Jennifer Aniston Not In Marrying Race With Brad Pitt

March 29th, 2006 // 58 Comments

Thank goodness. I was worried that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were just getting married to get back at one another. So the couple are actually marrying on their own terms. However, whomever marries first wins.

Jennifer Aniston is laughing off the suggestion that she and ex-husband Brad Pitt are in competition as to who will remarry first. “That’s a pretty funny one, that there’s a race,” Aniston tells TV’s Extra. “That’s pretty good.”

As for what the former Friends star is ultimately looking for in a partner, she says: “First loyalty, honesty … good sense of humor.”

While promoting her new movie Friends With Money, which opens in limited engagements April 7, Aniston also spoke to Entertainment Tonight, addressing the reports that she is considering moving out of Los Angeles.

“I’ve thought about it a lot for a long time,” she says. “This is not the most pleasurable place all the time … because of all the bull … it’s exhausting, it’s silly.”

If you need help packing, give me a call.

Aniston: Not in a Race with Brad to Wed [People]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Audacte

    I physically cringe when a Brangelina or Jennifer story pops up because I know those slimey things will crawl out from under the rocks and start posting nasty semi-illiterate messages about Jennifer’s chin or her lack of talent or whatever else their little tiny minds can come up with. 1) How freakin stupid is it to ask someone if they are in a race to the alter/competing with their ex? 2) Do we really think her whole life is still about Brad? No, as Brad’s life is not about her. Let’s just let them all move on, shall we? Now, to start this off on the right foot and stay on the topic of the move: Personally, if I were a star, I would take a page out of Paul and Joanne Newman’s and Streep’s books and buy myself a nice place in CT. I think LA is nutsville. I think moving out of LA is a smart move on her part.

  2. Kelsey

    I agree…if I could afford it, I would just fly in if I needed to shoot movies or something, cuz dude….LA scares me!!

    I also heard that Jen and Vince are engaged…random but ok…have fun kids haha

  3. Mo

    I agree with Audacte completely!!
    They are making so many personal remarks about Jennifer and I’m not seeing any point why tot do that!! Leave the people alone and let they do their job and that’s to entertain us. If you don’t feel atracted to it or by them walk away, turn the tv off!! Stop making personal remarks about their faces or whatever!! NOBODY IS PERFECT! BELIEVE ME NOBODY IS PERFECT!!!

  4. my2cents

    Jen…just SHUT UP and GO AWAY!

  5. randompost

    “Jen just Shut up and Go Away”

    Um…she’s doing her job by promoting her movie. She doesn’t walk up to the reporters and say ‘Hey could you ask me something about Brad, it’s been awhile..’

    No offense, but it’s typical of the L.A. gossip mongers to make up a story like ‘Jen is racing to the altar to beat Brad’ because
    1. It’s absurd
    2. Childish and all about saving face, appearances, which is really what L.A. is all about.

    L.A. reminds me of that scarecrow in Wizard of Oz (it’s a movie for you young kids)…great people skills – no brain.

  6. ladybug

    exactly! Finally I see some sense in a Jen related blog.
    Even though i agree that she isnt ther best looking and she isnt the most talented i hate it when ppl say that it is o.k that Brad cheated on her since Angelina is so hot. They justify cheating with Angie’s looks which i find absurd. I mean are committment, trust, and morals out the door when someone better comes along? how would these ppl feel if they’re spouse cheated on them with someone better looking? would they just accept it and not feel hurt becuase that person is better looking.
    *sigh* this frustarates me so much…

  7. Leave Jen alone

    I say good for Jen if she wants to move out of LA a lot of people live in other cities and fly in for work. Jen is beautiful and she is making the best of a bad situation-I love her and I hope that she is happy! I think people need to let it go- Brad and Jen will never get back together and Brad and Angelina will have tons of kids and grow apart from each other and Jen will find a loving husband and have a couple of kids and be happy. I think Brad and Angelina suck!

  8. Rumor

    Moving out of LA would probably be a super smart move for Jennifer Aniston. Time heals wounds. You know, it is true about Hollywood. They won’t let you forget anything. The reporters are so obnoxious sometimes with the questions they have the nerve to ask. Just like that one reported splashing water on Tom Cruise. I’m not his biggest fan, but the nerve!

