Jennifer Aniston Chats With The New York Times

November 22nd, 2008 // 13 Comments

Actress and John Mayer fucker, Jennifer Aniston, talked television and the movies with New York Times Magazine. The interview was fun and fluffy. There was no mention of John Mayer, or her recent comments regarding Angelina Jolie. Here are some of the highlights:

Q: What was the first television show you remember watching?
A: Oh, God — The New Zoo Revue? Or maybe Land of the Lost? No — it was that guy . . . Captain Kangaroo. He was on the porch with Mr. Green Jeans. Have I just dated myself?

Q: When did you first appear on a screen?
A: My dad became a soap opera actor, and I was an extra in a skating rink scene on the soap. I didn’t audition. It was nepotism all the way.

Q: If Friends comes on when you’re home, will you watch?
A: I have. There are times I don’t even remember that particular show. This is horrible to say, but there are times when I laugh my rear end off. And I get in debates with people who are over and say, ” Friends is not my thing.” Excuse you!

Q: How much do you hate cameras on phones?
A: My favorite move is when people pretend that they’re on the phone and they kind of dial and take the picture at the same time. You hope they’re doing it for themselves — that they’re not thinking, I’m going to dine out on you.

Oh dear. I’ve pulled that one before. I wonder if Fabio even noticed?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. james12

    I miss the tv show FRIENDS:(

    -Live NYC shows on RealityBedroom-

  2. Belinda

    She is so desperate these days.
    NY Times is wrong for this. She is so boring.

  3. aimee

    So now we have to see Jen’s face here, too. OMG, she is everywhere. And why? Jen is not that graet looking, not a great or even good actress and she is boring as h___. Now she is promoting her dog movie by copying Angie’s photo’s(Brad took them),. So what is it with her?

  4. pattie

    Jennifer is copying Angelina. Angie did a photo shoot with Brad and she made funny faces. Why does Jen need to copy everything Angie does? Jennifer is one messed up chick!! Not good.

  5. mimi

    I think this photo shoot represents Jen’s attitude about herself very well.
    It’s all about me. ME. ME. ME. ME. ME
    She just is not very pretty or interesting. More MANLY looking then anything.

  6. angel

    to :aimee

    why do we have to see both of them every day 24 / 7 i hate both of them what do you say to that and angie also has a movie to promte or did you forget that they’re both the same pot says to cattle black hate both of them i hope i see less and less of them they both are old, for how long more we the young people have to see these two old hags i getting tired of it show us the young generation.

  7. blaw

    angie made a fish face and this picture is a kiss picture and by the way this article has been done way before brad pictures came out.

  8. mary lou

    I agree with whatever “angel” above said. Why 24/7 media and photos?

  9. samantha

    This is just about Jennifer being sooooo annoying. Jen just rubs people the wrong way. Everything she does seems staged.

  10. Jenn

    You’re all so jealous of her! She’s hot, healthy, successful, has a fantastic body, has dated men you could only dream about, has millions of dollars in the bank, and every magazine wants her on their cover. She’s still making millions because the industry knows how much people relate to her and like her. Oh and by the way, she doesn’t decide the photo shoot, the magazine does. She doesn’t choose the interviewers questions either. She just answers them. So get off her back, jealous haters. She’s all class!

  11. reality speaks

    THE authors of “The Rules” have come up with a new list of them for Jennifer Aniston, who they say is still heart broken over losing Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie and needs to move on from John Mayer – pronto. “Breaking up is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be hu miliating,” Ellen Fein, who wrote the chick bible with Sherrie Schneider, told Page Six. Their tips for Aniston: “Never mention Brad’s or John May er’s name in public. Also, don’t say any thing bad about him (“he’s missing a sensi tivity chip”). Never talk about Angelina or call her “uncool,” even if she was uncool. She does not exist in your world. Never date a man or take a man back who humiliated you publicly or held a press conference to explain your breakup. Go to parties where there are lots of single men and ask everyone you know to set you up. You’re going to be 40 soon. You have no time to waste if you want kids.”

  12. claudette

    That interview and picture are so uncool!

  13. Juleee

    So sad, that is the most flattering of the available photos. The photographer should be fired.

    And Jenny girl needs to go on with her life. I think she has been spoiled too much and still thinks the world revolves around her.

    I just hope she’s not planning on kids- that ship has sailed for her.

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