Jennifer Aniston’s True Thoughts Revealed

Jennifer Aniston is finally speaking about her breakup with Brad Pitt. Or at least Leslie Bennetts is speaking about what Jennifer Aniston told her during their Vanity Fair interview. We learn that the end of a marriage is hard. Here are some highlights from the interview.

“Am I lonely? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I confused? Yes. Do I have my days when I’ve thrown a little pity party for myself? Absolutely. But I’m also doing really well.”

“A man divorcing would never be accused of choosing career over children,” she says. “I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want children. I did and I do and I will!”

She was also hurt by a fashion spread in W magazine — a concept of Pitt’s — that showed the actor and Jolie as a 1960’s-style married couple. “There’s a sensitivity chip that’s missing,” Aniston says of Pitt.

Aniston also hasn’t lost her sense of humor. On Pitt’s recently dyed blond hair, she says, ” Billy Idol called — he wants his look back.”

Good one Jen. Oh, and she’s “sooo not `in like’ with anybody.”

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