Jennifer Aniston’s Gambling And Boozing It Up

February 17th, 2006 // 38 Comments

After yesterday’s much disputed report about how Vince Vaughn forbids Jennifer Aniston to even mention Brad and Angelina‘s names, comes a new report that Jennifer Aniston is changing for Vince. However, she’s not changing in a good way.

Sources say that Aniston is trying to hard to please her beau, Vince Vaughn, by trying to keep up with his party habits. The couple was recently spotted in Las Vegas where Vaughn was to perform with his Wild West Comedy Show. Aniston and Vaughn were seen gambling and drinking all night. Recently it was reported that a few of Aniston’s pals “feel she’s trying too hard to please her hard-partying boyfriend.” One friend allegedly said, “She’s changed since she’s been with Vince.”

Must be hard not to change too much when you go through a very public break-up and watch your ex-husband start a family within mere months with the woman with whom he allegedly cheated on you. Maybe Jen just needs a fun-loving and carefree relationship for a change. Since the split from Pitt, Aniston has been enjoying life, or at least leading us to believe she is happy. She recently celebrated her birthday with Vaughn and a number of close friends and recently said in an interview, “I’m doing amazing things. Things are good and looking really bright.”

Now most people do change somewhat when they are in a relationship, so we can only hope she’s kicked the pot habit. Although, gambling and drinking isn’t the alternative that would be the most positive. Kabbalah anyone?

Jennifer Aniston: Friends Worried? []

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. CanadaRules!

    Puffalump Vince looks like he snorts too much coke, and drinks too much beer. Jen, however, still has a killer body. I’m sure she can do better than Vince…

  2. Dr. tia

    If these rumors are true she needs to break up with Vince. If she is a true woman she will not let any man no matter what she has been through change the person she is. I doubt these rumors are true thou. Jen seems to be a strong person.

  3. rrampil

    Jen your such a sweet woman. pls do not destroy your selves with bums who live on booze and gambling.

  4. I know stars usually date/marry stars because other stars are all they know, but…Jesus Christ, Aniston. Take another look at your plumber.

  5. Chinnifer's Plastic Surgeon

    GOES TO SHOW YOU: Chinnifer Maniston is a Psycho dumb bitch! WIth no career to speak of! What trash. Vince is a loser too. He looks like a doorman. Get lost Chinnifer and Duntz Or VInce or Dickless – whatever. Get lost.

  6. boo

    her friends talk too much

  7. HelenSparkles

    I think perhaps, if I had been through the year she has,I might be self medicating! Let the girl party, let her hair down, whatever it takes.

    It seems to be amazing that she has made any films at all while staring such pain in the face; she was the girl who thought marriage meant something whereas Brad couldn’t concieve of anything other than ‘for now’.

  8. Amy

    Uhhh what’s wrong with her “pot habit” as you put it?? Big deal, so many people smoke a little and it’s not like they have a “DRUG PROBLEM”!!! lol

  9. The Mav

    Let the girl party, she’s been dumped by an ungreatful jerk, who couldn’t keep his vows.

    You go Jen.

  10. susiegrl

    What’s wrong with her maybe just being by herself for a bit?!
    Even though it must completely suck to have your ex get over you in like, ONE SECOND and move on, and then have it plastered all over every MAJOR TV and radio show and newspaper all over the WORLD!! But maybe she should just chill out and take the “Band-Aid” (Aka: Vince Vaughn) off and recharge herself!

  11. Rumor

    Unfortunately, for many people falling in love again is the best way to heal a broken heart. That’s why I really, really hope Jennifer Anniston finds true love. She’s probably feeling really rejected and insecure, and I believe she has spent most of her life feeling this way, since her mom wasn’t very kind to her.

    After she is in love and happy, all the Team Annistons and Team Jolies will disappear. Everything will be hunky dory and there will be love for all.

  12. Rumor

    P.S. I highly doubt that Jennifer Anniston will find “true love” in Vince Vaughn.

