her face is fug & she can’t act…

  5. ellie

    “just come out of a relationship” ? What, one of the brief entanglements she’s had with random guys? Because if they are referring to the end of her marriage, then they are stuck in some sort of time slowing universe. Her divorce was final almost 2 years ago and she filed for divorce way back in January of ’05 according to In relationship terms, especially Hollywood relationships, that is *not* recent. But, after looking at her imdb page, my real question is why is “Jennifer Aniston Arquette” listed as an alternate name for her?

  6. ugh

    She’s so pretty and one of the few that’s actually pretty naturally. And I’d love to have her figure.

  7. Bridget

    To answer the question about the “Jennifer Aniston Arquette” credit: in one of the opening credits, after Courteney Cox had gotten married to David and thus changed her name and credit to ‘Courteney Cox Arquette,’ they added ‘Arquette’ to the end of each cast member as a gag.

  8. kerry

    her face look like man. i don’t think she is a good acttress

  9. Robb

    IF you like thin and a flat butt. I like a little junk in the trunk myself.
    Her bod is just okay to me, not Jessica Biels, that’s a real body.
    Poor Jenn, that face is plain… but nice hair. LOL

  10. Tony

    Are we talking about the same woman?? The Jenn Aniston I know is ugly as a cat’s butt.
    Her body is just okay and she has a flat behind.
    Give me a break

  11. Lena

    Jenn is a gorgeous woman and she is not flat she has a cute little azz. The guys saying she is ugly must be blind or gay

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