WATCH: Drake and Jennifer Lopez Shared a Passionate Kiss!

OMG! Can you handle the steaminess?

Jennifer Lopez and Drake’s pent up passion exploded onto the dance floor at a club night in Vegas.

In leaked video from the night, J Lo, 47, and Drake, 30, grind on the dance floor with only eyes for each other. Lopez, clad in a skin tight white dress, is seen passionately kisses her new beau who can’t help but grinning at his good fortune.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez
CREDIT: Instagram

In the video, Lopez grinds up on Drake on the set of what looks like a winter wonderland-themed prom. Of course, the two can’t keep their hands off each other as they get down to a song that sounds a lot like the two of them on the record.

The couple even take a moment to hit the photo booth before they are crowned prom king and queen of Preston High.

Watch all the steaminess go down in the videos below.

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Eat your hearts out Casper Smart and Rihanna. These two are in lust!