Jennifer Aniston Becomes Billboard

September 6th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Maybe she is a little closer to Vince than she’s letting on.

A full view and a look at the verbiage on her pant leg.

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t!)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Pleasantly disturbed

    Okay , what is with the boobs? Is that a nipple tent or is she becoming more, more, more? I love this girl and her sassy nipples.

  2. ugh

    For the record, I have nothing against Jen Aniston, but I feel like her wearing this shirt just for the attention (spark more rumours, and then denies it).

    I heard from another source that she’s going to talk about her divorce on TV with Diane Sawyers (cuz she felt the VF interview wasnt enough). Not sure how reliable the source is, but if it’s true, then I’m really going to think she is pathetic cuz everyone has moved on, Brad has moved on, Angelina doesnt even care (whom I assume is more concerned with Katrina right now). Seems like Aniston only cares about herself. So anyway, I hope the tv interview is just a rumour.

  3. nay

    Hey ugh……..
    How can you be so ignorant!!!!!!! That so called interview if planned was way before Katrina. Yeah we already know Anglelina does not care… SHE ONLY CARES ABOUT HERSELF AND HER AMBASSADOR ASS! Seems to me that you need to get over the Brad, Angelina, Jen crap!!!!

  4. ugh

    to nay:

    get a hold of yourself! and what does this have to do with ignorance? I dont give a toss whether the interview was before Katrina or after – the point is Jen is still more concerned talking about HERSELF and HER LIFE, period. At a time like this, who gives a shit about her divorce? Why still go through with the tv interview?

    like I said, if this is in fact true, then she IS selfish and pathetic.

  5. Steve

    Just a shitty D-List actress who lost her meal ticket and is trying to secure a new one. Sad when you have to use interviews about you divorce to keep you in the spotlight instead of your work. Sore loser talentless hack.

  6. M Factor

    Brad has ruined this girl

  7. just

    I’m really sorry for the girl. It’s just so hard to accept that your husband would diss you for another woman. She must have felt ugly, unworthy, unwanted. Gosh just hope J. Aniston could finally move on.

    But it is okay for me to let Angelina Jolie know what she feels. So go girl grant every interview there is. And show the world how this homewrecker Jolie ruined your life.

  8. 510Bombshell

    what a cute dog! no, really!!!

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