Jennifer Anistion and Courteney Cox Hit the Beach

May 29th, 2007 // 28 Comments

Along with Courteney Cox’s husband David Arquette and their daughter Coco. Wow, she’s growing up fast. We’re glad to see Jennifer Anistion out and about again – she’s looking good.

She looked well toned and tanned and wore light blue frayed denim shorts and a light fabric, steel gray V-neck long sleeved T-shirt. Uncharacteristically, she wished the waiting photogs Happy Memorial Day as the others in her entourage hurried along in front.

Someone commented, “Jennifer isn’t normally the biggest fan of the paparazzi, she will do anything she can to avoid being photographed. But today was a different story. She strolled along slowly, carrying her sandals and water in her hands, like she was a normal holidaymaker.”


More photos of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Uhm

    I think she’s so pretty and she has so much class. Wonder who else was there since they didn’t show all the pictures obviously.

  2. as a kate moss fan i say this lightly she looks like her a little in the first pic she wants that ok look cause of the brangleina rumors. Can we say threeis company she’d be a part of their breakup hun i know she got divorced that was years ago does she really have to tag along all the time.

  3. Oh Please

    I’m divorced, most friends are married, and I’m invited all the time. They get a little upset when I say no. Especially the friends I’ve been friends with for years. So the tagging along thing is silly, and it’s a holiday weekend so perhaps they had a cook out like most. I admire Jen for going through what she did and in front of the public, and holding her head up high. And the rumors of Courtney’s marriage breaking up is one I don’t believe at all.

  4. She looks great, fit and healthy and as usual the hair is amazing. I’ve always liked her, she has shown she has dignity and grace with all she has had to face in the last couple of years.

    These are photos of old friends enjoying a day at the beach together, what’s wrong with that?

  5. anon

    I read they were walking from the Cox manse to a party at Jen Meyer’s dad’s place down the beach….jen, jen and court are all friends.

  6. T-Bone

    Jenn looks great.
    She has real friends.
    She’s not starving herself for attention.
    She doesn’t do tricks for the media
    She donates to several charities, yet she’s not shoving it down our throats
    And she manages to keep her private life private! Amazing!

  7. jannre

    T-bone, I totally agree with everything you said…

  8. MM

    She’s hot!

  9. Melk

    She needs to find friends of her own and let this family spend family time alone. What fucken 3rd wheel already. Does she not have sisters or brothers? pathetic!

  10. Marissa

    Um, Happy Memorial Day? It’s not really a “happy” day, you know? I guess Jen in Hollywood is too far removed from the soldiers who defend their freedoms. God Bless those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.

  11. kay

    I really have neutral feelings about Jen (I liked her in Friends, but not crazy about anything since…) But am I the only one who gets a horrible vibe from every* photo she is in? I mean, I get that she doesn’t like the paps, but maybe once she can smile without looking like she’s going to kill someone. I mean, they are in Malibu*, after all, and this is part of her job*! Enough with the tortured soul …Thoughts?

  12. jannre

    Melk? What are you talking about, find friends of her own? These are her friends, Courtney is her best friend, has been for years, you think because she married David, that Jen should not have her as a friend anymore? You may not like Jennifer, but you really need to stop trying to find things wrong to make her look bad..she walked down the beach with them to go to a party…duh

  13. jannre

    And Kay, did you look at all of the pics? shes actually smiling and waving at the paps, and even wished them a happy memorial day..shes smiling in more than one picture…geeez, you people make me sick!

  14. Margaret

    T-Bone, great post and I totally agree. Jen is one classy gal and she looks great. She’s also Coco’s Godmother. That’s how close these gals are. Sheryl Crowe and Wyatt were also at the Mayer’s party. The pictures I’ve seen, however, are mostly of Jen. People want to see her picture whether the loonies like it or not.

  15. Coco

    She is truly a beautiful lady. Contrary to a few posts, I think she’s a damn fine actress with a better range of acting than AJ and many other actors. Sure she seems to be dealing with a lot of angst, hell, so do I and millons of people on this planet…..but the fact that she carries herself with dignity and class sure says a lot about her character. I can’t say the same for AJ.

  16. Dorothea

    Gee, T-bone gee Margaret
    You’re back on the same old same old beat again.

    I see no reason to attack Jen to make a point about Angelina but its nonright weird to me that y’all don’t notice how noticeably thinner she has become and how she just doesn’t seem happy.

    She is in a rut big time what with all her movie projects stalled (I’m being kind–actually they look to be d.o.a). Her career was redhot two years ago. Now its in deep doo doo. She gave up rights to Plan B to get the big mansion thinking that her and Courtney would form their own company and produce their own projects.

    What with her movies not doing as well as expected, Jen can no longer get the funding.
    She’s gone from A-list to off the radar.

    She seems to be a nice lady and she was great on Friends (as were all her castmates) but she got on the A-list because of Brad and without him, she just can’t sustain her former glory.

    I feel sorry for her. She was overrated and has been cut down to size. She has her millions and her galpals and her diehard fans—who are loonie like the BAMPZ fans in their own way. But she doesn’t have anything that looked like what we all saw with our own eyes going on between Brad and Angelina —–and she knows it. And she knows the world knows it. That’s gotta hurt.