  9. Rumor

    I also want to say that Aniston looks happy in these photos. I think it was Oprah who said Aniston really cherishes her friendships with other women. I think it shows in how well she is handling things. Her friends support her.

  10. my2cents

    Please….if it wasn’t for Brangelina, Chiniffer would have been kicked to the curb a long time ago….she ought to be thanking for Brangelina for making her as famous as she is now, she’s famous because of gossip, not her acting!

  11. Jen go away!

    Jennifer gets on my nerves, because she has been cradled by the media. Poor Jen this or that! NOBODY knows whether Brad Pitt cheated, but yet they treated Aniston like a wronged wife. She and her PR people jumped on the bandwagon, and hoped this pity Jen crap would make her movies hits. Well people may pity Jen, but they don’t watch her movies much.Every interview she alludes to Brad and Angelina, because that’s what’s keeping her in the Spotlight! Nicole Kidman had class during her divorce, Jennifer tried to use the bias media to become the next Reese or Julia.Brad and Angelina haven’t said one thing bad about Jennifer,even though the media has been mean towards them. Iam sick of this boring, limited woman. I hope she moves faaar away!

  12. doofus

    what Audacte said.

    times 5!

  13. pity party is ovah!

    I honestly dislike this woman for her passive aggressive ways but I dislike her fans even more. They hate it when others call Jen names but feel free to call Brad a cheater. Her fans hate it when others say that Jen sucks as an actor but make predictions on whether Brad and Angie will make it as a couple. Here’s a prediction for you. You fans better buy extra tickets to the next Aniston movie because if you don’t her butt will be back on tv before the year is out.

  14. JerseyGirl

    Audacte is officially my hero. It drives me crazy how anything Jennifer related has to be brought back to the whole Brangelina thing. I hope she does move away from LA, everything is so unrealistic there, it’s like a seperate universe.

    Jen doesn’t go into interviews to be asked about them but that’s what reporters want to know about. She has movies out, Brad and Angelina don’t. Therefor, if someone were to ask to them for an interview they’d know it was to talk about this situation, but Jen can’t turn them down because she’s got to do it for the movies she’s in.

    Please stop trying to act like society has no brains, and we believe everything we read. People come to their own conclusion, and believe what they want to believe.

  15. Here's the story..of an ugly Chin..

    Here’s the story…of an ugly CHIN….She had bottled hair of gold and a big nose and a big ugly chin…

    Here’s the story..of an ugly chin…who had beady eyes and lost her man to a Goddess….

    The Chinnifer Bunch…The Chinnifer Bunch …with that big nose!

    Hey, remember when Marcia from the Brady Bunch had that football hit her nose and it was red and swollen? that is what Chin’s nose looks like all the time..

    Here’s the story…of an ugly chin…..all her hair was bottled gold…but her chin still BIG..

    The chinnifer bunch …the Chinnifer bunch…..

  16. JerseyGirl

    People who make fun of others’ looks show exactly how ugly they really are.

  17. People, people who make fun of people!

    Chinny Chinny Bang Bang



    Arnold, Willis (before the arrest) and Mr Drummond dedicate this song to the Chin as a parting song before she leaves L.A. (sniff, sniff…)

    Angie’s Strokes

    Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one pity party,
    What might be right for Chin may not be right for Brad.
    A man is born, he’s a man of common sense.
    Then along come Angie, he left Chin with nothing but her whining tears.
    But Brad got, Better Strokes.
    It takes, Better Strokes to keep a man.
    It takes, Angie’s Strokes to keep Brad
    Everybody’s got a special kind of story (especially ANGIE)
    Everybody finds a way to shine (EXCEPT CHIN),
    It don’t matter that you got on Oprah
    So what,
    Brangelina will have theirs, and you’ll have drunken Vince, and I’ll have my laugh.
    And Brangelina will be fine….
    Because it takes, Better Strokes to keep Brad.
    Yes it does.
    It takes, Angie’s Strokes to move the world.

  19. L.A.'s Defense Girl

    I am so sick of everyone picking on L.A. You all think L.A. is this vacant city full of fake boobs and fake blondes, and bimbos.

