Jennifer Aniston In Vanity Fair

August 4th, 2005 // 123 Comments

What better way for you first post marriage break-up interview than to show off with a hot photo spread?! More after the jump.

(Images removed at the request of Vanity Fair.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. cakeboy


  2. butter

    she’s so ugly. she needs to just go away.

  3. katie

    J.Anniston is soooo not ugly. I would love to look like her. And hey, at least she’s not a home wrecker like Ms.Jolie!

  4. anonymous

    I think she looks great, and she’s been very gracious the whole time, when a lesser person might have chosen to badmouth Brad or play up the whole AJolie thing for sympathy and press.

  5. SierraJane

    What i think she looks great. These photos definetly make her look pretty. Normally i dont think shes as pretty as some other actresses, but here, Wow.

  6. kim

    i want her damn hair. bizzznitch.

  7. good for her! she has the courage to appear on magazines despite her humiliation.

  8. Sarah

    Does it count as a photograph if it’s mostly airbrushing?

  9. raevee nyc

    Not the best pics, but still very pretty.
    They could have dressed her a little better.

  10. morty z

    Oh yes, she’s the only one who’s had her photo airbrushed. Jeez. It’s still a good pic.

    I could give a rat’s ass about any of the players in the Jennifer-Brad breakup, but on her own merits there is no way Jennifer Aniston ugly. If she’s not your taste in women, okay, but she’s still very very attractive. Even in unbrushed, candid photos she’s good looking. Why do people hate her so much? Did she say or do something super nasty?

  11. fizzy

    I think she’s very pretty, too, in a ‘girl next door’ sort of way. I’d prefer her to half of hollywood…

  12. jen leno

    I have to say the cover pic is not a good shot of her. She looks old and that chin is just way tooo long. The other pics w/ her laying down is the best because you don’t see her face.

    Honestly, take her hair away and you get Lance Armstrong and Jay Leno (somebody said this on here and its so true).

  13. doofus

    I don’t really like or dislike Jennifer Aniston, but I have to give her credit for acting like a lady through all of this. a LOT of women would probably be very bitter and not stop with badmouthing the “other woman” or the (possibly)cheating husband. but she has been gracious about the whole thing…most of her comments seem to be more about how SHE is handling her situation, not about how evil the other two are.

    if the worst she’ll say is a swipe at Brad’s hair, made in a very playful way, she’s got a lot of class.

    and no, she’s not ugly. very natural looking…when you see her without make up and her hair done, you don’t go “WHO is THAT?!”…

  14. me

    Honestly, I expect someone wearing only undies and a open up blouse to look alot sexier than this. Jen looks soooooo dull, plain, and BORING. Granted, she looks like a pretty girl next door but sooo bland next to Angelina. I’d cheat on her tooo if I was Brad….look at her. Nothing exotic or sexy about Jennifer at all.

  15. laurel

    Why is everyone so judgemental. i’m sure not of you are that hot.

  16. me

    Doofus, her pr team would not allow her to do such a thing. She really needs a good image now since she does not have Brad to anchor her career anymore. I give her credit for being mature about it but I dont get why she overshadows the fact that she and Brad been having problems prior to Mr/Mrs Smith shootings. From reading some excerpt, it seems like she is swaying public to feel Brad left her but she forgets to mention she was also not in the relationship. I think it shocked her that brad moved on so fast because she thought he would never be able to and this is what ultimately pisses her off more than anything.

  17. me

    laurel, this is a forum…….we are supposed to be judgemental and opinionated. If you dont want that, go to church.

  18. haha

    she does look a bit like a man, lol.

    anyway, nothing agaist her, but no matter how much they doll her up, or get her to pose naked pics, she’ll never be up to par with Angie – who is just stunningly beautiful without trying.

  19. agree

    with me said.

    ppl seem to forget they started out having problems because of HER!! She couldnt commit to her family for whatever reasons and that was why they split. Brad found someone who shares the same values as him so he moved on happily (Jen had her chance), but all of a sudden jen is the victim?

    sometimes i wonder if the situation would be different if all the genders were the opposite. if brad was a woman, ppl’d be applauding him for leaving a non-commital man.

  20. April

    What happens between two people, no matter who they are, will always be between THEM! There is no way in hell anyone can completely understand what happened. I agree…Brad did move on too fast. And perhaps there was a real reason why Jen was jealous of Jolie in the first place. Brad and Jo were hanging all over eachother during the making of Smith!!!!!

    And I think looks beautiful in these pics. Minimal and classic, which is what she has always been known for: simple elegance. Nothing over the top and I wish more celebs were that down to earth.

  21. gladimnotu

    how could she be non commital if they were married
    oh you mean kid thing?
    that is his side of the story
    read the article…some are saying that was brads swan song to get out of the marriage….

  22. kyrstin

    yes, angelina is exotic, but i only find her pretty in about half the photos i see of her (and creepy in the other half), whereas jennifer is naturally beautiful in every place i’ve seen her. i also find alot of jolie’s public persona contrived. but maybe i just don’t really care for her because angelina’s never been in anything worth seeing.

  23. glitterjar

    After i read the new Vanity Fair article just came out, I have only more respect and admiration for this girl.I am gay but I think with those looks and her strength and character,she is HOT,AND SIZZLING and any body who ended up with her eventually is one luky dude.

  24. well...

    to gladimnotu>

    yes, that is only Brad’s side of the story, but right now we’re also only hearing Jen’s side of the story.

