Jennifer Aniston Gets Her Kid Fix

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Aniston spoke of her newest project, the film “Just Go With It.” With costars like Nicole Kidman, Adam Sandler, and Dave Matthews, the cast met in Hawaii to discuss what it has been like working with one another. Aniston was also photographed riding her golf cart on set in Maui.

Sandler, who met Aniston over food at Jerry’s Deli, recalls that “he and Jennifer have known each other for over 20 years, saying ‘We shared meals together. I watched Aniston eat!’ ” Meanwhile, bringing the cast’s children together on set has allowed Jennifer to get what she describes as her “kid fix.”

Sandler went on to describe his daughter’s relationship wtih Aniston as one that has been warming up claiming, “I call her ‘Fifty Fifty Sadie.’ When she’s nice to Aniston, I’m in a good mood. When she’s nuts I’m like, ‘Sadie come here for a minute. That’s Aniston! It’s fine!’ “

Meanwhile, Aniston has kept herself busy working on a new fragrance called Lola Vie. “Just Go With It” is set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day 2011.