Jennifer Aniston Gives Big

April 19th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Jennifer Aniston recently had a break in between shooting her multitude of romantic comedies and decided to pop on over to Oprah’s Big Give. The actress appears on the season finale of the show, which airs this Sunday.

Aniston said of her appearance, “This is such an amazing, fantastic thing, to see all of these people compete to outgive each other.” It almost sounds like a competition to see who can be the best humanitarian. Bless her heart, doesn’t she face that enough in her real life?

As for Aniston’s career, her film He’s Just Not That Into You has been pushed back. Rather than going directly against Sex and the City, the movie’s being held back despite Aniston’s confidence in her project. According to a source that chatted with Life&Style, ” But Jen’s convinced her film has a superior story and more attractive cast.” Release the pretty people!


More photos of Jennifer Aniston on the set of Marley and Me are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Karen

    Hey – He’s Just Not That Into You is NOT Jennifer’s movie. It’s an ensemble piece – Jen, as well as Ben Affleck have small parts. The movie is a starring vehicle for Drew Barrymore, who is also the producer. Maybe if Drew had spent less time stumbling out of bars during the past year and worked on her damned movie, it would have been finished in time. Jen and Ben finished filming their piece in August of last year.

  2. someone

    I don’t care when it comes out, I will go see it. Im a big Jen fan, and also like most of the other stars that are in it.

  3. Persistent Cat

    I love what the “source” quoted her on: But Jen’s convinced her film has a superior story and more attractive cast.

    Yes, I’m 100% she said that. And like Karen said, it’s an ensemble piece.

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