Jennifer Aniston Gets Some Sun, Possibly Writing Evil Book About Brad And Angie

There’s a rumor going around that Jennifer Aniston is writing a tome about how much her ex-husband Brad Pitt and his dungeon mistress Angelina Jolie suck. I don’t know if I buy this one. Sure, she’s a bitter piece of toast but she seems to be fairly busy and would probably make herself look even snarlier than we imagined she was.

“Sources” say that Jenn wanted to go over what she wrote with Brad and Angie at a recent pre-Oscars bash, but they avoided her ass and went to the Independent Spirit Awards instead. And that this move on their part is causing her to write some really vindictive prose about them. Yeah, this story is getting less and less believable. Let me throw a quote in here and see if that shores it up.

“This book could ruin Angelina and Brad. Jen will prove that the pen really is mightier than the sword,” says the “source”. Yeah, that didn’t do it, either. I just can’t picture Jennifer Aniston running around with manuscript pages in her clutch purse at a major Hollywood event ready to shove in Angie’s face. This rings false. I’d be more concerned with the open bar, and which guy I was going to hit on. She’s unfettered by a relationship; she should just live her life.

What doesn’t ring false is that beach set-up she inhabits in these pics. Damn! You get your own bed beside the ocean, and a college basketball player brings you fruit on a plate? And then some lesbian rubs oil on your back? Switch the basketball player and the lesbian and we’re golden!


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