Jennifer Aniston Cracks a Smile

March 31st, 2008 // 8 Comments


More photos of Jennifer Aniston and some crack are after the jump,


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jballs

    on the plus side, the ass is in a better mood than Jen.

  2. jballs

    on the plus side, the ass is in a better mood than Jen.

  3. erika

    Has anyone else noticed her fake bangs. They appear on this movie and disappear in real life. She cannot even bring herself to cut that mop of hers, what is what that?? She is so hung up on herself.

  4. Hahahaha… very funny pic

  5. Touchy

    She has had so much work done on her face she no longer looks like herself. Maybe that was the idea?

  6. Kel

    Jesus Christ she’s shooting a movie. I’d rather see Jen being human instead of the whore Jolie who smiles only when the paps are on her. For fucks sakes, yes I hate Angelina, who’ll stab you in the back whenever she can. Jen has class. I highly doubt when she gets pregnant, if she chooses, will not sell baby pics for $10 million.

  7. onya

    thought this post was for aniston where does jolie come in.geez louise.fucking forbid anyone say anything remotely negative about sweetheart aniston and people sling mud about angelina.learn to seperate the two.
    jen looks like a toasted version of the stay puff man from the ghostbusters.her face is gross.

  8. Alek

    Those are some baaaad cheek implants.

    A sign of things to come for all tanning addicts… someday you’ll need help propping out all those leathery creases.

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