Jennifer Aniston Gives Us Another Bomb

December 20th, 2005 // 5 Comments

The film business has proven a tad bit more difficult to conquer than the television business for Jennifer Aniston. Her latest film, Rumor Has It, is receiving some pretty bad press.

“A Wreck” reads the headline above the review in the Hollywood Reporter. Variety opens its critique by labeling the comedy-drama “as muddled in most respects as its title.” Both papers predict poor ticket sales.

In the movie, directed by Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally) and based loosely on the events that occurred in the 1962 Charles Webb novel and 1967 Michael Nichols movie The Graduate, Aniston plays an obituary writer for The New York Times who goes home to Southern California for her sister’s wedding – and discovers for the first time that her granny, played by Shirley MacLaine, may have been the inspiration for the notorious “older woman” Mrs. Robinson, who seduced Benjamin Braddock, the then-recent college grad.

At least she has Brad Pitt Vince Vaughn to come home to.

Jen’s Latest Flick: Poor Early Reviews [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Snobetty

    She looks a little toasted.

  2. jooles

    Her face looks just like Sean Penn is this photo. Especially from his “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” days. Weird.

  3. I just saw a “coming attractions” for this movie. I was stunned, as was the rest of the audience. The theme was quite clear and ICKY!!!
    I felt total embarrassment for Aniston and rest of cast.

  4. What on eath attracted her to this script??? Was it the director, the co-stars, the short schedule, the pay, or just something to do that would be sure to put off having kids? I think that I will offer a word of comfort. Look at how bumpy the road to greatness was for Jack Nicholson. And just look at him today! All of your movies can’t be number one at the box office, unless you are Merl Strepp. (God, I love that woman!) It is my opinion (And I just know that people whisper about it) that Gwynneth got her Oscar with the very, very, very generous and very, very, very patient help from EVERYONE on the set of Shakespere In Love. Of course in her mind, I imagine that she tells herself that her talent earned it. In the movie “Rumor Has It”, I got the impression that there was no team effort. Everyone just seemed like they had their script in their hands, and did not have any real motivation. It was like “o.K., let’s get this turkey done, so we can just go home and then forget about it as soon as possible.” I think that it will make history for being an example of WHAT CAMERA CREWS SHOULD NOT DO during a film. The film editor must have eyes that are almost as swollen shut as Woody Allen’s. It was not your fault Jennifer. In this case the bus broke down and rolled over the director’s brain, and the cast seemed doomed. (In my own opinion of course). Clint Eastwood knows something that the people in charge of this flop needs to learn.

  5. O.K. My last comment was a little too unpleasant. It is not like me at all to be so toasty. I will say that I am sorry. I hope that whenever Jennifer Aniston wants to lift her spirits, she can just pull out a copy of Reese Witherspoon’s movie called “Freeway” or Jennifer Lopez’s movie called “U-Turn” and watch them, and then she can say with great pride, “I can move on from here and accomplish great things!!!” Good Luck.

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