Jennifer Anistion Toasts Author, Intuitionist and Designer Laura Day

June 20th, 2007 // 11 Comments

You may know Laura Day from “Trading Spaces.” Celebrities know her from her work as an “intuitionist.” Through her series of books, she offers training in intuitive development and application, helping readers “apply intuition to life’s challenges, while developing skills such as telepathy.” That’s a skill everyone should have, right?


More photos (Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Sophia Bush, Jennifer Anistion, Jordanna Brewster) from the event are after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Margaret

    I wonder if Ashton finally won that date with Jennifer so he can win his bet? Hopefully he did, so that stupid story never makes the rounds again.

  2. grace

    Rumer Willis is a troll…I am sorry…hideous.

  3. This event looks like a loser convention. Telepathy skils? How comes they don’t have tin foil skull caps on? That’d make more sense than this other stuff. Asston needs to start wearing a beanie cap with a twirly blade on top. It’d make him look like a real man. How comes Chinnefer isn’t shilling the water she’s endorsing? Come on Maniston? Photo op!

  4. FreakyZ

    I know it’s mean and it’s not her fault and all but damnnn… grace is right. That Willis kid is just beyond ugly. Like a young female version of the Elephant Man.

  5. T-Bone

    Is that Rumer Willis or Peter Pan? I’m confused.

  6. Laura

    Oh, please, Rumer, next time wear a paper bag over your head, pleaseeee!
    I mean, sh*t, girl, I might not be a beauty model, but at least I’m not showing up everywhere, posing as if I was lovely!

  7. green cardigan

    I think in Hollywood speak, Rumer Willis would be classed as ‘kooky’ or ‘quirky’ which in lay man’s language means she’s been severely beaten with the ugly stick.

  8. T-Bone

    I laughed so hard at these comments that I literally cried tears.

  9. gemellen

    This is incorrect — there are two Laura Day’s at play here. The designer & the intuition author are two different people.

  10. amle

    Rumor looks ummmmmm lol

  11. Suzi

    Poor, poor Rumer – beaten with an ugly stick and then some is right. Those beedy eyes – those flaring nostrils, and the mammoth chin. Not to mention the off-the-wall hair cut. I normally don’t suggest plastic surgery, but in cases where people look like this poor girl does, I’d highly recommend it. Would be $$$$$ well spent. Then when she’s finished, both her sisters need to follow. Never have I seen such ugly girls!! And for them to get up in front of cameras to pose is past comical.

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