Jennifer Lopez Shoots New Video, Shows Off Spanx

Oh Jennifer Lopez. I like you. Jennifer was spotted on the set of the music video for her new song “Papi” in LA. The singer looked fantastic sporting a variety of different outfits from a cream top, tight leather pants and spiked heels, to more comfy PJ looking attire, and finally a gorgeous green dress.

Best part about the green dress? That Jen isn’t afraid to show us her Spanx. Yes ladies and gentleman, J Lo wears Spanx. It kind of makes me feel better about life. Well, that does and seeing Jennifer looking some happy with her kids Emme and Max. Those two are quite adorable. Sorry you’re going through a parental divorce kids. Jen was working the dancing while the cameras rolled, but as soon as they shut off she spent time between takes with the kids.

PHOTOS: Jennifer Lopez Rides on the Shoulders of Men for Her Video “Papi”

MailOnline points on that “Papi” “is an upbeat dance number, sure to get crowds moving with the lyrics,” so it’s no wonder Jen has hired So You Think You Can Dance choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo to work on it with her. Jennifer is still an amazing dancer so I’m sure it will be fantastic.

Jennifer has been busy the past month working on What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Should be funny! Make sure to check out the gallery for all the great photos from the shoot including the Spanx, the kids & even a run in with a few schoolgirls that Jennifer talked to. The saddest pic might be the one of Emme crying when mama had to go back to work.