People Want To See Jennifer Aniston On Their Magazines

October 4th, 2007 // 33 Comments rated the best selling celebrities when it came to magazine covers. And it was Jennifer Aniston for the win. A straight friend of mine explained his thoughts on her to me recently. He said that “she can look smoking hot one minute, and then look kinda ech the next”. This makes sense because that makes her like the rest of us. People identify with her. Hence wanting to see her mug on their coffee table or in that basket beside the toilet.

The former “Friends” star was followed by her ex-husband, actor Brad Pitt, the only man to appear in the top 10, who came in second. Actress Scarlett Johansson, Pitt’s current partner Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon and Katie Holmes rounded out the top six spots.

The Web site,, analyzed the sales of six weekly magazines — People, Star, Us Weekly, In Touch, OK! and Life & Style — over a six-month period ending June 30, 2007.

This is a win for her – beating out Angie. Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson tied for seventh and they were followed by the barrel-scrapings of Valerie Bertinelli and Kelly Ripa. Not many people were polled, huh? Three ladies down at the salon? And maybe a high school senior? Kelly Ripa? Ugh.


More photos of Jennifer Anistion with Orlando Bloom and friends in Mexico.


More photos from the set can be seen in video format here.

By J. Harvey

  1. Zekers

    I scooped ‘ya on this one J. Harvey!

    I agree her appeal is looking like a normal person-sometimes she looks absolutely stunning and other times…not so much. But, she always looks healthy, approachable and non-plastic.

  2. KC

    She’s the the Queen of the “Bitter My Man Left Me Women’s Club” and that’s why her covers sell. All those women left insecure because they were dropped for a hotter woman will buy anything that mentions their Queen.

  3. Nanc'

    I have to wonder just how “unbiased” Forbe’s poll was. As far as I’m concerned, Jen isn’t even A-list any longer. It’s been said that People’s 100 Most Beautiful people list is based on the talents of the “stars’” reps. Hmmmm

  4. Kate

    @KC:And who is the king of your “Bitter No Woman Will Ever Sleep With Me Because I’m Repulsive” Club?

  5. KC said:
    She’s the the Queen of the “Bitter My Man Left Me Women’s Club” and that’s why her covers sell. All those women left insecure because they were dropped for a hotter woman will buy anything that mentions their Queen.


    HaHaHaHAAAAA i knew this post would boil the brangeloonies!!! There’s gonna be a rumble!!!! Loonie alert!!! Just think of the ruckus over at Just Jared! LMAO!!!

  6. KC

    I am a woman and not a fan of Brad or Angelina. Just calling it how I see it. Everytime the subject of Jennifer Aniston comes up around other women they treat her like she’s the Queen of the “Bitter My Man Left Me Women’s Club” and I’m like get over it! It looks like Ms. Aniston is over it.

  7. Zekers

    Why does it matter if she’s “A list” or not…people like her, she sells magazines, end of story.
    From what I saw of this poll, it was pretty straight up, her face on magazines sold more than others, I didn’t read any conspiracy into that…

  8. Right on Zekers!

    Rach…i mean Jennifer is a B-List actress at best, but she always looks healthy and happy. (as opposed to the plastic emotionless bobblehead Jolie.)

    Jen’s face is just above the average pretty lady, but i’d kill for that body!

  9. Bubbles

    it is so obvious Jen still eats the sour grapes over Brad because she has since hopped from one boyfriend to another since Brad left her.

    shame poor thing :-| if only she agreed to have babies, all will still be good.

    Angie simple swiped Brad right under her “miss goody too shoes, america’s sweetheart profile” fingers…

    good girsl never really win, yet perfect girls do… hahahaha

  10. Loonie alert!! Someone get the tranq darts ready!

  11. Zekers

    Dear Bubbles,
    Please float back over to JJ-stat! They need your unwavering support.
    …and on a serious note, do you really believe that sh*t you just wrote??? Having babies NEVER solved marital difficulties and how do you know how many ‘boyfriends’ she has had? Unless of course you believe everything you…pppffft…never mind.

  12. Angietothemax

    Well that’s what the article said. It said that she was the “quintessential woman scorned” and women can sympathize with her and support her. That’s why she sells so many magazines which I found weird because I haven’t really seen a lot of mags with her on the cover.

  13. Loonie # 2 sighted. The invasion has begun! All sane people, take cover!!!

    All Hail Saint Angelina!

  14. Jennifer

    LOLOL What Bubbles said!! About Jen, she has a great bod, and doesn’t look the slightest bit bitter to me. She looks like she’s enjoying life to the max!

  15. Bubbles

    Thank you Zekers, do have a good day.


  16. Jennifer

    Bet Jen’s having more fun now than when she was with depressed (he admitted it himself! “congenitally sad” or however you want to put it) Brad. Of course, who wouldn’t be depressed when they’ve mucked up their life like he has.

  17. I just don’t get why a post about Jennifer Aniston still gets Jolie fans foaming at the mouth???

    She’s over it, Jolie fans should be too.

