Jennifer Lopez Talks Of Whitney Houston’s Impact [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Whitney Houston
Her life in pictures
Jennifer Lopez is making the press rounds for American Idol, and stopped by The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in Burbank, California.  Lopez and Leno briefly discussed Whitney Houston’s passing on February 11th, with Lopez having to change the subject because it was making her blue.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was in my living room and was on the phone with my manager. We’d just hung up and he called back one second later… I hate talking about it, it’s sad,” Lopez said.

Switching gears, Lopez talked about one of the most inspiring things some has ever said to her.  While dating P. Diddy, Lopez shared with him a few tracks from her debut album, On The 6.  “I had a lot of mentors, Puffy aka Diddy now, when I first met him I was making my first album and he gave me a lot of insight into the music business, he helped me a lot,” Lopez explained.

“He did say one thing to me that was funny, I was recording music for my first album and I played a song for him and said, ‘What do you think’ and he said, ‘I hate it. It’s not good, it won’t be a hit,’ and I said, ‘I love it’, standing up for myself,’ and he said, ‘Good, you can listen to it in your living room because you’re the only one.

“It stayed with me because he’s right – as an artist it’s not just about touching you, everybody has to relate to it, that’s the main thing so I really learned from that, even though he was tough with the message.  [But] the song was still on the first album.”

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