    We are a cosmopolitan city full of great international restaurants and culture. L.A. has every culture represented here. We have a great: Gaytown, Chinatown, Koreatown, Little India, Little Armenia, Little Mexico, Thaitown. We have a theater district, a garment district and of course people who work really really hard in the film industry as (carpenters, construction people, painters, costumers, writers, etc – people who are not in Star magazine).

    To diss L.A. based on Jennifer Aniston’s comments is misinformed. I don’t want to live anywhere else. You know why? because I see all races of people, all persuasions and all cultures here. Nobody is underexposed. It is not like living in Iowa where everyone is mostly White WASPY. We have everything here.

    Jennifer Aniston complains about L.A. but when her movies are about to premiere – guess what? She invites the paparazzi and has a big hoopla to promote her films. The same woman who complains about the PAPS is half naked on the cover of GQ and Vanity Fair spilling her guts out and laying out all her business.

    When will rich Stars understand you can’t have it all? How can you think you can use the PAPS when it is convenient (to promote your films) and then decide you want them to go away when you want? If you want to be a recluse – do it. Lots of stars have. Demi Moore went to Ohio for years and was never in the papers. But don’t show up with your media circus at your premieres and then complain about the hand that feeds you. Cut it out! We don’t want to hear it.

    And leave L.A. alone. This city is full of hard working people and good people who are not shocked at anything in life because we pretty much allow all kinds of people to exist in this great city.

    Plus, we have great beaches and mountains and beauty all around. Like Randy Newman said : I LOVE L.A!

    Jennifer, stop with the pity party – at least you have a Malibu mansion to sunbathe and think about your problems. It is not that bad, girl, seriously. You are fine. You’re freakin’ loaded. I don’t want to hear the whining.

    Plus, I have not heard Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie publicly talking about this break-up since the break-up. What is Jennifer’s deal? Who has got a gun to her head asking her to talk to the press? Who? She brought this on herself. Shut up already. Please.

  20. Rumor

    I remember something in the press about Nicole Kidman doing Tom Cruise wrong, him getting very angry and then wanting the divorce. There was something about him accusing her of cheating. Whatever happened caused him to not want to work it out. She always appeared as if she wanted to stay married, but he adamantly did not. If it’s true that she cheated on Tom, why would she want to talk about it? Also, they have to remain civil for the sake of their children.

    Although I really do think Brad and Angelina make a dynamic couple, I can’t help feeling empathy for any woman whose husband leaves her. Whether he cheated first or he fell in love and left, it hurts any way you look at it.

    People who are left feel rejected and insecure for a period of time. I’m sorry that Aniston had to go through this at all. It would have been a whole lot easier if she and Brad had both just grown apart and gone their separate ways.

  21. Anonymous

    Rumor – point well taken – but like my Momma always told me – Don’t Air your Dirty Laundry. Nicole Kidman kept stuff to herself. Why can’t Jennifer? She is the only one talking to the press out of this triangle.

  22. Rumor

    What you said is true #21, but for someone like Aniston, who is probably already insecure (I’m sure she has gotten a whiff of the attacks on her nose and chin by now), it’s probably doubly hard to do. The more confident you are in yourself, the more you’re apt to believe you will survive. My guess is that she was very angry. Like love, anger can make a person do crazy things.

    This is a little personal — I have (thankfully) never been left by a man, but I have ended relationships. One ex drove me to it, but he expected me to put up with him. When I left I was happy, but he was so bitterly angry. I insisted we stop all contact with each other. It was fine until months later when so many hurtful things came to the light. I discovered that he had been deliberately trying to ruin me. It took every ounce of my strength not to hurt him! And for a while I talked about him a lot, something I now regret. There was no love, but there was incredible anger. It was so hard to let go of that anger, but I finally did it. It actually took me a few years.

    My belief is that Brad and Jen’s breakup did not completely come out of left field. I think Aniston saw it coming or she would really have been furious. People claim she’s whines and is super bitter, but I think she’s done pretty well considering it was played out in front of the whole world.

  23. JerseyGirl

    Wow, I remember a slighty different story with the Tom and Nicole. The cheating accusations are familiar, but I remember it being because she was pregant and he was supposed to be shooting blanks, that’s why they adopted kids. He demanded a paternity test and it turned out to be his but then she ended up having a miscarriage because of all the stress.

