Jennifer Aniston Hates Perez Hilton

February 22nd, 2007 // 51 Comments


Perez Hilton is being sued for displaying a topless pic of Aniston, taken from the set of the Break-Up. Universal is claiming he didn’t take it down when he was asked to. Perez Hilton’s lawyer is saying that he did and Universal is pursuing the lawsuit because Aniston doesn’t love the way Perez depicts her on his site. Which gets like one jillion page views a day. Seriously, I’m friggin’ green with envy. I am. Do I need to start drawing semen dripping out of people’s mouths or cocaine on their nostrils? Anyway, I think this is all because he had that pink hair going on. Jesus, that was a wrong turn. Did he lose a bet?

“Apparently, Universal’s notice was sent somewhere in Arizona rather than to our client directly and when our client received direct notice, in good faith our client removed the picture notwithstanding the right to the fair use of the photograph.

“Our client questions whether this lawsuit was in fact motivated by Ms. Aniston as a result of her disdain for viewpoints expressed about her on the site,” Freedman continued, referring to the fairly catty tone Hilton, 28, generally takes when commenting on the former Friends star, going so far as to refer to her as “Maniston.”

Whatever you do, don’t go to his friggin’ site after you read this. He gets enough damn pageviews. Click back here and I’ll give you a treat or something. Like, I don’t know, a piece of candy or I’ll play you a merry tune on my kazoo.

By J. Harvey

  1. Marie

    He is so horrible to her on that site, which I have refused to visit for quite a while! Please, please don’t start drawing semen or coke on your photos! Because we’re not in middle school. :) Thanks in advance.

  2. Margaret

    I have been hoping for a long time that Jennifer herself would sue Perez. This boy needs to be taken down a notch or two. This suit is by Universal Studios, not Jennifer Aniston. I saw the picture he posted and read the aasty “saucer” comment. All this from a guy who looks like holy sh**? Don’t worry. I don’t click on him anymore.

  3. Lisa

    This site is much better, don’t change a thing. I think most people go to his site because they hate him or they are just a bunch of teenagers who think the semen doodles are cool.

  4. RitaPIta

    I Dont care what anyone says, Your site is a zilion times better than Perez’s! He’s a whiny little brat who isn’t really funny.

  5. rooty_toot

    Ugh – Perez Hilton, again?! Why do people like his site? He’s not funny, clever or even good at reporting gossip! Oh, other than “outing” Lance Bass (snore).

    Not nearly as fun as A Socialite’s Life, anyway.

  6. Joanne

    DON’T BE JEALOUS!!!! I used to read him and you, but he just got so annoying and weasel-y..and self-centered…and cocky… and jerkish…and…and…and…!!!! You’re way better.

  7. Candy Apple

    I don’t like Perez at all. He’s much too childish. I’m sure he still thinks fart jokes are the most hilarious things ever. I used to visit his site, but stopped when I had an epiphany that I wished he’d get run over by a bus. It’s one thing to be hated because of your controversial opinions and beliefs, like the Dixie Chicks (and no, I’m not a Chicks hater). It’s another thing to be hated because you’re just plain obnoxious. There’s no pride in that, Perez.

  8. dragonslayer

    Ditto to what everyone else is saying.

    ‘perez’ has been dead to me for over a year.

    Seeing him panhandling on the corner would be justice.

  9. Joley

    Dont change anything about this site, its what gets me through the workday. I check back here about 30 times a day.

    Love it.

  10. Joley

    Please dont change anything about this site, its what gets me through the workday, I check back here about 30 times every day.

    Love it.

  11. C~

    You DO NOT need to start drawing Jizz on people. You are high brow gossip! Perez will eventually get hit by a bus, and you will be king!

  12. maureen

    J Harvey, you are SO above that moron; don’t you worry about a thing. I just can’t wait for him to crash and burn–hates him! Loves you!

  13. Ka

    The only reason Perez gets so many hits a day is his pathological updating – the man is PROLIFIC with his posts and it does keep you coming back. You, however, are superior in every other way: you are wittier, more intelligent, unbiased, more entertaining, and adult enough to realize that Beyonce’s armpit-exposing poses do not constitute news (much less post after post after post after…). You’ll get yours.

  14. sandy

    YOU ARE THE BEST! You are funnier, smarter, and much cuter….

  15. lisard

    I *don’t* ever go to his site anymore because he scribbles on the photos, when I just want to see the pictures and because he is so MEAN and really just in a retarded way too. Don’t use him as a model because then I’ll have to stop coming here too!

  16. Stoney

    Don’t worry. A Kazoo concert is way more entertaining than that numbskull’s idiotic, not-even-close-to-amusing, sad little pepto-bismal-colored ‘site’. We of the higher IQ’s much prefer it here.