    She has no one to blame but herself. Go online and see the Charley Rose interview with Brad.
    She let that grand relationship just fall thru her fingers all for the sake of a movie career.
    She lost out on that but she’s still famous—sadly, all for the wrong reasons.

    Its nice that y’all spin every mundane thing she does into something interesting but slamming Brad and Angie to build up Jen just makes her appear more pathetic at this point.

  17. dogfight

    Dorothea, truer words were never spoken.
    She’s had her day.

  18. clive owen

    she sure looks depressed. Why when she knows that her fans want tosee her happy? I don’t get her anymore. She seems really bitchy.

  19. Mia

    Jennifer doesn’t seem bitchy, she seems perfectly normal. When will people stop reading more into situations like these? She’s just walking down the beach with her friends.

  20. whateva26

    T-bone said :

    “Jenn looks great.
    She has real friends.
    She’s not starving herself for attention.
    She doesn’t do tricks for the media
    She donates to several charities, yet she’s not shoving it down our throats
    And she manages to keep her private life private! Amazing!”

    She looks like a DOG.
    Her only “friends” are the ones from the tv show “friends” very real indeed.
    She DOES starve herself to look like this and you know she exercise herself to death too.
    Her life is private life is now nonexistent. When she had a lover her “private life” was very much out for the public.

    And I DONT like Angelina Jolie, thank you very much, but this ho REALLY reaches my tolerance limit of boring, fake and ugly. At least Angelina is interesting, dooh

  21. bb

    whateva26 seems like you know a lot about Jennifer Aniston’s private life for a person who is indifferent and bored with her?

    I’m tired of people attacking J.A. for no reason. She is not in the public eye all the time, whoring herself for the paparazzi, and yet even her taking a walk gets some people angry? Wtf is wrong with you people? If you don’t like her, you don’t have to look at these pics…
    I think she looks nice and healthy and has great legs

  22. lookwhaticando

    Dorothea said:

    You are soooo on point with your post,

  23. T-Bone

    Dorothea wrote:
    “I see no reason to attack Jen to make a point about Angelina”

    Isn’t that exactly what you just did?

    Jenn is a darling, smart girl with a lot of class. She also has about 50 million dollars more than you, I would imagine, so I’m sure she’s ok with your pity :) I’m sure she has some peace of mind.

    She’ll find her way with or without Brad Pitt. She wasn’t in love with him any longer and she wanted out. But she didn’t do it the way Brad did it. She wanted out and she got out, without lying, cheating and stealing. Good for her. Now Angelina Jolie gets her sloppy seconds. Poor Angie.

  24. lookwhaticando

    And I wonder how the paps knew she was going to take a stroll down the beach, I’m sure she alerted them so that she can get her last few minutes of fame, as her career is fading fast, (yet not fast enough). She is nothing without brad, she rode his coattail to the end and beyond.

    She is still trying to ride brads wave, by, looking haggard sad, and depressed all the time, Feel sorry for me please, boo hoo,

    She is a fake unfortunate looking, has been.

  25. T-Bone

    lookwhaticando — if this is “sad and haggered” then I wonder what she looks like when she’s happy, because she looks pretty healthy and happy to me!

    Also, Jenn isn’t putting on shows for the paparrazi. She doesn’t really like them and she makes no bones about it. Putting on shows is Angelina’s job. She needs all of that attention.

  26. lookwhaticando

    I remember the time when she landed at Lax Airport, and had alerted all the paps to snap her as she scurried through the airport, She needs all the attention she can get. And she loves being seen, Remember when she Leaked the nude photos of herself, the women is a publicity Whore, and will do anything, I repeat Anything to be photographed.

  27. Dorothea

    lookwhaticando—thanks friend.
    t-bone,get real,
    and stay with me for a minute:
    you have NO idea what went on in Brad and Jen’s marriage NONE NADA–every thing you post is conjecture and speculation.

    I can speculate too—I think these two hooked up and settled on each other before they really knew each other well enough. I think they wanted to make it work. But they realized that they wanted different things, that they loved each other but it was not a big love.

    They’d made a ‘pact’ to stay together until their ‘experiment’ didn’t work anymore. A lot of us heard about their strange agreement to marry and saw the writing on the wall.

    The timing with Angie was probably horrendous for all three. I think that Brad tried to pace himself with Angie to allow Jen to save face. She chose to hook up with Vince very publicly and could’ve used that as a smooth transition. But she still kept milking the woe is me card and by doing so she TURNED OFF a shitload of us.

    When she was on the a-list, she was EVERYWHERE,
    flashing her bod and plastering her face and nipplesall over the net(the nipple thing alone is beyond eye-rolling.) When she’s got something to promote, she’s everywhere just like the rest of them.

    Brad didn’t leave Jen—their relationship ran its course. What a lot of us don’t find admirable about her is that she lets Brad (and Angie) take the fall for all of it—still today by every move she makes. Very unclassy.

  28. Rachy

    U guys are probably all wrong, how does any of ur opinions matter anyway! Jennifer Aniston is NEVER gonna read this!!!! lol What a waste of an argument!

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