  24. JerseyGirl

    Rumor, I seriously want you to be my best friend. There aren’t many people on this subject that don’t make fun of Jennifer’s nose or call Angelina a homewrecker.

  25. My Opinion

    Look, I have had my share of crappy men. I tend to attract the cheaters (the ones who forgot that they had a string of Baby Mommas). Oye!

    However, I am a Lady. I keep moving. My mom dealt with bullctrap men too. My aunts, my sisters. But we are dignified ladies.

    I think there is NO excuse for Aniston, given how famous she is, to talk about her relationship to Vanity Fair like that.

    I also think it is not fair for us women to pick sides and make Jolie the “slutty” homewrecker and Aniston the “saint”. Women should back each other.

    Angelina Jolie has every right to fall in love with Brad Pitt and Brad Pitt with her. I think his marriage ended way early than we knew. Jennifer Aniston has every right to start over with Vince too. Look, grown-ups outgrow each other. Come on. This is part of the divorce statistics.

    What we don’t need is all the drama drawn out in interviews. It’s childish and revengeful.

  26. jmo

    I’m sorry what was the movie about? I saw the interviews and didn’t here much about the movie she was promoting. If this one bombs will she blame the director also?

  27. Rumor

    Good Opinion.

    Perhaps the best way to get the media to stop asking Anniston personal questions is for Aniston to keep saying “no comment” and for her to have an agreement with these mags and interviewers ahead of time to not discuss anything about Brad, Angelina or her marriage. It would probably be very helpful to her, too.

    I didn’t read the Vanity Fair article. Can someone paraphrase a little of what was said? Thanks.

  28. bamz9LOVE

    11. Jen goe away! 01:51 PM

    I don’t dislike Jen A, but I couldn’t agree with you more. Great post. There very well may be some sincereity there, but IMO, she also is working that “girl next door…..every girl’s best friend…..wronged woman etc etc etc she’s been labled with.” I betcha more than a few of those so called girl friends would have kick Miss Jen to the curb if Brad had even HALFED winked at them.

  29. RhymE

    My GOD!!!
    “L.A.’s Defence Girl” ???
    Ok, so you’ve enlightned a few people out there (who may have poked fun at L.A a couple of times, or mabey even sincerely believed that it is indeed a shit-hole) that it’s not quite as bad as they thought, but you proved a completely different point, that, until now, I don’t know if anyone was aware of….L.A’ians are super, super sensitive and they enjoy imposing their oppinions on other people very decidedly, regardless of wether it makes them sound like a complete jackass or not. Oh yeah, and that they can talk the hind leg off a donkey. So what have we established here, that L.A does not suck….the people do.
    Way to go “L.A’s Defence Girl”!! I’m sure L.A’ians will be eternally greatfull.

    P.S Don’t bother comming up with some petty exscuse, I never visit one page more than once. Also, don’t go trying to sound like you’re trying to stick up for the black people, you’re probably a highly educated mo’fo’ who aint never seen a real fight in her life, let alone been in one.
    And there was one more thing…..oh yeah, Kiss it bitch!





  31. L.A.'s Defense Girl

    #29: What a cop out. You attack then say you don’t visit a site more than once. That is one way of not being confronted, huh? Escaping. Ok, fine.

    The numbers of people who live in L.A. speak volumes. When you think of the largest American cities in terms of industry, etc, you think of L.A. and New York. It is a fact.

    L.A. is a great city. Sorry that you don’t have the good fortune of benefiting from living here and having the opportunity of living well and happy. I do. I love it.

  32. L.A.'s Defense Girl

    P.S. to #29:

    Grateful is spelled with one L.

    Inhabitants of L.A. are called Los Angelinos not LA’ians.

    Defense is spelled with an S not a C.

    Whether is spelled “Whether” not “wether”.

    English and good grammar is one of our strengths – apparently not so where you are from.

  33. bamz9LOVE

    It’s a nice thought that he (Wyclef) would do a shout out to Angelina Jolie, but his daughter’s name is also Angelina. Maybe it was a dual greeting.