  13. Silasdog

    She may go through her whole life never understanding what true love is because she’s too much in love with herself, too self-centered, too self-focused; with her it’s all about “me, me, me.” Damn, let’s get real here. I’ve know scores of couples in my life who’ve been through stuff so painful, frightening, and agonizing that the mere thought of it would make Ms Anniston soil herself. But through it all, it made those aforementioned relationships stronger. Ms. Anniston would need years in therapy (and maybe that wouldn’t work either) to even scratch the surface of what I’m saying. Frankly, I think she SHOULD get coked up, smoke a barrel of weed, and suck down martinis by the gallon, and have raucus jungle sex with Vince, or her plumber, or the pool man, or the guy her serves her lattes, because that’s all she got – ego-driven superficiality.

  14. hally

    My impression is that she hasnt got over Brad till today. If she needs somebody by her side its ok if she parties with Vince. But the day will come when she will have to face her pain again. I wish her strength for that. And I hope she is not superficial or a material girl.

  15. josh

    Have you seen her crew? Joan Cusack looks like she suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome, and that one broad from ‘Being John Malcovich’ is so heinous I’d burn my eyes out, stick a bag over my head, and inject a numbing agent into my cock if I was FORCED to fuck her. Typical ugly single broads bitching to their good looking friend about how the one with the man is bad for her.

  16. Rumor

    I don’t believe Jennifer Anniston is a terrible person. Brad Pitt married her. Throughout their marriage his family loved her to the end. They knew her. We don’t know her — at least I don’t. Brad Pitt made wonderful comments about Anniston before they separated. I’ll bet some of us who think these things about her character would change our minds if she talked to us. Who is not selfish at some point? We all want what we want. Nothing wrong with having the best career you can have. Some women in Hollywood opt out of having babies. Relationships are fragile and Hollywood is unforgiving. One day you’re hot. Next you’re not. Take advantage of today. It’s all you’re going to get. Anniston’s crimes are: 1) She is not pretty but she married “Brad Pitt” and 2) Brad Pitt is now with Angelina, who is even prettier than him. Then typically, the women get compared to each other and Brad comes out smelling like a rose. If Anniston had not married Brad Pitt, we wouldn’t give a hoot about her or her looks. How many ugly people are in Hollywood? So many, yet they have careers because there are roles for unattractive people. Thank God. That actor in “Sideways” (Paul Gia-something) has nothing in the looks department, but he’s winning awards.

    I’m happy for Brad and Angelina. It seems too good to be true at times, but it’s fantastic if it works. They are a lovely couple.

    On the other hand, Anniston deserves just as much happiness as they do.

  17. lily

    Jennifer Aniston shouldn’t blame anyone but herself for the break up of her marriage.

    Brad has voiced his desire for children on more than one interview, and for some reason, she hasn’t taken his cue.

    She had every opportunity in the world to have his baby when she was with him. The writers on Friends would have jumped through hoops for her to write her pregnancy in a story line on the show. But alas, her pregnancy with Emma was only a storyline for the show, not paralleling her life outside her career. Who knows the reasons… so she could make more movies on her down time when she wasn’t doing the show? Or her other big ego reasons???

    A true shame, because they would have made cute kids together.

    But now, Angelina is carrying his child, and despite her wild child past, I think she is fantastic. She has a heart so big, that more celebrities should learn from her philanthropic endeavors. She gives 1/3 of her salary to needy people and charities. She is extremely intelligent, a licensed pilot, an adoptive mother, and soon a bioligical one.

    You go Angelina, you are a winner in every respect in my book! I hope you and Brad marry really soon!!!

  18. Rumor

    Lily, read your comment. Basically, I agree. If one partner wants kids, the other doesn’t and both are adamant in their stances, the marriage is not going to work. To play the devil’s advocate though, Jennifer may have wanted kids in the beginning and changed her mind later. If she really wants a baby, she’ll have one. If she doesn’t turn up pregnant one of these years, we’ll know she really didn’t want one. Although everyone keeps concentrating on this issue, the marriage had to have other problems. This baby thing was just one of them.

    I understand Anniston chasing stardom. She’s never been a big star like Brad or Angelina or Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s probably not satisfied with her career. Those people made it really big. Now they probably don’t have a super-strong desire to spend all their time making films and being in the limelight. I don’t think Anniston will ever be that huge. Her movies and acting are so-so. She does not have that “presence.” However, just because she keeps plugging away at it may not mean she has a huge ego. She may have truly been bitten by the acting bug. Many so-so actors work constantly not because they have to, but because they like to.

