Jennifer Aniston Dating ‘Seventh Heaven’ Actor

September 26th, 2005 // 43 Comments

Geoff Stults? Smart move on Jen’s part. Always go with a lesser known celebrity than yourself.

The National Enquirer reports that the former Friends star and soon to be ex-wife of Brad Pitt is now dating actor Geoff Stults. Stults co-stars with Aniston in her new film, The Break Up, playing her boyfriend. While the tabloids were busy reporting news of an on-set affair between the actress and Vince Vaughn, Aniston and Stults were free to get friendly.

“During the final weeks of filming in Chicago, she (Aniston) flirted outrageously with Geoff,” a tattler told The Enquirer. “Everyone couldn’t help noticing the sexual undercurrent between them…. At a buff six foot three (inches), Geoff looks like a super-sized version of Brad.”

Aniston finds love with new onscreen beau [azcentral]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lisa

    Good for her! I hope she finds happiness. I really did think she was dating Vince though.

  2. Girly Girl

    WTF?!?!?! I’m all for my girl Jen getting a hot piece of ass… after all, I admit I’m in Camp Aniston. But who the fuck is Geoff Stults? And why, oh why, does he spell his name like the gay Geoffs of the world???

    My girl can do better than a c-list, wannabe, 7th Heaven, WB hanger-on…. I say she should bang him and move on… but for all that is sacred and holy- do NOT hitch her little red wagon to such a zero….

    Jen needs to either date OUTSIDE of the profession- i.e. a hot college professor, or a lawyer, or a business guy. Or she needs an equal. She cannot, must not, slide BACKWARDS down the social scale. Such a mistake has killed the reputations of many a Hollywood darlings…

    Remember, we may fuck whomever we want, girls. But we ALWAYS, ALWAYS marry ‘up’…

  3. dr.mrs

    good for her. let the poor girl have some hot “demi-ashton” sort of action. she doesn’t have to marry this guy, for god’s sake!

  4. Lisa

    I don’t think Jen has any intention of marrying anyone right now, let her have her fun.

  5. belle

    he must be blind or gay (till remind you jen looks like a man)
    anyway he looks like a dumbass in that swimming poll.

  6. T.J.

    I don’t see swim trunks.

  7. ell

    Belle….please, why say something like Jen looks like a man! Girl get over it, gay or not hes hot and no he does not look like brad.

    team jen!

  8. lovincali22

    get it, girl. he was the hot cop on 7th heaven!

    im all for her getting over brad. i hate him now.

  9. Geoff is definitely a hottie! Way to go Jen!

  10. Silasdog

    Hmmm, interesting, a human Ken Doll. Too bad Anniston is no Barbie (in fact she’s not even Barbie Benton). Gee, it didn’t take her too long to get over her marriage to Pitt, huh? Of course, he’s no better. Both of them are Hollywood Whores.

  11. Charlie's boys

    Yeah,Jennifer, play the field….have tons of fun. If Brad and Angelina ended up getting marry first, send them a huge bouquet of roses.It is behind you……be magnanimous.
    For those who doesn’t like you, whatever and who cares……there are plenty more who adores you.

  12. Aarron Spelling

    I love Jen, we’re going to have her guest star on a few episodes. She wants to get back into TV, and we’re very excited she’s decided to come to 7th Heaven!

  13. loola

    jen get over it live your life but in private please who care if you date a fat idiot or a barbie dumby ken don’t try to hard to be happy……………….. seems suspicious to me.

    Belle you’re right she looks like a fuc%%n man but anyway some people do.

  14. This was part of her plan....

    This is part of her PR plan y’all! Her transformation so to say…she was looking for a young stud to be her next boyfriend. Someone not as popular as her, and she found one.

  15. Big wupt. Nonone really cares.

    She was dating Vince,idget.
    She lied to cover it up, the phony that she is. She is a self absorbed narcissist, incapable of real intimacy with anyone.

  16. I’m sorry, but I don’t think he’s hot at all. Quite the opposite. But then again, it may just be that photo.

  17. jha

    looks like a chimp?

  18. Silasdog

    Teresa is right! Bullseye!

  19. mint

    Mmm, try again, Jen. This guy is NOT hot nor is he a good actor. I hate watching 7th Heaven in the first place but when I saw this guy it became unbearable. I could pick any random person off the street and they’d be a more convincing actor.

  20. ewwww

    Why is she dating this goof?? She can’t get herself a real actor?

    From Brad Pitt to this, I think it’s a downgrade.

    But then again, she got lucky scoring Brad, doubt that will happen twice for her.

  21. ewwwww

    Oh, and I forgot to add….he is NOT cute. Just look closer at his face.

    Not that I think Jen is pretty, but even she can do better than this.

  22. Simple_Tina

    That guy must be into chicks with scarey chins!!!

  23. Simple_Tina


  24. Uhm, Yeah,

    I think some of you are mistaken. There are two Stults on 7th heaven, they are brothers. The cop on 7th heaven, is not the one that Jennifer Aniston is dating.