  34. sallen

    It’s (the divorce) horrible what happened to Aniston.
    I’m not even a fan of hers. I don’t care for any of the bad movies that she’s been starring in lately.

    But at the same time that I feel bad for her, I think there are always two sides to any divorce.

    What probably happened is that Brad and Jen grew apart on what they wanted for the future. She wanted (and still wants) to be a movie star. Brad wanted children and he isn’t getting any younger.
    I believe he’ll be 42 or 43 this year.

    Whatever the reasons, Brad appears to be moving on with his life which also includes Angelina and the adopted kids.
    I think that’s great.

    What I’m tired of hearing about and many others is the constant whining that’s coming from Jen. We just want her to shut up and MOVE ON…
    Why can’t Jen just shut up and be happy with her relationship with Vince?
    Why can’t Jen just shut up and be happy with her millions???
    Why can’t Jen just shut up and realize that she is equal in the blame for the failed marriage just as much as Brad has?

    PLEASE we’ve had enough of the pity parties.
    AND YES, Jen can make reporters not ask her about personal relationship questions by telling the interviewer in advance that the interview will end if she’s asked those “off-limit” questions.
    ALSO, there is the, “no comment” reply.

  35. Jen Fan

    That first picture of Anniston looks scarey now I understand why they call her Chinnifer Manniston. Seriously, I looked at that picture and thought it was a man.

  36. Tired of This

    Oh, please. I broke up with lots of guys and I did not have a fabulous Malibu pad to cry in or a personal trainer, or a personal hairdresser or unlimited shopping stipend. Jennifer, get over yourself. Some of us have REAL problems!

  37. Tired of This

    Try living on $450 a week (BEFORE taxes) with $900 rent and bills up your ass! I don’t want to hear it Jennifer. I have no pity for your “problems”. Boo hoo whatever. I need April rent and it’s March 30th!

  38. Rumor

    Please, please, someone tell me what Jennifer Aniston said in the Vanity Fair article. I’d really like to know. Thanks.


    Daily Dish
    Tuesday, August 2, 2005
    In her first interview since splitting with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston says she was “shocked” by the breakup and is trying to “pick up the pieces in the midst of this media circus.”

    Aniston broke down twice during the interview for the September issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands nationally Aug. 9. Mostly, though, the actress comes across as resilient.

    “Am I lonely? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I confused? Yes. Do I have my days when I’ve thrown a little pity party for myself? Absolutely. But I’m also doing really well.”

    Holed up in her Malibu, Calif., bungalow, the 36-year-old actress says the media coverage and tabloid rumors have been hard to deal with — especially reports that she didn’t want to start a family.

    “A man divorcing would never be accused of choosing career over children,” she says. “I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want children. I did and I do and I will!”

    Aniston filed for divorce in March, citing irreconcilable differences after 4 1/2 years of marriage. The couple separated in January.

    Aniston says she was aware of Pitt’s attraction to Angelina Jolie, his “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” co-star, but doesn’t blame their split on her.

    “It’s just complicated,” Aniston says. “There are all these levels of growth — and when you stop growing together, that’s when the problems happen.”

    But when pictures showing Pitt and Jolie together with her 3-year-old son, Maddox, on a beach in Africa were published, the former “Friends” star says, “the world was shocked and I was shocked.”

    She was also hurt by a fashion spread in W magazine — a concept of Pitt’s — that showed the actor and Jolie as a 1960′s-style married couple.

    “There’s a sensitivity chip that’s missing,” Aniston says of Pitt.

    Says Aniston: “I just don’t know what happened … I feel as if I’m trying to scrounge around and pick up the pieces in the midst of this media circus.”

    Otherwise refusing to talk badly of Pitt, the actress says she doesn’t want to mimic the bitterness of her parents’ divorce.

    “I love Brad; I really love him. I will love him for the rest of my life,” says Aniston. “I don’t regret any of it, and I’m not going to beat myself up about it.”

    “The sad thing, for me, is the way it’s been reduced to a Hollywood cliche — or maybe it’s just a human cliche.”

    Another false report, Aniston says, is her relationship with Vince Vaughn, her co-star in the upcoming movie “The Break Up.”

    “I like a lot of people, but I’m sooo not `in like’ with anybody.”