  25. beauty

    I dont know why there’s even a comparison between Jen and Angie. They are not on the same level.

    The girl-next-door look is good for TV but not Hollywood.

  26. mimi

    She smiles like the Joker.

  27. me

    the REAL reason they broke up was jens constant blow use, she picked up the habit on the set of friends from courtney cox (who has since stopped snorting in favor of smoking weed), watch any friends rerun after the fourth season (when it got really popular and they all got really rich) and both cox and aniston are skeletons, and people wonder why half of hollywood has fertility issues, drugs and eating disorders affect your child bearing and conception capabilities in a big way, britney had a lot of trouble getting pregnant due to her pot puffing, courtney cox only stopped coke so she could get pregnant, aniston had a cocaine induced miscarriage, think about it………

  28. harhar

    I love how you ppl buy into this BS with Jen Aniston playing the victim.

    As someone pointed out, Jen has to watch what she says to the media right now. Most ppl already love seeing Brad and Angie together and for Jen to bad mouth either of them would do bad for her upcoming movie – use your brains ppl! Is she really a classy woman? Who knows, but I sure know she and her PR team arent stupid.

  29. boo

    omg, why on earth would she agree to this?! The Maidenform pose, the naked-crossed legs pose, the raking fingers through that spiral perm, the open button-down with the black thigh-highs all scream 1993(or even earlier. she harrowingly reminds me of Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction”) — maybe Jen’s best year, but at the same time reminding us that she went out with the Friends finale.

    I’m not saying she deserved what she got, I’m just saying it’s easy to see why.

  30. rumbles

    Anything on Jen/Brad/Angie = lots of discussion and tons of posts. This is discussion is so old! So (which blows now).

  31. Athena

    I often wonder where posters learn about class, because everytime I hear a teeny bopper say Jennifer is classic and elegant, I get ill. A classy woman never complains nor explains, there is a mystery to their every move. Jen never learned that concept because she is too self-absorbed with her image. She can’t get beyond her own insecurities so she uses her interviews to bash her mother and now her ex. I think it is obvious why Pitt got tired of her, it was all about her, the whole marriage. I will hand it to her, for a basically plain girl she has manipulated her fan base till they are blind.

  32. JL

    I’m just sorry for her….such a plain jane. knowing she wasn’t very attractive she should have tried to seal the marriage with kids, it’s much harder for men to just walk away when you r the mother of their children. Oh well……….

  33. Mari

    is it me or are those opaque black stockings just simply awful? Jezzus, was that the sexist legwear they could find? moreover, this spread smacks of “brad please come back to me”. maintain your dignity jen!

  34. RubbRubb

    Angelina is much more hittable than Jennifer. Nice try Jen.

  35. Geigh

    I can’t tell whether she’s ugly or hot.

    I mean she’s ugly, but she’s also very hot!

    I’m so confused.


  36. cheekygirl

    a note on real beauty:

    those photos of Jen are airbrushed beyond recognition and she *Still* looks plain.

    Angelina doesn’t care if her wrinkles show. (and she does have them . . )

  37. its very true

    Throughout this whole ordeal, Angelina has not said ONE thing about this. All she cares about is her own business and does what she needs to do (adopt her baby, spend time with Maddox, whatever it is). Other women would’ve been so quick to defend themselves, but she hasnt said a thing.

    Now that’s class.

  38. GUEST


  39. YAYA


  40. hola

    hey sarah that what i thought airbrushing really isnt a reall photo angie shouls know better!!!

  41. shut up


  42. loser

    To GUEST/YAYA/shut up>

    Just because you use different aliases and write in caps doesnt mean ppl will agree with you.

    Calm down, and get a life!

  43. cowgirl

    I see yet another stylist needs to be fired. Those “outfits” are awful…especially the opaque thigh highs. I think Jen is pretty, airbrushed or not.

  44. MrVDO

    Man, some people are just a little too critical …. if Jolie cancelled and Aniston showed up at my doorstep, I’d be veerrrry happy.

  45. Trisha

    Jennifer Aniston had a career and celebrity status before she married Brad. I don’t know what planet you who think she didn’t are living on. All the claims that he helped catapolt her career are such garbage. She had already established herself before they were introduced. She is gorgeous and very down to earth and much more the lady than Angelina Jolie. Self absorbed? Give me a break. Like Angelina isn’t self absorbed. She and Brad always looks so full of themselves, so smug. Hell, most celebrities do.

  46. Sweeden-girl

    I Simply Love Jen!!! She’s awesome!! So cool in friends and along came polly!!!
    Kizzez from Sweeden

  47. Nell

    Yes Trisha, she had a career and a great hairdo. If she hadn’t been married to Brad her career would be like Courtney’s and Lisa Kudrow’s today, and that is struggling to maintain their foothold in the biz. And yes a lady always goes to the media to talk about her ex and their divorce. Please let me know what etiquette book you are referring to, obviously I must have missed it!

  48. bb

    jen is so winning, she’s like become the best that she can be.

    she’s not a model, she’s a pretty girl. and if she can use her former marriage to get ahead in hollywood, more power to her.

    go jen!

  49. Biff

    Did you guys say something? I can’t hear you over the OMG THIGH HIGH STOCKINGS *drooooolllll*

  50. Lily

    Jennifer is a lying bitch…she promised Brad that after she does one more year of Friends that they would start a family together. Brad was willing to wait, but what did Jen do. She made movies right after and she hasn’t stopped. I’m totally for Brad leaving her. She got what she deserved.

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