Jennifer Aniston Goes Barefoot For ‘Bounty Hunter’

June 24th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Cutting a sleek figure in a charcoal tank and high-waisted black mini-skirt, Jennifer Aniston revealed how her lifelong commitment to diet and fitness has paid off as she pedaled her way on a pedicab in Atlantic City.

The yoga-loving actress performed the stunt as part of a scene from her action film with Gerard Butler, entitled Bounty Hunter. Leggy Aniston is playing the role Butler’s ex-wife, on the run after after he’s hired to nab her for skipping bail.

At one point during filming, the actress ended up barefoot after her character opts to ditch her high heels for less confining footwear.

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and Gerard Butler films scenes for Bounty Hunter.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. TJ

    SO WHAT!! Jen is the most over-rated and untalented “actress” ever. Everything she does is a “look at me” moment, both in work and her so called real life. Plus ALL of her movies are the same and they SUCK!!!!

  2. Nicky

    TJ, I think a lot of people disagree with you. Her movies usually do really well at the box office. Sure she’s no Oscar winning material but she does feel good/funny movies. Sometimes you just want to watch a movie where you don’t want to think. Jen is always good for that. She does do a few ‘look at me things’ to promote movies but I think other celbrities are far more “look at me, look at me” than her.

  3. Nudgie

    I think the name of this film has changed – there are posters and bus ads calling it “The Ugly Truth.”

    How apropos ;)

  4. Debby

    “The Ugly Truth” is a different film starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigel.

  5. T-Bone

    I agree with Nicky. For the most part, Jenn doesn’t do anything to draw attention to herself. She does her best to avoid the papp. But she is paid to promote her movies. that’s part of the deal. And her movies are successful, so the industry loves her. Don’t discount her talent though. Given the right script and direction, she could give an Oscar winning performance just as easily as Charlize Theron or Halle Berry.

  6. Nicky

    True T-Bone. I know a lot of people disagree with me but I thought she was good in Friends With Money and The Good Girl. Maybe she’s just waiting for the write script to come along to demonstrate her talent. Even if she doesn’t, all her movies are very successful. She gets people to the theater so she’s doing something right.

  7. too real

    Jen wont play ugly…
    thats why shes not taking the oscar scripts.
    halle had to play ugly and get naked to win

    Julia had to show her boobs

    gwen had to play a man and get naked

    charlize again had to play real ugly to win.

    this is where Jen does not have talent.

    she can play ugly and still not have an oscar. she does it every time she looks in a mirror.

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