Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart And Kanye West Attend Obama’s Parisian Fundraiser [PHOTOS]

JLo's Bikini Body
Jennifer Lopez shows off her bikini body.
Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart paid $5000 ahead to attend President Barack Obama’s fundraiser in Paris, France last night.  The event, hosted by Anna Wintour, was held at private venue La Maison 8, formerly the home of designer Kenzo Takada.

Kanye West, Scarlett Johansson, Mick Jagger and Stella McCartney were also in attendance.  “We need Obama to win,” McCartney told the Daily Mail en route to her car post-fundraiser. Who’s “we?”  Aren’t you under the crown?

After all was said and done, the evening raised roughly $350,000 for Obama reelection campaign.

Lopez, in a snug little red dress, held tight to her boytoy as she demurely looked at photographers.  Lopez recently told British Magazine, Look that she wouldn’t mind dipping her toes in the political pond:  “Might you see me entering politics? Yeah, there are women popping up in all different places now.

“We’ll see as time goes on. You know how women are, we’ll start taking over little by little.”

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