  17. hayleybopp

    I can’t think of anything else to say that hasn’t already been said by previous posts. I’m in total agreement! ASL rules, Perez drools…semen down his own chin!

  18. Fabiola

    J Harvey rocks!
    Perez sux.
    End of discussion.

  19. Alia

    I agree Perez is very very biased and is completly obvious about it… don’t be jealous he has no class, no morals and is a ass kisser. I can’t wait until Paris kicks him to the curb once she is through with him.

  20. dina

    you’re waaaaay funnier. I DO look at his site, but I’m very tired of his drawings and how vicious he can be.

  21. dodi

    I no longer visit perez’s site. He’s so full of himself and Paris that he makes me physically ill.

    You, however, are equally catty about everybody, so you stay on my list of favorites!

  22. dq365247

    Agreed, agreed. I stopped going to Perez’ site long ago. Between his nasty comments about Jennifer Aniston, his decision to out the world, his incredible hypocrisy, & his pathological love of Parisite, it was too much. I can thank him for one thing — introducing me to gossip sites so that I found this one. I would LOVE it if he had to shut his site down!

  23. pink_orchid

    i refuse to go to his site.EVER. he is skeezy like the paparazzi :P and i support gossip but he is just cruel and his doodles remind me of Mario Paint.

  24. Malkavian

    Perez has turned into a vindictive, nasty, mean little queen.

    If he still was alittle mean, but in a funny way and did not continually cross the line and was an equal opportunity basher, fine, but he is not.He thinks he is a celebrity now and he trashes those who do not accknowledge him or he has taken a dislike to or ones he feels have dissed him in some way.On the flip side he does not bash those who he THINKS are his friends who probably deserve more than anyone to be bashed, such as Paris Hilton,.Not one word on his site trashes her.Even when the whole storage unit debacle and the sex tapes, herpes medicine and all showed up in the media…not a word about it.But apparently Britney dserves posts every ten mintues to trash her because she dissed Paris and stopped hanging out with her.

    Do not follow in this morons footsteps, hopefully his ass being sued by some photography site for posting picture that are not his and he did not have thier permission to post them.Now Jennifer Aniston…God I hope he is nailed to the wall.See how funny he finds HIS misery, instead of others!

    , but not nasty and vindictive as he is now.

  25. tracb

    I love ya’ll, but I love Perez more!

  26. Loob

    I once briefly looked at his site, what feels like years ago, and he was attacking some random person, an innocent young girl from who knows where, that he decided was ugly. So I decided he was a complete prick and I never went back.

  27. Lisa

    I learned about your site by reading comments on Perez’s site. I don’t mind his childish behavior, after all, we’re on these sites to read gossip, which in and of itself is childish. BUT, I do appreciate that I can actually see the photos on your site without having to refresh/reload a bazillion times. Only gripe…when I click on “..after the jump” to see more pictures, there is very often a stupid pop-up ad that comes up blocking the images. Anywho, I visit your site about 20 times a day…quite entertaining.

  28. Francesca

    I just added to my list of restricted sites — so NOBODY on this computer can go on that site! Don’t change a thing, this site, like someone else said, is what gets me through the day! I catch myself on here at least twenty times during the day. love it.

  29. maxpurr9

    not to be a ‘hater’….but i detest perez hilton…i wish he would disappear!

  30. amieliazaa

    Last year I received a notice saying was blocked from posting a comment on Perez’ site for typing something snarky about Brangelina. Can you believe that sh*t?

    Apparently whatever I wrote was funnier than semen doodles.

    This dude is a bloated, infested, flaming turd.

    A Socialite’s Life rules.

  31. Me

    J. Harvey,

    Here is the WHOLE secret too fatso’s success- he updates that’s damned blog like every 2 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Period. That’s it.

    A lot of readers do hate him and God knows he is as unattractive as hell, but he updates his ass off. He has no life!!! Our only hope now is that someone sues the hell out of him and we all get to paint shop he bloated mug.

    Apparently, he goes out of his way to be charming when he meets celebs, but God help them if they don’t reciprocate. I also believe Paris Hilton agreed to not sue him (because of the name he uses) and he maintains a hands off policy for Paris Herpes. That Queen sold his soul a long time ago. In the immortal words of Kara Saun- You’re going to need your soul someday, Perez.

  32. nicki

    I promised myself in the new year not to go to his site again. But I’m here daily!

    Everyone has some king of bias which is ok. But PH is extremely annoying and he lacks originality.

    He just wants to promote himself and unfortunately for him, he is not interesting. Another person whose 15 are up.