    In any case, in her love life, she must find a better match than Vince Vaughn. I’m hoping, praying that she does not lose her head and end up marrying that loser. To go from Pitt to Vaughn would be a crying shame.

  19. Michelle

    In my opinion, from all I’ve read about her Jennifer is a good person with a good heart. I’ve read she has a close knit family of girl friends that reach back into her teen years, plus many she’s made in her line of work. That tells me alot about her.
    She married a man who is wildly famous for his looks. Sorry, to any Pitt fans but I don’t think he’s a “great” actor. (If it wasn’t for his looks do you think he’d be this famous?) Then he dumped her and immediately took up with a co-star he just finished making a movie with. IF he wasn’t fooling around with her, then he’s made out of stronger stuff that most men. And Most men aren’t that strong.

    This “she wouldn’t have his baby” crap is just that– crap–put out there by his PR people to make HIM look good. (I heard he hired Tom Cruise’s Pr person to make him look better over all this…don’t know it that’s true.) Jennifer has years left to have a baby… if he really, really loved her he would have Waited. I agree, there are always many facets involved in a marriage and a divorce.

    I think many women are jealous of her and I have no idea why. From everything I’ve read she’s a wonderful friend, a pleasant person to be with, kind, warm, with a good sense of humor. She may not have the looks of Jolie, but who does? However, all I’ve read about Jolie tells me she’s not too stable. She’s done some outrageous stuff in the past, french kissing her brother at the Oscars, an affair with a woman, etc. etc, and all of sudden she a “humanitarian”. She’s adopted some kids which I thought was great. Then she hooks up with Pitt and with one kid, and all of a sudden he has three! And her getting pregnant so fast just seems like she’s trying to hang on to the guy. And, I have a feeling he’s the type of guy who won’t leave his kid behind. And I hope thats not why she got pregnant. To me Pitt looks terrible since he’s been with her. Dark circles, and that black hair..and he never smiles. They both always look dark and gloomy. At least, when he was with Jennifer he seemed happy.

  20. Grl

    I don’t know why people dump on JA for not “wanting” to have kids. I’ve seen this same assumption on other blogs. Here’s a thought: What if she wants to have kids but is unable to get pregnant because she’s infertile?

  21. *Duh*

    “We can only hope she’s kicked the pot habit”?

    What an ignorant statement. I’ve seen her other current “habits” (drinking and gambling) destroy far more lives than the green plant.

  22. Rumor

    What about Brad Pitt’s pot habit? And this is nothing against her, but Angelina has a past with drugs. She also used to cut herself, because like many of us, she’s had pain in her life. Come on now, a lot of us have skeletons in our closet. I’m tired ot the Angelina is this, and Jennifer is that. I don’t think it is fair in any way to keep comparing these two women. This is only happening because Brad Pitt is in the middle. I love men, but I’m also a believer in sisterhood. I’ve always cared about other women because we occupy a unique place in life in that we have and many times singly raise the babies. We all need to stop lingering in the past of what was because Jennifer Anniston needs the support of her fans. She needs people to boost her up, tell her she’s ok, so that she can go on and live that happy life she longs for. She doesn’t need people to keep reminding her that Brad left her for Jolie. Brad and Angelina look really good together, no doubt. They also seem to be on the same page. Angelina seriously loves and cares about children. It may seem sneaky to some that she got pregnant, but not to me. My honest opinion is that deep down, she probably wanted to birth a child of her own, but she couldn’t find the right man to do that with. Along came Brad, whom she trusted, and she was ready. She wants a lot of children, so she figured why wait? About Brad Pitt… Though things always seem so blissful in the beginning, he better not be fickle. After all the ruckus and pain that was caused, he’d better do Angelina right or he will REALLY feel the wrath of the people. It’s gotta work.

  23. spitty

    Where is Juliette Lewis? What does she have to say about this Brad, Ang and Jen thing? She should know a thing or two about Brad as she was boinking him when she was 14.

  24. Jonah

    Hey maybe that’s why Brad looks so glum. He’s coming to the realization that its “gotta work.”

  25. Chinnifer's Acting Coach

    Brad looks glum because he is being real as opposed to being fake when he was with Chinnifer to convince the public of that “Hollywood Golden couple” crap. With Angelina there is no facade – this is for real and that must be comforting for him.

