Jennifer Aniston In November’s Elle

November 1st, 2005 // 32 Comments

Can we say airbrushing to the extreme? What’s up with all the “hair in the face” poses?!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jakejustice

    she is starting to look like she should audition for the next ‘wallace and gromit’ movie. sad.

  2. Silasdog

    She’s more over-rated and hyped than an add for penis enlargement pills. She’s third-rate actress at best, a real no-talent twit with a ego the size of Montana. She’s a reported cheapskate (doesn’t tip) and a whining diva. Lose this bitch, please.

  3. k

    She is no more airbrushed than anyone else in those magazines..a friend did the retouching for Victoria’s Secret catalog among other things (J Lo sat with him while he retouched her for movie press pieces) and they are ALL touched up. Every last one.

  4. cruella_deville

    who the fuck cares? no talent, not that cute, move on…..just airbrush her on out for all I care….

  5. Krystyn

    Ummmm, wake up dudes. EVERY single star in EVERY magazine is airbrushed to the MAX.

    And what are we basing her “non talent” on?

  6. lebowski

    She really is ugly, folks. Literally hard for me to look at.

  7. velouria

    Has anyone else noticed how freakishly small her forearms and hands look compared to her head in the very last pic? What gives.

  8. Stickever

    When is she just going to go away? The desperate make out sessions with VV. The interviews with anyone who will listen. Strange airbrushed “young” photo shoots.Please.Just go.

  9. mistybluewho88

    The pictures put me in mind of that David Allen Coe song “Itty Bitty Titties”

  10. rif

    she looks beautiful i bet she much betta lukn dan da rest of u ugly shits.

  11. Veggie Girl

    The “hair in the face” is a trick that I’ve noticed Jen has used since the “Friends” days to make her wide face and close-together eyes look more proportioned by slimming down the sides of her face by covering them with her hair. Not trying to be mean, it’s just a thing she does.

  12. Joh

    I WONDER about all of these so called ‘SEXY’ photo shoots. Is JENNIFER trying to COMPETE with ANGELINA? If so, it’s a WASTE of TIME- the two WOMEN are very different people- with their own unique GIFTS! I thought Jennifer was suppose to be the ‘WHOLESOME girl-next-door’ type- she should stick with what works for her and LEAVE Angelina’s turf to Angelina.

  13. Silasdog

    Velouria is on to something. What’s with those atrophied forearms? Weird. She is to the world of acting what Maddog 2020 is to the world of wine.

  14. sagethewise

    Okay…I would agree that this is totally airbrushed (just like EVERY other magazine spread, Angelina included). However, I am not understanding the “no-talent” thing. She was on the #1 sitcom for like 10 years, and her performance in ‘The Good Girl’ kicked ass because she was actually stepping out of her Rachel character-type. She’s not the most beautiful looking thing in the world, but she was with Brad Pitt for 7 years, so who cares?nher?

  15. Joh

    Sagethewise, I don’t think it so much that Jennifer is an “UNTALENTED” actress- it’s that she isn’t a ‘GREAT’ actress. You are correct to point out that she was on a top rated sit-com for ten years- however she was only 1/6 of an ENSEMBLE- and did not CARRY the show. I believe it a combination of being Mrs. Pitt and the PREGNACNY STORYLINE that Catapulted her to the forefront! I suppose one could say that her rising star is due to a bit of a FLUKE!

    But the why-n-how of her increasing celebrity is niether-here-nor-there because she has ALREADY ARRIVED. Now it’s SINK or SWIM time! Time will soon show if she’s got the CHOPS to become a GREAT actress! Though I won’t be purchasing any tickets, I will be watching the critics’ critiques (with interest) of her work!

  16. Silasdog

    Jo speaks wisdom. Listen, this Anniston wench is no Charlise Theron (see North Country), or Naomi Watts, etc. And being in a popular sit-com must be taken with a grain of salt because the average American TV junkie has the IQ of a doorknob. When this bird-armed bimbo turns in an accomplished performance on the big screen, then she might get some respect. However, she still needs a personality transplant.

  17. Joh

    Yo Silasdog, I just READ two REVIEWS on DERAILED and they say the movie is TERRIBLE. Jennifer, among others, is seriously MISCAST in her role. One reviewer said “SEXY” is NOT the word he would use to DESCRIBE her- but rather CUTE or FUNNY. (OUCH!)

    It was also said that her role is BETTER SUITED for ANGELINA! (Double OUCH!) Though I don’t profess to be a fan of Jennifer’s- these comments (ESPECIALLY the Angelina comparison) are gonna HURT like HELL if/when she reads them and I WOULDN’T wish that HURT on anyone. Post #12, I said she should STICK with her WHOLESOME IMAGE and asked if she was attempting to COMPETE with ANGELINA’S SEXINESS? Guess I’m getting my ANSWER.

