Jennifer Lopez Private Home Videos To Be Released

May 29th, 2011 // 6 Comments

Bad news for Jennifer Lopez, a Los Angeles court has given Ojani Noa, J.Lo’s first husband, permission to release the personal home videos of J.Lo and Ojani. Lopez, seen at the May 3 launch of her new album “LOVE?” has spent all of 2011 relaunching her career. The release of these private home movies threaten to dampen her recent successes.

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RadarOnline reported on Friday that Noa managed to find a loophole in the law that has been preventing him for the last several years from releasing the vidoes.

How did Noa find a loophole? Apparently, Noa sold the footage to his current girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez for her to release it on his behalf. Vazquez has been allowed to release the home videos after she successfully argued that not releasing the tapes is causing her distress.

In legal documents obtained by the site, “Vazquez argues she has and is suffering harm in that she has had difficulty in obtaining work as a result of Lopez’s attempts at enforcing the Injunction against her.”

The ruling also states that,

“Vazquez argues that Lopez, on the other hand, will suffer no harm if Vazquez’s preliminary injunction is granted. Lopez puts forth no arguments contradicting those of Vazquez and, in fact, fails to address this element of the preliminary injunction test altogether. As a result, the Court finds that the balance of the equities weighs in favor of Vazquez.”

Sounds like Noa and Vazquez are real gems. Let this be a lesson to all that you can’t trust anyone.

By Cynthia Rollins

  1. orodrigu

    Wow….I don’t think JLo will let this one go. Ojani and that troll girlfriend are Goldiggers!

  2. Sandra

    What a disgusting couple. No morals or self-respect at all.

  3. Tom

    Ok, let me get this straight. It’s more important that this new girl not suffer because Lopez is trying to keep a video that doesn’t display new girl at all off the market after the ex sells new girl the video with full willingness on both sides than it is for Lopez to not be caused distress because she doesn’t want the world to see her private moments with an ex. What kind of idiocy is this? The judge in this case should be forced to retire at gunpoint.

  4. She Stinks!

    JHO is letting this get released on purpose, to further her career. It worked for Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Who would even want to see this used up sloppy pig doing anything? She’s gross.

  5. Matt

    I agree with orodrigu. But can you bealived? J. Lo – naked – sexy…, I LIKE IT!!! :)))))

  6. Pat

    Even if it shows Jlo in sexual positions it can only further her career. Let’s face it we live in a no moral society now and sex tapes boost your career. I believe it is a stunt on Jlo’s part. I don’t believe there was any court situation because you would see pictures of paparazzi talking to Valesquez and Oajni. This is made up and the sex tape was given to Oajini. Jlo probably paid Oani to do her a favor. Why would Oajni wait this many years to release a sex tape. It is definitely a stunt by low life Jlo. Jlo has no talent and used sex to get where she is. Whoever she has to pay to make her famous at the moment she will do. When she was going with Puffy she probably helped him do drug deals in exchange for fame. She is an ugly woman who did adultery and god knows what else. She is a user!

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