Jennifer Saunders And Joanna Lumley Film ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ In London

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley got into character today to film a Christmas special for their hit British series, Absolutely Fabulous in London, according to the Daily Mail.  Best. Day. Ever.

Lumley, who plays magazine editor Patsy and Saunders, who plays Edina toted bags from Lanvin and Vuitton as they made a feeble attempt to look cool and edgy.  It seemed Eddy was denied access to Stella McCartney, so she threw herself against the store’s glass window.  Patsy flaunted a McCartney shopping bag at lunch after, indicating that she was able to get in and purchase some goodies.

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It was announced back in April that Ab Fab would return for six new episodes after last airing in 2003.  The series, created by Saunders, ran from ’92-95, then came back in 2001 for a few years.  Welcome back, you self-centered drunks. Our lives without you were like Eddy’s empty fridge after the Veuve Clicquot stash has run out.

For those of you not familiar with Pats and Eddy, watch a clip of their show after the jump.  You’re welcome.