Jennifer Lopez Is The World’s Greatest Musical Comeback!

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Last Week, Jennifer Lopez was named the “world’s greatest musical comeback act.” Yup.

The ranking came from Accuracast, a digital search agency that analyzed 1 billion online Google searches from 2004 to present. Lopez beat out Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin for the top spot. New Kids on the Block and Brian Wilson rounded out the U.S. acts. That’s an interesting bunch.

Lopez has successfully remade her all-around career since she joined the judging panel last year on American Idol. Today, Lopez was seen fulfilling her Idol duties as she attended the Hollywood Week auditions.

Lopez has her hand all over almost everything these days (no, I’m not talking about boy toy Casper Smart). She currently has promotional and or licensing deals with Fiat, Venus, Kohl’s, L’Oreal EverSleek, Gucci and Tous jewelry. Whew!

Not everything is rosy in Lopez land. The multi-hyphenate is apparently selling off all the jewelry Marc Anthony gave her during their seven year marriage. A source told The Chicago Tribune that “when Jennifer moves on, she totally moves on.”

So I guess that means bye bye to her star’s carat engagement ring which is worth around $4 million.