    Aniston also hasn’t lost her sense of humor. On Pitt’s recently dyed blond hair, she says, “Billy Idol called — he wants his look back.” (From AP)

  40. Tired of This

    Jennifer, we’re halfway through March 30th. March has one more day. If you can mail me a certified check for $900 for my April rent then I will take pity on your break-up. Otherwise, SHUT UP! I don’t care. Another spoiled rich girl who thinks she has it so bad. So what? Who cares. Stop crying.









  42. Rumor

    Thank you for posting the article (smile).

  43. jj

    Rumor here are a few more magazine interviews that would be fun to research:
    Was too high-maintenance and ambitious for her ex-fiance Tate Donovan – Donovan, who dated the actress between 1995 and 1998, says she likes top-notch hotels and luxury while he likes bed and breakfasts and riding his bike. (August 5, 2003
    Is said to be fuming at the prospect of her husband Brad Pitt making a movie with sexy Nicole Kidman in the upcoming MR. AND MRS. SMITH — She reportedly asked her husband not to take the part. (February 28, 2003)Revealed that her 5 year marriage to Pitt brought back memories of ‘fear, mistrust, doubt and insecurities’. (April 14, 2005)
    Has vowed never to talk about her divorce from Brad Pitt again – because she says it is too boring. (November 1, 2005)
    These were actual magazine articles…. For a girl who wants to keep quiet she does alot of talking….

  44. pook

    I am not a JA fan but i did notice that whenever stupid Brangelina fans have nothing clever to say they diss Jolie. Jeez, get your own opinions on stuff so that you’ll stop sounding like a dumb, boring, hateful record…..

  45. pook.

    sorry. I meant they diss JA.

  46. jj

    No I think you got it right this first time pook….We are tired of JA…

  47. Aniston Fan

    oh brad fans. he split with ja, so they took sides. they luv jolie bcz brad luvs her, she’s pretty. ja not behaving that poorly. claim she bitches? huh. u never been around a real whiner or bitter woman. some of u went thru bad stuff too, but only answered to few around u why u split with the guy. with fame, strangers stare bcz they already heard the stories, formed opinions. u would try to protect yourself wouldn’t u? if u felt wronged, something would come from your lips i bet. not in her shoes, so don’t know. tired of ppl making excuses. u don’t like ja. that’s all it is. it begins there so everything she says disgusts. u can’t see good in her. she hasn’t come down hard on pitt or jolie. articles? soft stuff. few comments here and there. normal to do. press adds untrue snippets-ja is crying to friends, ja predicts brad and jolie won’t last. blah blah blah. media constantly spins to make ja look like constant complainer, knows what everyone wants to read. now say ja gloating that b and a are fighting. yea, she told close friends this? close friends are loyal. lies. come on. and if ja likes nice things, why diss her for that? she works hard for money, so pamper pamper, girl. u earned it. not bad thing, not sign of bad person either. if ex-boyfriend is too poor, on budget, he criticizes her lifestyle bcz he can’t hang. poor sport. bet other problems why split. also, she don’t talk about him. odds she ended relationship. he’s bitter, so spilling beans. person dumped, more hurt. it’s how it is. can’t convince me your way.

  48. Aniston Fan

    truthful honest jolie. yea, examine her statements. a few very strong lies. fans ignore lies bcz they luv her. all stick up for ones they luv. me too.

  49. jj

    Aniston fans should start getting people to buy her movie tickets instead of trying to impress others with her. shes gonna need it.

  50. The Braddy Bunch

    Here’s the story of lovely Angie lady,
    Who was bringing up two very cute kids.
    One of them had hair of mohawk, cut by his mother,
    The youngest one in curls.

    Here’s the story, of a man named Braddy,
    Who was busy with problems of his own.
    He was sick of, living together,
    with ugly B actress Chin.

    Til the one day when the pretty Angie lady met this hot Brad fellow,
    And they knew that it was much more than a hunch.
    That these hot two would somehow form a great family despite Chin’s pity party and vindictive ways.
    That’s the way they all became the Braddy Bunch (despite Chin’s whining).
    The Braddy Bunch, The Braddy Bunch.

    That’s the way they became the Braddy Bunch (despite Chin’s whining).

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