Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Wave To Fans In Rio Ahead Of Carnival [PHOTOS]

Jennifer Lopez
The star showed of her body in Lima, Peru.
Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil today (February 19), and the couple hung out on their hotel balcony along with Jennifer’s manager Benny Medina while waving to fans and taking pictures.

Beer company Brahma is promoting Lopez while hair care company Pantene is hosting Fergie. Neither will actually parade in the all-night-long event, but they’re expected to watch and perhaps wave from the posh VIP seats at the Sambadrome as 13 samba schools pull out all the stops in a fierce, sweaty competition before tens of thousands live and many more watching on television. 

In a TV spot airing nationwide, JLo is thrilled to be invited by Brahma to “sapucar” in Rio. In the spot, filmed in Los Angeles, Ms. Lopez is at home tossing aside invitations from Britain’s royal family and other dignataries. She pounces on a box containing a bright-red Brahma T-shirt and yells “I was invited!” She immediately starts taking samba lessons and learning Portuguese. Cut to Brazil, where Zeca Pagadinho, a well-known samba songwriter and Carnival personality, is at the beach drinking Brahma surrounded by people already in a Carnival mood. He calls Ms. Lopez to see if she’s coming to join them in Brahma’s box. “I’m in, Pagadinho!” she shouts. Much singing and dancing ensues.

I’m guessing Jennifer and Casper will shake a thing or two while in Rio.