  33. Mali

    You know i strarted reading PITNB a lil over year ago and LOVED IT…And under Trent’s post is the “newslinks”, i clicked on one and behold “A Socialite’s Life” and i LOVED IT. J. Harvey slays me on a regular. I usually in total agreement with the comments and damn near dying of laughter…but my point is, NOT the case AT ALL with Perez Hilton. i dunno what the big deal is or how he became so popular. He’s not funny or witty and i have a feeling hes not nice even in his downtime. When Perez can storytell like J. Harvey(remember Naomi coming for Diddy, teehee)maybe i’ll check him out

  34. waterbird

    oh, don’t worry about Perez. He’s been on the downslope for months. What a joke.

  35. green

    Perez never says anything bad about Paris. Why is that?

  36. steph

    I read this site all the time b/c you are funny. I seriously thought he was 12 with those doodles – I can’t even believe anyone would care – he’s like the Carlos Mancia of blogs. I mean, can someone please help him with his creativity on the doodles? oh, and his clothes. oh, and his fat ass.

  37. Justine

    I stopped reading that crappy site too. What a no-talent loser that “wannabe” is. Pretty pathetic when a person is so desparate they think success can be gotten by associating your name with that Paris person. Yuck !

  38. John

    Your blog is better than Perez’s. Can’t you hire a consultant/publicist to figure out why he has more hits? How many teenage girls visit this site?
    I have a feeling Perez has that market..and the foreigners.

    You are much funnier than Perez also.

  39. Liz

    There is no need to bribe me with candy. The comments on this blog are frickin’ hilarious and priceless. I have only checked out the Perez Hilton site twice, and twice I’ve cursed him out, cause he’s a retarded douchebag. Boycott his lardy ass, and DON’T VISIT HIS/HER WEBSITE.

  40. kikichanelconspiracy

    No need for a bribe for me, either. I’ve been to Perez’s site a few times, but like many other have already said, he is vicious, witless little queen. Ugly to the bone.

    You are hilarious, J. Harvey. Anyone who can quote the Little Match Girl will always have a special place in my heart.

  41. Margaret

    Another reason I stay away from Perez, just as I do from that punk Jared, is the low-life “regular” commentors with their hateful posts. Some of them are so bad that I think they would actually physically harm the subject of their hate. Perez, like Jared, makes no effort to moderate the comments, and his web site is so ill designed that idiots who can’t read his slow post warning, keep hitting the enter button on comments so that they post many, many times.

  42. I don’t comment on blogs, despite my addiction, but I had to post one to show some affection for the pipe to my celebrity-gossip-crack. Maybe it’s because you’re from Boston and you’re a snarky gay man. Maybe because Lisa Timmons is hilarious. Maybe it’s because Alyx makes me love my iPod more than Steve Jobs. Maybe it’s because I’m waiting for the day that Tara Reid makes a come back. Whatever it is, I am in love with A Socialite’s Life. I get the Wall Street Journal every day, yet I still spend more time reading your blog. Then again, I only really get the Wall Street Journal because I go to school with a bunch of over achievers and I need something to distract them from the glazed, hungover look in my eyes at breakfast. Whatver, I love you, and so do at least 41 other people in the world.

  43. simone

    hate perez but hate maniston even more. hey. if you want to keep your nipples out of the press (after all, we’ve seen all but those), try not to do nude scenes in front of loads of people including your bf’s parents.

  44. isaidit

    he is a disgusting fat pig…aniston issue aside

  45. bluespanishsky

    I love ASL just as it is. I used to check out Perez’s site if I had extra time after checking out ASL, and PITNB, however awhile back i decided never to go there again. That guy is so full of himself and his posts are stupid and very mean. I like my gossip served up intelligently, with a touch of snark; just as you folks do here. keep up the great work!

  46. RodeoGirl

    The trick to Perez’s sight is that anytime you jump it open another IE screen thus generating another “hit” on his counter. Its Internet Marketing 101…..

  47. RodeoGirl

    The trick to Perez’s sight is that anytime you jump it opens another IE screen thus generating another “hit” on his counter. Its Internet Marketing 101…..

  48. Noexcuses

    Glad to see everyone share the same opinion on here, cause personally..


    And please Universal don’t drop the suit!!

    X17, Reichen Lehmkuhl and Colin Farrell have all backed down, I hope they don’t chicken out.

    Actually, I think it’s a good time for others he’s hurt to launch a suit at the same time (Clay Aiken, Kirsten Dunst, Britney Spears, The gay community, as the rest of humanity against which he commited irreparable crimes.)

  49. KELVIN


  50. Being loved and respected for posting original and entertaining content is the best revenge. So you are already miles ahead of that non-entity.

    But I understand your feelings, we all do. And while I hate to be a schadenfreundist, I long with the passion of a burning suns for the day when he gets his comeuppance. And get it he will.

    They always do.

    Until then, keep up the good work!

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