Jennifer Aniston Spends Her Time At Sundance Smoking

When Jennifer isn’t attending screenings at the Sundance Film festival, she’s being driven around Park City taking in the sights, and taking care of her cravings.

TMZ has learned, the driver who escorted Jennifer Aniston and Joan Cusack around Sundance has been talking, and his stories are, to say the least, revealing.

Here’s what the driver is saying:

- Aniston was so wound up over paparazzi following her, she told the driver: “You need to take me where nobody is.” He accommodated her by driving for 25 minutes, ending up in a church parking lot. Aniston got out of the car and immediately began chain smoking cigarettes. The driver says this happened several times during her stay.

I’m assuming she was just taking in the fresh mountain air.

Confessions of a Chauffeur [TMZ]