    Let’s all admit how awful an actress Chinnifer is whether or not you like her. I mean Derailed, Rumor Has It? Come on. Friends was a one note delivery on her part. She needs a real career.

    At least Angelina and Brad have that. This is not about Chinnifer, AJ or Brad’s personal lives. Professionally, Chinnifer cannot compete with Angelina. Period.

  26. Psychotic

    This will freak you all out. I hope Angelina’s plane takes a dive!!!!!!!Hahahahaha!

  27. jodroc

    call me superficial – but we are all reading a celebrity blog so i am not the Lone Ranger here – but jen and vince would be so much more fun to hang with than Brad and Ange….i bet Clooney and other friends would think so too. Goodbye weekends in Vegas – hello PR stunts to make it look like i am helping save the world.

    Ange is pregnant in the first glow of love. Physiologically that can last a max of 2 years before friendship and reality kicks in.

    They will not be together in 5 years – remember how she was with Billy (who is far hotter and sexier and more talented than Brad) Bob?

  28. Kayla

    Oh yeah I’d much rather party with Jen and Vince any day. Much more fun and laughs.
    Brad N Angelina are now the poster children for the UN. Hell, neither one of them can even act. I’d rather go see a Vince-Jen movie any day then a boring Alexander the Great or a boring long ass Troy movie.

  29. Rumor

    This is a thought for everyone here who really hates Anniston’s acting abilities.

    I have to say that we must all remember that it’s not always the acting that makes a movie bad. A director can easily screw it up and if the actor is not a major star, he or she won’t get good roles.

    A good example is minorities. Lots of talent in Hollywood I’m sure, but where are they? They get crummy roles or no roles at all most of the time.
    We’ll never get to see how good they are.

    Angelina wouldn’t have to do too much. The camera could just follow her and people would be interested. She studied acting and she’s talented, but she also has a presence on film.

    On the other hand, Anniston doesn’t have movie star looks or attitude, but for the types of movies she gets I think her acting suffices. She’s a simple girl.

  30. Rumor

    I’m constantly writing too much, trying to get it in before I go back to work…

    Kayla, I love Angie, but must agree about that Alexander movie. I HATED her in that! She didn’t look good, and it was not believable, having her as Alexander’s mother. Her accent in the Tomb Raider movies were good, but in Alexander, I was annoyed.

  31. Kayla

    Anniston is a better actress than I am that is all I can say. So more power to her. She’s likeable and the kind of girl you’d want as a friend. Jole i wouldn’t trust with my husband that’s for sure. Vince and Annistons new movie looks really good. Good date movie, can’t wait to see it.

  32. jen fans go shit here …jennifer is so fucking ugly…i am so happy brad left the bitch

  33. jennifer covering her ugly chin…vince and jen are so compatible…they are both ugly…and thie movie will bomb like the other 3 jen films…ha ha ha …..angelina rules

  34. mav you would rather brad stay with ugly jennifer even if he doesn’t love her anymore….that is so pathetic…i bet you would too because you sound like jennifer who is a loser….jennifer is so fucking ugly

  35. brad leaving jennifer is just karma on jennifer…she hates her mom because her mom was miserable when her dad left her mom…jennifer sided with her dad because he got the money…now jennifer is finding out how to be dumped like her mom…just bad karma on jennifer…she deserves it though…jennifer is a snooty bitch

  36. you will die too psychotic…i just hope it will be a painful one…

  37. Psychotic

    Please, let Jolie’s plane dive, with you tied to the tail. Creep!! I’m Psychotic and you are like me, a sick chick!!!HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  38. chelsearules

    Have you all forgotten that Jennifer Aniston

    1) stole her high school friend’s boyfriend ( that friend had spoken to magazines BEFORE she married BP)

    2) stole that Donovan guy from Sandra Bullock

    3) kept making her mother look bad ( she hated that her mother talk about her with the media, what about herself? She recently even said how she wouldn’t be like her mom etc almost saying how pathetic her mother was after her divorce)

    4) That recent “Jane the roomate story”? That MUST have some truth to it

    ………THIS IS A CONNIVING, PETTY , VINDICTIVE wpma. WHY don’t you all see it????

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