Jennifer Aniston Goes Strapless At 2009 Crystal & Lucy Awards

June 13th, 2009 // 13 Comments

A ravishing Jennifer Aniston made extensive use of double-sided tape at the Women In Film 2009 Crystal And Lucy Awards. The actress wore a gold strapless minidress which played off her honey locks.

Aniston was awarded the evening’s top award, Crystal Award for Excellence in Film. She was presented the was by the host for the evening, Chelsea Handler who said, “You have increased the visibility of women in film, and we thank you for that,” Handler said. “You’ve recently decreased the visibility of John Mayer, so we thank you for that.”

Once Aniston got up on stage she kept the joke going.

Aniston kept the joke going when accepting her award. “I have a strange parallel with movies I was doing and my life off screen. First, it was The Good Girl…which evolved into Rumor Has It, followed by Derailed. Then there was The Breakup. Followed by the lighter side, Friends With Money. If anyone has a movie called Everlasting Love With an Adult Stable Man, that would be great!” Aniston joked. “I’m at table six, and my agents are at table 12.”

It’s good to know that Aniston is able to joke about her love life seeing that’s what it pretty much has become.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. american dreamer

    Jennifer is laughing because she knows it is only a matter of weeks before she is back together with Brad full time.

    And Angelina will be left behind with a brood of screaming kids and fading memories.

  2. Lily

    ” american dreamer “……where do you come up with this bull……get your head out of the clouds and see things for what they are…..b & j are soul mates with a family….. ms. jenn has moved on….life is good for all.
    now i suggest you find a life and live it.

  3. lmao

    How many “soul mates” do you think angie jo and brad will have in their lifetimes? I’m gonna guess at least 5 or 6 more.

  4. green cardigan

    Is the dress madee out of tin foil? It’s vile. It looks like something she ran up herself on a sewing machine 2 hours before the award.

    I hate to say it because I’m a JA fan, but in some of these photos (especially the one with her looking sideways at the camera with a man in the background), she looks like she’s getting the cheeks and lips pumped up. She has that storing nuts in the cheeks look. A pity.

    I love the sense of humour though and the fact that she is happy to poke fun at herself. I’ve never believed she saw herself as a victim, its the press that portray her that way.

  5. Martiniman

    Ah, that’s because American Dreamer IS Brad!!!

  6. Charity Chic Loser

    Given how absolutely crappy Brad has looked in the past year, don’t even try to claim he is a happy man. His misery shows on his face.

    And I doubt Jen would get back together with him. Knowing he dumped Angie and left her stuck with six kids is all the revenge Jen will ever need.

  7. american dreamer

    In response to Lily, as many of us expected, Brangelina’s instant family is already coming apart at the seems.

    There is well documented proof that Brad spends less and less time with his family and treats one of them, Pax, like someone else’s kid. And Angelina’s plan to put her acting on hold to raise her brood never transpired.

    This is what happens when someone like Angelina is permitted to adopt one child after another in rapid succession without any real commitment to being a real mother.

    I dread to think how these kids will develop and mature without long lasting relationships with other kids their own age in a stable home environment where they live in one place and live and learn. Their nomadic lifestyle is surely turning them all into little undeveloped monsters.

  8. ragmaglover

    Cute Jen, real cute! Keep up the vamping cute/sexy. And go out with Bradley Cooper or Gerard Butler even though I’m not 100% sold on either but they are HOT muc hotter than self-absorbed skank Mayer

  9. american dreamer


    you seem to be forgetting that (like myself) John Mayer has a penis as thick as your fist and three times as long. Size does matter.

    (Anyone who has seen Brad Pitt from that Playgirl shoot years ago…the one with Gwyneth Paltrow’s cauliflower ass in the frame)…will remember that Brad Pitt has a baby dick.

  10. Mimi

    I say good for her that she dates and has fun. Why would she have to be attached permanently to a person to be happy? She can meet people, get to know different men, have fun and if she finds love, ever, then she can settle. It’s ridiculous to make fun of her because she’s not married. She has so many good things in her life and has a lot to be happy about.

    I think it’s quite funny how Jennifer looks happier and better than ever, while Brad looks have gone downhill quickly and he looks miserable and lost. Tells you something, no?

  11. GingerTee

    I would like her more if she would move on. Somehow Jennifer is still playing the victim and how many yrs has it been now. People comment on the next move of Brad, Angelina and Jen as if they know them personally. No one knows what is going on or what will happen next but the people involved. Where were all of these psychic powers when the whole affair started? How come no one warned Jennifer? What’s done is done and her life should go on. I don’t understand the award though, her acting is marginal. Hollywood is trying really heard to sell her as a big screen draw, but it is just not happening. I don’t care how much people think she’s cute, the world is not convinced she is a super actress. Check the stats!

  12. Brian

    I think shes the hottest, most beautiful woman out there. and obviously very talented. and her personal life is just that personal.I dont know her at all and never will. but I absolutely adore her.

  13. Brian

    I think shes the hottest, most beautiful woman out there. and obviously very talented. and her personal life is just that personal.I dont know her at all and never will. but I absolutely adore her.

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