  25. doesnt matter

    He still aint cute.

  26. likeisaid

    Teresa is right.

    I don’t like Jennifer Anniston ’cause she is full of shit! Glad Brad dumped her ass. And she will, no doubt, end up with a gay wannabe actor-starlet. Imagine marrying someone, pretending you want a kid and then backtracking. What a bitch.

    Oh, yeah. I don’t like Jolie either. Brad is fucked! And I don’t mean in a fun way.

  27. Terence

    Check out these pictures of Brad and Angelina on motorbikes a few days ago.

    The whores go public as the date of the official divorce draws near. Although they’ve been screwing since before he was even separated from his wife they are so career obsessed and afraid of Middle America they were too afraid to show any affection until now, just days before the official divorce. Together they laugh at stupid Americans who fall for their PR tricks.


    Clearly Jennifer is like a piece of old garbage to him now. Does he look like he’s spending one minute thinking about his girlfriend/wife of 7 YEARS TO YOU?

    IMO they are going to throw a divorce party for sure. And even invite the third world adopted kids. It’ll be one hell of a celebration for him as he throws away a woman, Jennifer Aniston, who’d outlived both her looks and her usefulness to him. To Brad, Jennifer is just a wrinkled old hag who he never gives a thought to any more. Even though, just 9 months ago, he was married to that woman.

    There’s a saying – Marriage is something people in Hollywood do until someone better comes along. That’s Brad Pitt’s motto.

    He doesn’t give a flying f*ck about Jennifer Aniston that’s for sure. Just look at him.

    You can tell that Brad is thinking: Thank God I will be rid of my trash haggard wife Jennifer Aniston in a week. Good riddance. Never think about her any more. F*ck her. Thank goodness I’ve dumped her like a piece of old rubbish for this new younger chick.

    And he’s laughing because he’s gotten away with murder by using some nifty “Let’s save Africa” PR tricks. Brad thinks the American public are a pack of idiots there to be manipulated by his PR people. Check out the smugness in those pics.

    What a WONDERFUL guy.

    Wouldn’t every woman want a wonderful husband like Brad Pitt?

  28. get a lfe

    Whats it to you to see others happy? Are you losing sleep over it?

    What a bunch of hypocrites. I bet you anything you’d leave an unhappy relationship for a new love too if the other person can make you 100x happier. The difference is no media will be chasing after your ass cuz you’re not a celeb, but they are. So get over it and move on.

    How much money do you want to bet Jennifer Aniston would’ve done the same thing to Brad if another A list Hot actor actually wanted her. Just cuz no one wants her that does not make her a victim or Brad the bad guy.

  29. Girly Girl

    get a lfe:

    Please re-read your moniker. We’re here to bitch, to be bitchy, and to gossip. This is not church camp.

    Now go make yourself a martini, light a ciggy, pop a valium, and calm the hell down.

    Love & Kisses~

    Girly (Mean and Loving It) Girl

  30. Jannicke

    Hmm. Could’t find any Geoff Stults as an actor on “The Breakup” when I checked
    Sure this isn’t just a joke?
    Anyway – I totally find Geoff sexy in those Imdb pics! And why the hell do some of you think that Jen has to find someone equally famous as herself? You really think love works that way?

  31. Geez Terence, let it go!
    You are so obviously rabid about this whole thing, I can only think you may need help.
    You can bet that Brad nor Angelina (or anyone in Hollywood), give a rat’s pa-toot about your opinion or mine.

    If you maroons would check back thru the media for the last 2 years, you could properly educate your neandrethal brain to the facts:

    A. The marriage was falling apart atleast 2 years back, due to so much noticeable time spent apart, as evidenced by the constantly tiresome deluge of rumours in the media. (And that Brad finally realized that he was making love to a man. Sorry, that was mean of me).

    B. But even last summer, all the mags, even the so-called reputable ones, reported they were gleefully exclaiming to the world, “We are thru practicing, it’s been 5 years (or whatever), we’ve been in rehearsels long enough”. Brad and Jen, ready to start a family. Blah blah blah blah blah…. sigh….

    C. The self-absorbed Jen decided that really wasn’t appealing to her anyway, since her career was really taking off by leaps and bounds. I’m sure she was careful to hide the contraceptives, lying to Brad all the time.

    D. A 5-years married, 40-something Brad found what she was really all about, living a lie, selfishly serving her own purposes. Slowly thereafter, the relationship began disentigrating.

    E. Once you’ve been duped, the trust is gone, what do you do? Try to work it out? As Brad did?
    It was during this span that Jen became jealous, and started showing her well-deserved insecurities, hounding him as to his every move, and pushing him even further away.

    F. The last year of marriage was simply for show, as there was nothing left to salvage, they met early in the year, (as they were apart all the time at this point), and decided to call it quits.

    G. In these recent months, the Chin is going around foaming at the mouth, blaming EVERYONE else, filing for divorce, trying to make Brad out to be a complete dog. Talking crap to dupe the public that she is the victim, he the cad. This tactic has fooled some, ahem, but anyone with half a brain can see thru the actions of this transparent, less than honest, BITCH.

