Jennifer Aniston Hates Perez Hilton


Perez Hilton is being sued for displaying a topless pic of Aniston, taken from the set of the Break-Up. Universal is claiming he didn’t take it down when he was asked to. Perez Hilton’s lawyer is saying that he did and Universal is pursuing the lawsuit because Aniston doesn’t love the way Perez depicts her on his site. Which gets like one jillion page views a day. Seriously, I’m friggin’ green with envy. I am. Do I need to start drawing semen dripping out of people’s mouths or cocaine on their nostrils? Anyway, I think this is all because he had that pink hair going on. Jesus, that was a wrong turn. Did he lose a bet?

“Apparently, Universal’s notice was sent somewhere in Arizona rather than to our client directly and when our client received direct notice, in good faith our client removed the picture notwithstanding the right to the fair use of the photograph.

“Our client questions whether this lawsuit was in fact motivated by Ms. Aniston as a result of her disdain for viewpoints expressed about her on the site,” Freedman continued, referring to the fairly catty tone Hilton, 28, generally takes when commenting on the former Friends star, going so far as to refer to her as “Maniston.”

Whatever you do, don’t go to his friggin’ site after you read this. He gets enough damn pageviews. Click back here and I’ll give you a treat or something. Like, I don’t know, a piece of candy or I’ll play you a merry tune on my kazoo.