Jennifer Love Hewitt Poses With Shirtless Men, Tweets Her Heart Out [PHOTOS]

Always hungry for the spotlight, Jennifer Love Hewitt tweeted photos of herself on set yesterday being held up by shirtless men in their skivvies.  “Morning lovelys!” Hewitt tweeted October 19th.  “Just got to set! first day of our big shoot. Singing, dancing, lingerie oh my!!!! You’ll know soon enough what it’s for!” We are brimming with anticipation.

PHOTOS: Someone’s Happy To See Photographers!

That photo was followed by a handful featuring the actress getting her makeup and hair done.  “Um what’s happening around here…They just measured my lips. Lol” (via Daily Mail).  Laughing out loud, indeed.

Alas, for every positive dollop worth 140 characters, there must be one to remind us that life can be difficult to bear.  So wrote Hewitt, “‘I cried and it made my head hurt, but so beautiful. that moment u meet someone and you just know something specials supposed to happen…”

Many thanks to Twitter for making z-listers feel like b-listers.