Jennifer Aniston’s Gambling And Boozing It Up

After yesterday’s much disputed report about how Vince Vaughn forbids Jennifer Aniston to even mention Brad and Angelina’s names, comes a new report that Jennifer Aniston is changing for Vince. However, she’s not changing in a good way.

Sources say that Aniston is trying to hard to please her beau, Vince Vaughn, by trying to keep up with his party habits. The couple was recently spotted in Las Vegas where Vaughn was to perform with his Wild West Comedy Show. Aniston and Vaughn were seen gambling and drinking all night. Recently it was reported that a few of Aniston’s pals “feel she’s trying too hard to please her hard-partying boyfriend.” One friend allegedly said, “She’s changed since she’s been with Vince.”

Must be hard not to change too much when you go through a very public break-up and watch your ex-husband start a family within mere months with the woman with whom he allegedly cheated on you. Maybe Jen just needs a fun-loving and carefree relationship for a change. Since the split from Pitt, Aniston has been enjoying life, or at least leading us to believe she is happy. She recently celebrated her birthday with Vaughn and a number of close friends and recently said in an interview, “I’m doing amazing things. Things are good and looking really bright.”

Now most people do change somewhat when they are in a relationship, so we can only hope she’s kicked the pot habit. Although, gambling and drinking isn’t the alternative that would be the most positive. Kabbalah anyone?

Jennifer Aniston: Friends Worried? []