Jennifer Aniston’s True Thoughts Revealed

August 3rd, 2005 // 19 Comments

Jennifer Aniston is finally speaking about her breakup with Brad Pitt. Or at least Leslie Bennetts is speaking about what Jennifer Aniston told her during their Vanity Fair interview. We learn that the end of a marriage is hard. Here are some highlights from the interview.

“Am I lonely? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I confused? Yes. Do I have my days when I’ve thrown a little pity party for myself? Absolutely. But I’m also doing really well.”

“A man divorcing would never be accused of choosing career over children,” she says. “I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want children. I did and I do and I will!”

She was also hurt by a fashion spread in W magazine — a concept of Pitt’s — that showed the actor and Jolie as a 1960′s-style married couple. “There’s a sensitivity chip that’s missing,” Aniston says of Pitt.

Aniston also hasn’t lost her sense of humor. On Pitt’s recently dyed blond hair, she says, ” Billy Idol called — he wants his look back.”

Good one Jen. Oh, and she’s “sooo not `in like’ with anybody.”

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Linda

    BIG props to Jen!

  2. Tracy

    HAHAHA as Perez Hilton would say

    “You can’t keep a good bitch down for long!”

  3. caution!

    Easy now folks, you don’t want to get those rabid Angelina-lovers all riled up! They are a feisty and delusioned bunch.

  4. Lizzy

    Good for her but at the same time there are always 2 sides to a story and in Hollywood the victim takes home the PR rewards. In the end we all move on and suck it up for our own happiness.

    Angelina probably has more depth and personality than Jen ever will :)For all the Angelina haters, remember that Jen filed the divorce papers. And that Brad should be held accountable for his own actions. The man always gets away without being bad mouthed in these situations.

  5. vwgirl

    Well, no matter……. Angelina blabs on about not being with Brad while he was still married. What difference does that make? He wouldn’t have left Jen if he knew he didn’t have a chance with her so obviously she gave him reason to believe they would be together if he left Jen. Sick is all I can say!

  6. Hautegirl

    you go, vwgirl! I couldn’t have put it better. what goes around comes around and that goes for Pitt and Jolie

  7. Gabrielle

    I used to like Angelina Jolie, but after watching her prime time live interview, I realized what a fraud she was. She could never “forgive herself” for sleeping with a married man but she had no problem sleeping with an engaged man (Billy Bob). Also, the photo shoot in W magazine happened before the end of his marriage and I don’t see how any woman that respects another woman’s relationship (to her husband, no less!) would participate in a spread like that.’s art..but I just find it so offensive. I don’t why I care so much about this, but I just wanted to vent. I feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston and I hope Angelina is the bore in bed that Billy Bob eluded to.

  8. alright Jenn… you speak up and THANK YOU for mentioning his hideous mid-life-crisis-hair

  9. cowgirl

    I wish Jen well. As for Angelina AND Brad – watch out…because much like me, karma can be a real bitch.

  10. give it up

    I dont understand how you ppl can curse someone you dont even know.

    You guys dont know ANYTHING that happened between the three, it’s all tabloids, gossip, take it easy.

    And oh ya, like Angelina and Brad REALLY cares what you ppl think of them. On top of that, like Jen REALLY cares that you guys feel sorry for her.

  11. I think that Jennifer’s comments about Brad Pitt really did her in. Things like,”Brad is a real Taco Bell kind of guy!” “We will be moving into our new home, If Brad ever finishes working on it!” I think that she may have tried to make him the butt of her jokes maybe once too often. She wants a baby! Right. One day when hell is about to freeze over. I think that she should ask for some frozen sperm as her terms for a divorce. Can you imagine her not getting pregnant, and not having the world’s most beautiful baby. OOPS, I forgot that isn’t her real nose, is it?

  12. iris

    You people that claim people who state their opnions on pitt jolie situation ,should get a life are hypocrites.By writing you are doing the same thing.By the way Anistons interview is her truth not gossip and her tears and thoughts speak for themselves,as does jolie and pitts actions.Whether you like jolie or not I don’t understand how any decent woman could not have sympathy for Aniston.Those two ,jolie included have shown no respect or sensitivity to his wife.what kind of shit is that w magazine spread them posing as amarried couple amid the rumours andnon finalized divorce.Pitt has more than a sensitivity chip missing he has lack of heart.He may not care what us so called “people” think of him ,but I’m sure he will feel the sting when his movies sales don”t do so well after the millions of woman who gave him his money and fame decide they do not want to support an insensitive ass.Oh well I guess he can chase after his p—- flakey flame and pretend to care about world issues ,all of a sudden.Has no substance of his own,guess thats why he is so good at playing other people.Aniston has more character and strength in her pinky than wannabe wiinie and nelson put together.girl will be just fine.good interview Jennifer.later, team Aniston

