Jennifer Aniston And Lisa Kudrow Are ‘The Most Horrible Human Beings In The World.”

June 9th, 2006 // 23 Comments

We’ve heard about the stories of how some of the writers from Friends and some of the actors did not get along. Well, writer Alex Bernstein is one of them. During Alex’s time on the Friends set as a writers’ assistant for seven months, the actresses did not leave a good impression on the Mr. Bernstein.

According to San Mateo native Bernstein, Aniston and fellow “friend” Lisa Kudrow are “the most horrible human beings in the world.” Apparently the two actresses would call the writers frequently with “ideas that were idiotic.”

It also helps that Bernstein is no longer, as he puts it, a “sitcom lackey.” After he was fired from “Friends” for not typing fast enough, he made an about-face and went to law school.

One thing that wasn’t so exciting was the frequent appearance of the cast members to pitch their ideas to the writers. “Matthew Perry was the only one we’d listen to,” Bernstein says. “He’s a genuinely funny dude and could be a comedy writer. The rest of the stuff was inane.”

At the time Bernstein was on the “Friends” staff, Aniston was dating Brad Pitt, and Pitt’s movie “Fight Club” was released. Some of the writing staff was invited to the premiere and reported that at the after party, Aniston came up to the writers and said, “Guys, seriously, we need to do more stuff like this.”

The writers said something to the effect of, “Yeah, but this is a gritty, edgy, violent thriller. We write a half-hour comedy for network TV.”

The only “friend” Bernstein actually liked was Matt LeBlanc. “He was far and away the most professional and low-key of all of them,” he says. “He always knew his lines early in the week and wasn’t half-assing it like the others. When you do what I do, you come to appreciate when someone else is working hard. He didn’t have the same ego as everyone else. You could really tell he appreciated having that gig.”

Ex-sitcom writer’s one-acts shed light on TV comedy [Inside Bay Area]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. So the reason Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are horrible humans is because their ideas weren’t funny? I guess that means comedians are saints in his world.

  2. lisa

    Sorry I missed it..what did Lisa Kudrow do??!!

  3. ha ha ha

    operative words here:

    fired. writer’s assistant.

    a little bitter, maybe?

  4. m

    That’s it?? That’s all he’s got?? Who is Alex Bernstein and why did anyone waste time writing an article about him??? Lame.

  5. karmasabitch

    key word would be EGO key words for maniston would be WAY TOO BIG FOR SUCH A FUCKTARD

  6. Lila

    Well someone’s a bit jealous they didn’t end up famous! Jeez, these people will say anything for a buck won’t they?

  7. Lizzy

    So, in order to qualify for the world’s most horrible person all you have to do is be unfunny and have “idiotic ideas?” That description can fit half the population.

    I don’t doubt that the actors on “Friends” were probably high-maintenance, but “most horrible human beings in the world?” Get this Bernstein fucktard a boot into the real world and then he’ll see some horrible human beings.

  8. myciel

    After reading that, the only thing that came to mind was that I will never get that 2 minutes of my life back. What a lame story, about a nobody, who was nothing but a coffee gopher, and couldn’t even do that right.

  9. Max Offals

    Totally GAY drama “It’s all about me” queen

  10. tia

    I have always liked lisa Kudrow. She doesnt seem horrible to me.

  11. r

    Stop trying to kiss their ass,.. who the hell do you think is gonna spill the beans: someone who is still in the business and doenst want to burn his bridges? Of course not. Dude is gonna become a lawyer so he obiously doenst have to worry about being blackballed for talking too much now. When you work on movie/tv sets, its all about networking for your next project, and lets face it, you start talking smack like that, you will be blackballed.

  12. Cin

    I don’t believe one word

  13. Maya

    The guy is an Idiot

  14. omar

    Here is some looser that wants to make some cash. If he is such a geat writer where are his writings?

  15. Larilee

    hey r: 11:55 pm –

    All this bitter fired idiot said was that Aniston and Kudrow’s ideas were “idiotic”. Clearly that makes them horrible people. He wouldn’t have been fired if HE was such a prize, now, would he? He wasn’t even a writer, merely a writer’s assistant (which means he typed out the ideas and outlines and fetched coffee for the most part), he never even made it onto the writing team. Good thing he’s an attorney, since he clearly couldn’t hack it in comedy writing. I heard his one act about his sitcom career sucked.

  16. The Truffle

    So…uh…why are Aniston and Kudrow so horrible? Did they treat the writing staff like garbage? Did they scream obscenities at the lackeys? No? You’re telling me they had lame story ideas? That’s all? That’s it?

    Feh. Someone’s bitter and/or catty.

  17. Jen

    1 word: Bitter

    He’s just upset that he missed out- he wasn’t there at the peak of Friends’ popularity.

    Whatever. I thought he’d actually give valid reasons as to why Jen and Lisa are horrible human beings. Being unoriginal is not a good reason. If he was fired, then he probably wasn’t even good either. IF it is true, at least Jen and Lisa tried to spice up the show – maybe they weren’t good ideas, but it’s the thought that counts lol

  18. jolierancher

    God, let this show go.

    It wasn’t that great to begin with and what Anniston and the rest of them are up these days is sooooo boring.

  19. Sinforosa

    WTF? And they’re the most horrible ppl on the planet why? Because their ideas sucked! I am a horrible person too then! OMG!

  20. If they did an episode that was like “Fight Club”, I may have actually watched the show.

  21. lana

    I cannot get over that Aniston told them they should try something like Fight Club, serious edgy stuff because Friends was real dark and mysterious y’all. She’s not a horrible person but she’s most certainly an idiot.

  22. jen

    Maybe when she said “”Guys, seriously, we need to do more stuff like this.” she meant go to movie screenings.
    If perhaps she had said “Guys, seriously, we need to do stuff more like this.” then maybe you could assume she meant writing. apparently this guy is dumb

  23. maybe if you commentators knew that alex was interviewed by the oakland tribune for a play that he wrote and directed which was performed in san francisco, his statements were taken out of context from his interview in the tribune, and then re printed by the “national inquirer” without his permission, you would have a better idea of where this came from. he never received any money for this and is currently out of the country. he has no idea that some brief comments he made during an interview for a nothing newspaper, the “oakland tribune” would turn into national news. from alex’s sister

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