Jennifer Aniston Shacks Up With Vince Vaughn

January 24th, 2006 // 22 Comments

We are happy to report that Jennifer Aniston is moving on with her life, despite reports that she’s devastated by all thing Brad Pitt related. Then again she may be just really, really stoned.

One report says that Jennifer Aniston is moving on quite nicely from Brad Pitt and the gorgeous actress is now reportedly living with Hollywood hunk and new boyfriend Vince Vaughn in LA.

Marc Malkin says in the Insider: I’m happy to report that Jennifer Aniston is having absolutely no trouble moving on. A well-placed source tells me that she and Vince Vaughn may already be living together. Vaughn is said to have moved into Aniston’s L.A. home. No, not her and Brad’s old place (sidenote – that would kinda be creepy) but the cozy home that she had way before he came along.

Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn Now Living Together [National Ledger]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Hmmm, sometimes it feels like Jen’s doing the Vince thing just to prove to the public that she can move on, that she can be enamored by someone, that she can be as moved by another lover as Brad can. But I really like her, so I don’t want it to feel that way. She just doesn’t look quite comfortable.

  2. Monday Blues

    Brad & Angie will have the most beautiful kid in the world and Vince & Jen will have the ugliest. Yuck! Brangelina wins again!

  3. Jaime

    Good for Jen!
    Brad is a dick.

  4. Green Eyed Angel

    Anyone on Team Jolie is rooting for homewreckers. And you know what goes around comes around!
    Anyway, put yourself in her situation. You find out your man of X years is bangin another woman, and then he leaves you for her (very publicly). You move on because your not that stupid but you still think of him and the good times. It takes a loooong time, but you finally learn to trust and love again. You cann’t pick when you meet your next squeeze and you sure as hell can’t look like you falling apart over your ex EVER.

  5. Kelsey

    @ least they have physical contact which is more than I can say for brad and angie.

  6. funkyfeet

    I call bullsh*t on this “relationship”. It just smells of desperation. Now Brangelina…that is bliss.

  7. nicole

    Good for her for finding a real man & not a wimpy pretty boy. And, once a cheater, always a cheater, so good luck Angiepoo!

  8. meee

    well – according to this link, it’s a sham.

    dlisted blog – under the Marlon Brando post.

    See Comments section.

  9. Fugly Girl

    I wouldn’t call this relationship a sham. Hell, I’ve been married for almost five years and I’m still not over ex boyfriends from over ten years ago. I think some never recover from heartbreak. Good for her and Vince and good for Brad and Angie. I think the media has a hard time letting these people move on.

  10. Girly Girl

    Monday Blues and Funky Feet;

    You are either:

    a.) men
    b.) teenagers
    c.) emotional retards (no offense to our short-bus-riding friends)

    Come on, kids. First your husband leaves you for a woman who is, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful women in the world. THEN he directs a 50+ page photo shoot in which he and his lover ‘play house.’ THEN he is seen cavorting on a beach on Africa with her and her impoverished 3rd world kids. THEN he actually files to adopt her little refugees (nothing bad about Mad And Z- they are adorable but Christ- enough of the Mother Theresa crap already). And finally, HE KNOCKS HER UP.

    And all of this within 12 months.

    I don’t care how skinny, or how rich, or how beautiful, or how famous you are… that shit hurts.

    So you two keep up the bad vibes… karma will bite you in the ass and when it does, I hope WE get to blog about YOU…

  11. lucy

    I am glad Jen has moved on with Vince and I am also glad that Brad and Angie has moved on with their lives, now I am waiting for everybody else to do the same.

  12. tracy lynn

    Angie and Brad should be stoned!!! Jen is much more everything than Angie will ever be!! Brad only went for her because she’s a freak!!!

  13. cassandra

    UM, why are there people standing around while vince is practically laying on her?

  14. cassandra

    UM, why are there people standing around while vince is practically laying on her?

  15. cj

    UMMM, why are those people standing around them, while vince is practically on top of her?

  16. noel

    People are standing around because this pic was taken during the filming of The Break-Up.

  17. Fugly Girl

    I think the people are standing around because this was the filming of The Breakup. I’m sure I’ve seen photos of them in the same clothing in People mag during the filming.

  18. I Love Brad & Angie

    Tracy Lyn, you are being unnecessarily mean. Stone Brangelina to death, you say? That is uncalled for. All Team Jolie is saying is our team is more beautiful. So who cares if Jen is with Vince- they are ugly. Which means Team Jolie will always capture the public’s imagination more! Go Brangelina!

  19. Brad and angelina are the most toxic people to ever exist in this planet, they may be beautiful physically but theres no depth in their so called lives. what kind of person will ever claim that these two are their idols? they may be good to look at but they have proved themselves to be liars, deceivers, adulterers,traitors,egoistics…They are the very waste of life

  20. Sod Off

    Jen Aniston with Vince Vaughn…please! Such a horrible pair up, the hell with both of them.

  21. kel

    jen aniston is so clever. really, everybody says “POOR JEN, america’s sweet heart is suffering” while she is screwing Vince Vaughn. BRAVO!!

  22. Leave Brangelina Alone

    Lesa , can you prove that Brangelina are all you say they are (cheaters, etc)? No, you can’t. So leave them alone. You are jealous. All of you. These are beautiful and deep people who spent Thanksgiving in Pakistan with earthquake victims while Jennifer is whining about her life to the press. I look up to Angie and Brad because of their humanitarian work. And they are beautiful to look at. That is what I want from actors, talent and beauty. I don’t want a million dollar earning actor to look like the ugly average cheerleader from my high school which is what Jennifer looks like. Angelina looks like an angel. And don’t get me started on Brad- he is too fine.

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