Jennifer Aniston Flies Personal Trainer To Set After Brooklyn Decker Arrives

Brooklyn Decker arrived in Maui on Thursday (April 29) to film her scenes in Just Go With It, looking adorable in a sun dress and carrying around her flip-flops. Jennifer Aniston has ben put in her own little dresses in the film, and reportedly she’s a little concerned about working with a 23-year-old swimsuit model. Even when you look like this, who the hell wants to stand next to this?

So Jennifer Aniston flew in Mandy Ingber, her personal trainer, to Maui so she can keep up her fitness while in on set. “She has upped her fitness regime and has had her gym equipment sent to her villa,” says a source. Back at home she sees Mandy five days a week for a an 80-minute hard-core fitness routine that combines yoga, martial arts and cardio.

I don’t blame her. Just seeing this pictures almost makes me feel like heading for a run in the park. Well, almost. Maybe scientist will discover that typing burns more calories than running….