Jennifer Aniston Avoids Vince Vaughn?

While Vince Vaughn arrived back in Los Angeles, Star Magazine is alleging that Jennifer Aniston was in Mexico in order to avoid running into Vince. Which is probably a good thing since he was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, as were Jennifer’s good friends Courteney Cox and David Arquette. As soon as Vaughn arrived at LAX he was whisked away to the Beverly Hills hotel.

Vaughn moved quickly toward a new, black Ford Excursion luxury SUV, with tinted windows and chrome wheels. “The driver was standing at the opened rear door, and Vince was inside in about two seconds flat,” the eyewitness says. By 4:15 p.m., Vince was motoring northbound on the 405 freeway towards Beverly Hills where, another eyewitness says, his SUV turned into the valet-parking area of the Beverly Hills Hotel. “No one saw Vince again at the hotel for the rest of the day,” the eyewitness adds


What did Courtney Cox and David Arquette have for lunch Christmas Eve? Find out after the jump.

Vince Heads Back To LA — Was Jen in Mexico? [Star]

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The following day, Sunday, Dec. 24, Courteney, 42, and David, 35, made an appearance at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a poolside brunch of salads and chicken breast, says an eyewitness. They were with two acquaintances — neither of whom was closest friend Aniston. It seems that Jen, 37, was keeping a low profile the entire weekend…possibly south of the border, as one report claimed she was spending the Christmas holiday in Mexico!