Jennifer Aniston Is Open To Botox

Finally a celeb admits to the possibility of botox.

Jennifer Aniston says she “could do” botox in a recent interview with British Harper’s Bazaar. Although has she not already? Otherwise she must have had an allergic reaction right before she filmed Marley and Me. Ah yes, here we go, “Aniston admits that she’s tried botox before, but didn’t like the end result” from an interview with hollyscoop.

I prefer the way The Bounty Hunter star looks now, in these photos for the magazine, so I hope she stays off the poison injections. She credits her current cover look to her healthy lifestyle saying “I eat really well and I work out.” Commenters on the Us website called her out on being a smoker so naturally I looked around for some photos and found this one from last year. That sure as hell isn’t good for your skin.