Jennifer Aniston Gives The Ol’ Schnaz An Overhaul

January 24th, 2007 // 16 Comments

According to a source that tipped off US Weekly, Jennifer Aniston has recently had some work done to prettify her nose. On January 20th, Jen popped over to Dr. Raj Kanodia’s office (the same guy behind the work recently done on the noses of Ashlee Simpson and Cameron Diaz) and left after four hours, with bruises on various parts of her face, including her right eyebrow, tip of her nose and upper lip. From US Weekly:

Indeed, a source tells Us that Aniston, 37, had wanted to have the nose job for more than a decade.

So why would America’s Sweetheart decide to fine-tune her look?

“Jen has hated her nose ever since her first nose job,” a source close to the actress tells Us. “She always said how lousy it was and that her nose was still too wide.”

Either she came out of there after getting some serious surgery, or girlfriend has joined some kind of fight club, operating out of Kanodia’s office. And if the latter is true, I gotta say that Jen is way cooler than I ever would have thought.

Jen Gets a Nose Job [US Weekly]


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    She may end up cuter, but she’s never going to be beutiful. Is she still burning baby dolls in Malibu?

  2. jannre

    She doesn’t even live in Malibu anymore, and it was proven that the baby doll story was fake…and I think shes always been beautiful, a girl doesn’t have to have fish lips and anorexia to be beautiful.

  3. Pity about her brain. ;)

  4. Jinxy McDeath

    Jannreeree, um she does have a house in the ‘boo and no, actually nobody disproved her cloven hooves hiking down to the beach throwing dolls into a fire. She’s not a happy person, she’s out acted and out classed by Angelina any day of the week. Sorry babe, Jens a trollbaby.

  5. Meow

    She needs to start dating a NON actor. Like that will ever happen.

  6. When was Jennifer not hot? Seriously, the haters seem to only consist of jealous women and women-less men. Grow up!

  7. Mat

    Jennifer just need to work on her issues and stop worrying about what the outside world think of her. Huge tits, beautiful face all go down the drain as we age.

    What won

    Seriously, this woman is fine as she is on the outside but it apparent that she has issues with self-esteem – deep routed issues here that aint going to be fixed by BIG tits and a short pointy nose. Low self-esteem brung her fear for getting pregancy because that means she will loose her perfect figure that she works so hard for in the last 10 yrs. See these are her issues. Very deep routed, if you ask me.

    Good luck, but one had to wonder why by this age -38 going 39 – she put so much stock on her physique than say her ability to act, to have range in front of the camera…as should be.

  8. tom

    She should ebay the half pound they hack off. I’m sure someone will buy it.

  9. I don’t know I never found her attractive. I hate that people point her out to be Greek because she is the world’s ugliest famous Greek.

    Any work will be well received, I think!!

  10. dtd

    I have never liked her nor found her pretty, but once I saw her and brad going to a restaurant on Sunset Blvd, and she was much better looking in person.

  11. keith

    quit hating! jen is BEAUTIFUL! all you fat girls are just jealous. you WISH you looked one tenth as good as her.

  12. sandy

    I suggest a class in spelling and English for Mat. God that post was almost painful to read!

  13. Kim

    I just caught The Object of My affection last night and I was amazed. She’s definitely had her nose fixed and a boob job since then. She had almost no cleavage and her nose was very wide. I watched that and wondered how she ever got to be as popular as she is. She was not attractive in the least and her acting is barely sitcom level. I think she’s only hanging on to her status in Hollywood because of who she was married to and the tabloids. She would be smart to give up on the big screen and return to the small screen.

  14. lisard

    I think she looks really good. She’s a great example of how an average-looking woman has money and takes care of herself can make herself look good. J Lo too. Ever seen early pics of her? No so much.

  15. lanny


  16. fugly anuston

    Jennifer aniston will always be ugly inside and out

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