    (in my best Napolean Dynamite voice)
    I mean, GOSH!

  18. nastybugger

    Interesting…if Jen hasn’t been seen on that many covers and yet she still out-earned every other celeb, that means her covers sell that much more.

    Bubbles, a couple of things…NO ONE, man or woman, is “perfect”. If you are referring to Angie as “perfect”, then you’ve got issues. I doubt that anyone perceives Jen to be perfect.

    second, having babies, as Zekers said, NEVER will save a marriage. There were other issues there, and I seriously doubt that her not wanting to have children was the reason they split.

    third, you mention that Angie “swiped” Brad away from Jen…a woman who pursues a married man is by NO means “perfect”…in fact, it makes her a pretty bad person.

    and, god help me, I actually did some investigating on the timeline of Shiloh’s birth. She was born at the end of May 2006…their divorce was finalized in October of 2005. By my calculations, that’s 7 months. And you know that Shiloh’s conception was NOT the first time they did the deed. So, your perfect Angie, who said she’d never sleep with a married man, did just that.

  19. Zekers

    BAM upside the head!
    Well put nastybugger!

  20. Angietothemax

    Well I found the article to be rather insulting to Jen because it basically said she is only interesting because Brad left her. And labelled her as the “quintessential woman scorned” but of course that just means I’m crazy. People are so childish.

  21. green cardigan

    Ms Aniston looks like she moved on long ago. The Brangloons need to drop the ‘if she’d given him a baby, she’d still have him’ line. Do the Brangloons live in the 1950s?. It’s 2007 now Loons, get with this century. A woman has a choice and the right to do what she feels like. Get over it, Jennifer Aniston obviously has.

    I reckon she’s enjoying life to the full now. And I think people like her because she has come out of the humiliation of what happened to her with her head held high. You Go Girl. Orlando is a lucky guy if they are dating.

  22. Zekers

    I get what you’re saying Angietothemax and I agree that it’s ridiculous…
    I wasn’t aiming my barbs at you. :)

  23. essie

    Jennifer Hudson came in seventh??? Jennifer Hudson??? What mag covers was she on??

  24. nastybugger

    hey zekers, I just call ‘em like I see ‘em.

  25. BAM with the right hand is right Zekers!!!!

    BAAAAAAAAAAAAHZING!!!! I think you burst Bubbles’ bubble. =)

    ~Logic to a Lunatic like Garlic to a Vampire~

  26. Zekers

    “Logic to a Lunatic like Garlic to a Vampire”

    Loves it!!!

  27. green cardigan

    yeah, these Loons are a strange lot. Do they come out in daylight? I am wondering what the stereotype is too. Is the average Loon 14 years old, spotty with an attitude problem or a middle aged houswife with bad hair and issues? Its hard to tell from the 1000 ‘sigh…this family is so fabulous’ comments on each brang post over at Just a StraightJacket, sorry, Just Jared.

  28. Zekers

    green, I’m laughing out loud!

  29. Margaret

    I love it, Nanc. The same people and the same polling group who did Top 100 Celebrities, which put Pitt number 4 and Jolie number 14 did this poll. So you’re saying all their polls are not incredible. Terrific. I didn’t think Pitt and Jolie deserved the “strange” high numbers before. Love it. You come in here to bash Jennifer and guess what. Face it. People like Jennifer Aniston. What Harvey failed to tell you is that the same Forbes article said covers with Brangelina are duds. Read it yourself for a real eye opener.

  30. patty

    No surprise to these conclusions here! women enjoy seeing a healthy, normal, successful woman on magazine covers…we want to feel good , not feel depressed at looking at all that dark, black chyt the psycho ho’s represent. Jennifer makes us feel it’s possible for us to become a “Golden Girl” too, she’s so non-plastic, normal, and aproachible. She’s every woman’s FRIEND, not competition. She can charm the scales off a snake, but chooses not to abuse her charisma…way to go Jen

  31. I certainly would rather look at Jen’s healthy curves and golden skin over Ange’s parchment skin littered with tattoos covering a bag of bones. Any day of the week.

    As far as the Brangeloon stereotype? Emo loser cutters with eating disorders and drug problems.

  32. It is really telling that:

    You are bombarded DAILY with pictures of Adoptalina dropping off and picking up kids, buying hot dogs, walking down the street, toy shopping… Ad nauseam.

    The only candid pictures of Aniston are blurry, far away hiding in the bushes pictures.

    Aniston is always smiling and warm.

    Jolie empty and cold.

    Aniston, the 10th richest woman in the entertainment industry for the year 2007.

    Jolie, not even on the list.

    Chew on that for a while.

  33. ugh

    She’s great. It’d be nice to look as good as she does. And I don’t think she’s the one bitter about the divorce, seems some posters can’t get over it. This woman has pure class and so far everything she’s done has been with class. I couldn’t imagine going through a divorce and it being so public.

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