  13. teamaniston

    I will boycott Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie films for the rest of my exsitence and I encourage others to do the same. Let them know that the American public still beleives in the simple rules of marriage. They need to know that this will affect their “perfect life” and I hope and pray that is comes back to them. To publicly( very publicly) humiliate his wife and treat her as if she meant nothing, is beyond infuriating. I used to love Brad Pitt, but the way his true self has come through has left me disgusted. Angelina is a slut and a homewrecker and has insulted ( along with Pitt) the intellegence of all of us by saying that nothing went on while he was married. HE STILL IS!!!! They’re gallavanting all over the world together and he isn’t even divorced yet! He has no respect for Jen. She has handled herself with such poise and class, something Pitt and Jolie know nothing about. We need people like her going around the world as a role model for kids, not two self-absorbed people like Pitt and Jolie. I find it
    so ironic that here are Brad and Angelina “giving themselves” to suffering nations, posing as two selfless human beings that care more for others than they do themselves, when it was there own selfish desires that got them into the mess in the first place. Jen, keep your chin up girl. You are strong, beautiful and full of class. You deserve better, and will have a much happier life without that asshole! BOYCOTT PITT AND JOLIE!! Team Aniston- :”we’ll be here for you”

  14. BYAM

    i agree with teamaniston. and i also use to love brad for he was a great husband and i admit i hated jen for having him !!! but now.. no way! i even refused to see MR & Mrs Smith movie because they i believe those two (brad & Jolie) insulted our intelligence ..
    and if they think we don’t have the right to know.. well they’re wrong. They are high class celebrities multi millionaires because of us and one have to pay what it takes to earn the cash. If not so, then he’s totally irresponsible.
    It’s even very outrageous that he said that love changes its shape!! Well that’s so ridicules, he could’ve been more honest and respectful. Didn’t he think what married women around the world will think of him giving such a negative example!!
    I strangely cant see bard a drop dead handsome no more.. poor him… His popularity will drop to an extent that he will get dispirit for attention as Tom Cruise now is… he broke his marriage for a slut that will soon get bored of him ..
    On the other hand, I started to like Aniston so much. All people around share the same feelings. Sorry brad!!

  15. mona

    That Jolie, shes a home wrecker shes out to get a married man-using all her charm -she did that to laura dern engaged to billy bob. she has no shame,no class,tacky personality -she was one of a kind bitch i heard shes making movie w/matt damon watch out luciana next thing you know she will move in w/your boyfriend..what so sad is she used world hunger–for popularity but she shld clean up her act first –start w/MORALITY. she was well known for not having one- but what is she portraying to the world.. now shes all over the place w/her two adopted kids.. but what is she teaching those kids –when they get older oh! my! what moral value she will give them. too bad for those 2 children shes using them for sympathy-its just a show… for mr pitt I used to like you but you went overboard – even if you dont love JEN anymore you could at least respect her. you have no brain- thats why! your just a good looking face thats all! you couldnt wait for your divorce to get over before you spread your LUST..yes ITS NOT LOVE ..LUST and also they dont Last.I used to be your fan..but you mess up.all of my friend hated you and your fish lips girlfriend.

  16. Antoine

    I really don’t understand why anyone is upset with Angelina. She didn’t break any vows here. The only person at fault here is Brad. He’s the scum that stinks in this situation. I feel bad for Jen, but the fact is that they viewed marriage from two opposite points. On the bright side, now Jen has a chance to find someone she is more compartible with. Goodluck girl.

  17. Troy

    I, as will all former lovers of Brad Pitt and Aslut Johoe, will never buy or see their movies or anything again. My opinion is; AJ may send much money to children that need it and adopt 1 in a million children to complete her sad sad life. Many other people do the same, such as myself and my friends. She is only doing this because she has guilt that could only be caused by her own plight to steal other people’s thing’s. Good luck Brad and Angie. Angie you seem to have a knack for obtainig other people’s things. Look inward for more than cash and his small small interest, and see life as it really is. You say that you have different priorities than before?.? You deserve that chance. BUT you decided to steal more than one baby. Good Luck to both of you. See you in …

  18. monique045

    I agree! I used to adore Brad Pitt because he proved that not all guys are jerks and that marriage can last. However, he has proven to all of us that we were wrong about him. I think that everyone who fell for his act should boycott his movies and him (…and what’s her name). Jennifer deserves better than a jerk like him.

  19. LibbyM3

    The whole thing sucks. I feel so sick for Jennifer Aniston. I admire what Angelina Jolie is doing, saving refugee babies, being a humanitarian spokesperson and all that, but that doesn’t excuse her from being a HOMEWRECKER. Let’s not forget she stole Billy Bob Thornton from Laura Dern, too. That I’m-just-an-innocent mother routine isn’t going to fly, sister. I will never, ever, ever pay to watch another Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie movie again in my life!!!

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