Jennifer Aniston Is Like A Fine Wine

April 20th, 2008 // 14 Comments

The actress who is far more lucky in love on the big screen than she is in real life just received a heap of praise from New York Mets pitcher John Maine. Maine gushed over the Friends star to In Touch, saying that she, “just gets better looking as she gets older.”

He’d probably be pretty excited to check out these pictures of her adjusting her bikini bottom and showing off her yoga-toned ass. Maybe a little too excited, as he recently admitted, “But if I ever met her I’d probably be so nervous, I would trip over my feet.”


12 more photos of Jennifer Aniston in a bikini are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Lizz

    She’s a butter face girl. As in everything is perfect, but her face. Don’t get me wrong- she’s cute. Her body is SLAMMIN. Her hair is lovely. But her face leaves a lot to be desired.

    Brad Pitt probably fantasizes about cutting her head off and putting Angies on her body. Angie’s a butter body… everything is smokin hot but her body.

  2. someone

    I think Jen is a beautiful woman, body and face.I don’t know how any one in thier right mind could say that shes ugly. Until Angie set her sights on a married man, Im sure Brad wasn’t thinking about Skankalina at all.

  3. Shio

    Jennifer’s face it ok because she’s had 2 nose jobs. However, she has the enormous chin and close set eyes. Thanks to her nose jobs, her face is cute. The difference is Angelina is a natural beauty. Not from a plastic surgeon.

    Angie used to have a slammin body. But she’s gotten too skinny these last 3 years.

    How is it that everyone is on plastic lounge chairs and Jennifer has this double bed on the beach (mattress and wooden base)? Hello? Princess? All I ever see is pictures of her sun bathing. First, she sun baths and smokes. How is it that her skin still looks good??? Second, does she do nothing else with her time. That’s why she is boring. Because she doesn’t do anything with her time. She just lounges around. Boring.

  4. Persistent Cat

    Angie’s face isn’t virgin, she’s had work done as well. Her nose is definitely altered.

  5. Zekers

    Good genes Shio, kind of like the 101 y/o man in England that smokes, drinks and runs marathons…

  6. say what?

    uh, shio? angie’s DEFINITELY had work done on her face. natural beauty? partially. some from a plastic surgeon? partially.

    don’t know what gossip site you’ve been visiting, but I see pics of JA doing a lot more than just sitting around. usually filming a movie or out with her friends. Unless you’re stalking her 24/7, I don’t see how you can say she doesn’t do anything with her time.

  7. T-Bone

    Jennifer’s hot AND she has class.

    The fact that she has to work out and put in a little more effort to look good only makes her more like the rest of us. Women relate to her, which makes her all that much more likeable. Angelina’s got nothing on Jenn. They’re just different.

  8. b.SophiaLoren

    OMG- if this is an Angie vs. Jen post, Jennifer doesn’t hold a candle. If Angelina ate, she’d ve perfect. I’m just saying, Gia didn’t lie. Plus, Angelina does more in a month for others than Jen has done in her lifetime.
    Plus, she’s a huge butterface.
    Being “relateable”, IMO, just means that you aren’t fabulous enough for everyone to love to hate you. It means being average.

  9. say what?

    yeah. because short of starving yourself, going after “taken” men, making out with your brother and speed-adopting kids because of some emptiness that you have in your life makes you “perfect”.

    JA does plenty for other people, she just doesn’t make a media spectacle out of herself while doing it.

    being relatable, IMO, means that you actually appear to be human in ways that non-celebs can appreciate.

  10. T-Bone

    What someone considers “fabulous” is a matter of opinion, isn’t it? I tend to think people are fabulous when they’re humble, honest, smart, generous, funny, driven to make a difference, and kind. Being “hated”, and physically attractive (as you put it) doesn’t really come to mind when I think of truly great people.

  11. shootxenu

    its NEVER a compliment when someone says you look better as you get older. can only mean you were uglier when younger or you are dipping into the surgery well. Maniston is the latter.

  12. Chris

    Nothing to write home about. I’ve seen better at my local Target store. LOL!

  13. BatterBatterSwing

    I’d hit it!


  14. Scolo

    Have always thought she’s sexy and probably a good person, though she sometimes has that ‘DeNiro’ face I just can’t get past… I don’t see how or what that wack-job, little-orfan-angie has to do with pics of jenn…? perhaps I’m just slow this morning. :-?

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