Jennifer Aniston Delays ‘Baster’ Filming Due To Blow-Drying

March 30th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Such a diva. The movie has just started filming and tales of Jennifer Aniston‘s antics are coming to light. On the first day of shooting The Baster, co-starring Jason Bateman, she held up filming because she needed more time to blow-dry her hair.

She also hasn’t been very friendly on set. Aniston spent her day inside Greenwich Village restaurant Barbuto, shooting an awkward date scene with co-star Jason Bateman. The set-up involved the actors sitting at a booth inside the restaurant attempting to have a conversation.

Perhaps Jen was trying to stay in character between takes, because witnesses tell OK! wasn’t any friendlier when the cameras stopped rolling. “Jen kept mostly to herself,” one on-set source reveals. “She didn’t talk to anyone during the breaks.”

And you know she’s not twittering about her experiences on the film.

Gallery Info: Jennifer Aniston and Jason Batemen on the film set of ‘The Baster’

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ragmaglover

    maybe she was just pms-ing. poor jen, she is constantly being ragged on

  2. Zekers

    I’m just absolutely positive that every word of this is true. I mean, it came from “witnesses” and OK magazine, such stellar sources…what a joke.

  3. Victoria

    Her hair on film has to look like the makeup artist and director want it to. So, if filming was held up in order for her hair to be blow-dried, it really wasn’t her fault.

  4. Bu

    Jennifer is a bit shy until she gets to know people. Shy ppl are often though as unfriendly or aloof.

  5. Chezbmoz

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