Jennifer Lopez’s Manager Benny Medina Wishes He Were Judging ‘Idol’

Benny Medina, Jennifer Lopez’s manager, has apparently gotten so obsessed with American Idol, he’s taken to hanging around the set and telling Lopez what he thinks of all the contestants.  Benny is a former singer himself, and has managed Usher, Brandy, and Mariah Carey.

A rep spaketh thus:

“Benny is a frustrated judge and has nothing to do [with judging contestants]. Jennifer loves this job and is having a wonderful time.”

Well, at least one person is watching.  Some are predicting a poopy season this year, what with the new (strange) judge line-up.  Has American Idol jumped the shark, y’all?  And has Steven Tyler started looking like a middle-aged lesbian, or is that just me?

Here’s Jenny (Miss Lopez if you’re nasty) shaking that ass at the 32nd Anniversary Carousel of Hope Gala in Beverly Hills on Saturday.  Bitch is workin’ it like her life depended on it and she looks pretty damn cute, too.  You’d think with all the face-pulling she does, she’d have more wrinkles.  Or maybe it’s Maybelline!  You decide!