Jennifer Aniston And Lisa Kudrow Are ‘The Most Horrible Human Beings In The World.”

We’ve heard about the stories of how some of the writers from Friends and some of the actors did not get along. Well, writer Alex Bernstein is one of them. During Alex’s time on the Friends set as a writers’ assistant for seven months, the actresses did not leave a good impression on the Mr. Bernstein.

According to San Mateo native Bernstein, Aniston and fellow “friend” Lisa Kudrow are “the most horrible human beings in the world.” Apparently the two actresses would call the writers frequently with “ideas that were idiotic.”

It also helps that Bernstein is no longer, as he puts it, a “sitcom lackey.” After he was fired from “Friends” for not typing fast enough, he made an about-face and went to law school.

One thing that wasn’t so exciting was the frequent appearance of the cast members to pitch their ideas to the writers. “Matthew Perry was the only one we’d listen to,” Bernstein says. “He’s a genuinely funny dude and could be a comedy writer. The rest of the stuff was inane.”

At the time Bernstein was on the “Friends” staff, Aniston was dating Brad Pitt, and Pitt’s movie “Fight Club” was released. Some of the writing staff was invited to the premiere and reported that at the after party, Aniston came up to the writers and said, “Guys, seriously, we need to do more stuff like this.”

The writers said something to the effect of, “Yeah, but this is a gritty, edgy, violent thriller. We write a half-hour comedy for network TV.”

The only “friend” Bernstein actually liked was Matt LeBlanc. “He was far and away the most professional and low-key of all of them,” he says. “He always knew his lines early in the week and wasn’t half-assing it like the others. When you do what I do, you come to appreciate when someone else is working hard. He didn’t have the same ego as everyone else. You could really tell he appreciated having that gig.”

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