    Who cares how long Brad waited to hop on Angelina’s merry-go-round? There is no man that could have behaved better under the circumstances.

    There’s so much more to say, but it’s all just a waste of time anyway….

  32. mlle amour

    Get a life, You get a life don’t need that kind of sermon on that blog, so just go away

    GET Lost somewhere far far and please bring those cheesy words with you.
    ALRIGHT !!!!!!!!!!

  33. sara

    you people all really need to grow up and get a life.

    it’s so freaking ridiculous for all of you to sit here and say you ‘know’ what happened to cause the breakup. you don’t know brad and you don’t know jen and you don’t know what happened in their marriage. get over it.

    it is never fully one person’s fault. there’s his side and her side and somewhere in the middle is the truth. was jen to blame for things? yes. was brad to blame for things? yes.

    both of them have stated they want to move on. you people should really do the same.

  34. poire

    fu*k you sara

  35. T.T


  36. Terence you just want to fuck Brad so you are upset that he is with Angelina. Jennifer Anniston is UGLY. She looks like a mouse. No wonder she is still just a TV star. Angelina is the diva. God, I’d sleep with her and I am not even gay! The woman is stunning beyond belief. Anniston can only get some lamo like this 7th Heaven real tv show reject.

  37. And how old is he? Twenty-two?
    What marriage? They were together for a while. That much is true, but those wedding vows! “I promise to split the cost of heating bills? And I promise to make your favorite milk shakes. COME ON. I thee wed, so the whole world will know that I love you. I do not think anyone said “Until DEATH DO US PART.” Didn’t they both agree to stay together as long as they were still growing, and when they became stagnant, it would be SPLITSVILLE? I read somewhere that they always talked things over, so that they understood each other. I’ll bet you a penny that Brad came home one day and expained his feelings for Angelina. He may have asked for her patience and may have asked her to stick by him while he was going through this addictive attraction towards “THE BEAUTIFUL Angelina Jolie. Rather than stand by her man, and wait it out, she jumped the gun, and filed for divorce. To bad for Jennifer. Attraction turned to love. Love turned to devotion. Devotion turned to “TIL DEATH DO US PART.” Because I feel that this love is the real deal!!!!!

  38. Girly Girl

    Poire, yes. I concur.

    Fuck off, Sara the Snot. We don’t want to play with you anymore…


  39. nunya

    I would really like to see what the women who say Jennifer Aniston is ugly look like. Every male that has ever spoken with me about her has used the word “hot” as a description. I think there may be some jealousy at work here. Don’t take my word for it, ask some men what they think. Men, not 20 year old boys. And she has a bangin’ body too. She’s rich, she’s famous, she’s a great actress. Yes, she certainly sounds like a loser. Not.

  40. Cory

    I’m confused by how anyone can think that Brad was the victim? I mean wasn’t it just January when the whole world saw photos of Jen and Brad walking along a beach and then sitting down their good friends to break the news and then the following week make a public announcement which even stated that they will always remain devoted friends. He didn’t look like a devoted friend what two months later on another beach with angelina playing family, they had each hired private jets and gone to great lengths to be secretive, not very typical of a relationship that is just budding. He duped her. How can anyone not get that out of the events?? Sure… he didn’t sleep with her till after… ya right. Angelina may be gorgeous but as if she isn’t getting off on all this. Better then luring Billy Bob from his happy engagement with Laura Dern. They were happy and in love, then he went off to do a movie and never returned. I feel sorry for the two kids, because I doubt if she has developed past her ability to have addictive relationships in her years of being a busy hollywood actress.

  41. Mrs. Jane Smith

    Sorry Ladies and Gents,
    It looks like, Vince and Jennnifer (Vaughniston,Vinnifer,Vincifer) are OFFICIALLY an item. there’s picture of them, having lots of STOLEN MOMENTS(straddling,hooking,kissing) on top of the balcony (Peninsula Hotel Chicago) not to mention PEOPLE MAG. has their picture also litteraly hooking up.
    So looks to me, she’s MOVING ON. Hope Vince won’t get tired of her.

  42. Jane

    Sorry Ladies and Gents,
    It looks like, Vince and Jennnifer (Vaughniston,Vinnifer,Vincifer) are OFFICIALLY an item. there’s picture of them, having lots of STOLEN MOMENTS(straddling,kissing) on top of the balcony (Peninsula Hotel Chicago) not to mention PEOPLE MAG. has their picture also litteraly hooking up.
    So looks to me, she’s MOVING ON. Hope Vince won’t get tired of her.

  43. diane

    As for you looser Jennifer fans telling Honest, smart, women who clearly see Jennifer for her complete ugliness. You tell us we should post our picture up. YOu people have seen Angelina Jolie’s beautiful face you’ve seen her picture. And you deny the truth by calling her ugly. So why the hell should we post up our picture because no matter how beautiful our picture will look, You know you will still insult us just like you insult Angelina jolie!

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