  18. rif

    If a professinal film critc mentioned Angelina Jolie name in a review I woulndn’t bother reading it because first of all you can’t compare the two as they are both very different and he is taking into account Jen’s personal life. I just read a review for Derailed saying Jen was the best thing in it. I don’t think Jen is trying to coy Angelina sexiness I just think she is trying to branch out into different roles because that is what a actresses profession is (personally I think Jen can be both sexy and cute and funny). ps I haven’t seen Angelina Jolie in any comedy roles wonder why.

  19. rif

    sorry made spelling error its copy instead of coy


    Jennifer Aniston may be a bitch but she is a wonderful actress, wheras Angelina is mediocre.
    It is hard to identify with Angelina in any role because she is so lacking personality.


    lets not feel sorry for Jen though she certainly is not feeling sorry for herself she has Vince Vaughn now major improvement over lame ass Brad Pitt!!

  22. Joh

    Oh- I so completely disagree! Saying that miscast JENNIFER is the “BEST THING” in a movie that’s TERRIBLE is N-O-T a compliment folks. It is SOMEONE desperately striving to say something, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g POSITIVE about the film. I don’t know if Jennifer is a “bitch” and I don’t know that she’s a wonderful actress- but I DO know that she is NOT a GREAT ACTRESS. Whether she can become one over time remains to be seen. Concerning Vince being an improvement over Brad, well, that ALSO remains to be seen- hopefully those WOMANIZER rumors about him are false. I truly HOPE she finds happiness with Vince- just as I am THRILLED that Bradley has found his with Angelina, Mad and Z!

  23. rif

    I think Angelina will always play the mental, slutty sexy women in a film because its not really acting for her THAT’S WHAT SHE IS IN REAL LIFE.

  24. Joh

    OK, HOT STUFF, I hear ya! Um, but then WHAT does that MAKE Jennifer who is ‘TRYING’ to play Jolie roles. Is SHE slutty and mental, too? Angelina cannot help it if she’s beautiful and sexy- just as Jennifer cannot help being cute and funny, but NOT sexy! Some gifts you are given and others, if you are talented enough, can be attained through “acting skill.” I don’t think Jennifer has the chops- maybe someday though!

  25. Joh

    my bad, I meant rif- not HOT STUFF!


    rif hit the nail right on the head when he mentioned that Angelina’s roles are always suited to who she really is as a person. We will never see her in a comedy because that is not who she is. It is so sad that Jen must be compared to Jolie simply because of Brad,while in reality there is no comparason. Jen is just a better actress (a better person as well!)

  27. Joh

    Gotta disagree again. Jennifer Aniston is a FAIR actress (at best) and I doubt that you will ever see her NOMINATED for, much less, WIN an Academy Award. I DOUBT that she has the DEPTH. Angelina portrays serious characters because drama is what speaks loudest to her emotions, there is nothing wrong with this. Jennifer is better suited for light frothy romantic movies and there is nothing wrong with that, either. I am an actor and “TYPE” is very real. Angelina (for the time being) is “TYPED” as the Femme Fatal while Jennifer is “TYPED” as the wholesome girl- next-door. It IS what it IS… but it is NOT a gauge of the ‘TYPE’ of human beings they are.

  28. skeet skeet

    ok peeps, hello A-C-T-I-N-G! its trite to assume they are who they act. Jen was good at being Rachel in friends but is really a B rate actress, it takes skill to do the dark roles Angelina does and she likes to be challenged (hello she’s done biographes and action flicks too.) As for comparing, you could take an ordinary girl give her a stylist, personal trainer and makeover and whoala- you get Jennifer Aniston. Jolie is the sexiest MILF on the planet and I think any guy would rather be bangin her!

  29. lazarati

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  30. I wonder how long it will take Jennifer to run through all of her money and end up back on a T.V. comedy shows. When you are rich, you have to keep making money in order to stay rich.

    I suggest that she should get her body in good health, and have kids with Vince and wait patiently for that perfect movie script, director, acting coach, etc. before she does another movie… Let Vince take care of things. But, what do I know? Nothing!

    I finally stopped being angry that she let Brad slip through her fingers. It all turned out for the best, now that I see how things have turned out. I’m sure that her other movies will get better as time goes on. Good luck.

  31. Mack Attack

    All yall witches need to get a life and shut the hell up

  32. Ashley

    Why are so many women jealous of Jennifer? I can’t figure that one out?
    Yet, they love Jolie who is strange, an admitted bisexual, french kisses her own brother, likes knives and likes to cut herself and her sex partners, can’t act, and would steal your husband/boyfriend in a minute?
    Tell me what movie was she good in? and don’t say A Girl Interruped, that wasn’t acting that was closer to the real her. And don’t give me she’s such a do-gooder, humanitarian, caring person……that just makes me want to puke. Give me one reason you like her sooo much. Is it just because you want to fuck her?

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