Jennifer Aniston Gives Us Another Bomb

The film business has proven a tad bit more difficult to conquer than the television business for Jennifer Aniston. Her latest film, Rumor Has It, is receiving some pretty bad press.

“A Wreck” reads the headline above the review in the Hollywood Reporter. Variety opens its critique by labeling the comedy-drama “as muddled in most respects as its title.” Both papers predict poor ticket sales.

In the movie, directed by Rob Reiner (When Harry Met Sally) and based loosely on the events that occurred in the 1962 Charles Webb novel and 1967 Michael Nichols movie The Graduate, Aniston plays an obituary writer for The New York Times who goes home to Southern California for her sister’s wedding – and discovers for the first time that her granny, played by Shirley MacLaine, may have been the inspiration for the notorious “older woman” Mrs. Robinson, who seduced Benjamin Braddock, the then-recent college grad.

At least she has Brad Pitt Vince Vaughn to come home to.

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