Jennifer Aniston’s Boobs Are Not To Be Seen

You won’t be seeing Jennifer Aniston’s tits on A Socialtie’s Life. Some topless photos of her sunbathing at her Los Angeles home (I’d say more near the beach) have surfaced.

Lawyers for Jennifer Aniston have warned publications that they will face an invasion of privacy lawsuit if they print topless photos of the actress taken recently while she was apparently sunbathing at her Los Angeles home. In a blistering letter sent to celebrity magazines, attorney John Lavely wrote that the publication of photographs “showing [Aniston] topless or in the act of taking off or putting on her top” would expose those titles to “substantial monetary damages.” In his December 3 letter, Lavely wrote that the topless photos were taken by paparazzo Peter Brandt, who allegedly used a “powerful telephoto lens” from a perch more than a mile away from Aniston’s home (though the images, TSG has learned, appear to have been snapped from a closer range).

While we’ve seen the photos and would love to show off Jen’s boobs, we prefer not to get sued. So you’ll just have to take another gander at the GQ photos.

With Brad Pitt planning on adopting Angelina Jolie’s children, Jennifer weighs in on adoption and single-parenthood.

“In five years, I would hope to be married and have a kid. I still believe in marriage 100 per cent,” Jennifer Aniston, 36, said in an interview. But Jennifer Aniston is no way plans to be a single mom. Even more, she seems to be dissing Angelina Jolie on the subject of kids.

When asked by Larry King about children, Jennifer Aniston said she will never be a single mom. “Never say never, but I don’t think so,” she replied.

And it also seems her grounds about adoption are also firm. “I know, and that’s fantastic,” Jennifer Aniston said about adoption, “For me personally, I’d like to share that with someone else.”

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