Jennifer Lawrence Thinks Josh Hutcherson Is “Dreamier” Than Robert Pattinson [VIDEO]

March 5th, 2012 // 8 Comments
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In a set-up not unlink Zach GalifianakisBetween Two Ferns, MTV’s Josh Horowitz sat down with The Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson to play a game of Yes/No.

Lawrence agreed to be addressed as “JLaw” and Hutcherson settled for “Hutch,” which made for a pleasant back-and-forth.  Lawrence does not believe she’d win a cagefight against Twilight vampires, but she does believe that “Hutch” is “dreamier” that Robert Pattinson (yeah, right).

Check out the interview and pray tell: Will you see The Hunger Games?

By Kelly Lynch

  1. nelly

    Bitch is crazy.

  2. joker

    “jlaw?” why is she trying so hard? also, josh seems like a nice kid, but he looks like a short munchkin. thank god the hunger games storyline is interesting, because the cast is not.

  3. gizzy

    I’m sorry but they are not even in the same league. I like them both but Rob is way hotter! Josh is cute but Rob is gorgeous. Really no comparison! Kristen is a lucky girl!

  4. short munchkins

    It’s called promoting your movie. Everyone compliments their costars while promoting and touring malls. I find it funny Hollywood is trying so hard to make The Hunger Games the next Twilight. It feels so forced and artificial.

  5. stark

    i didnt realize she likes short men…

  6. stekl

    did she really think we are stupid? whatever she may think or say she will always sound and look pathetic… poor desperate girl…

  7. Kate

    robert pattinson isn’t even good looking. If he wasn’t casted as “edward cullen” or wasn’t famous no one would even like him. You guys are all insane.

  8. Telas

    OMH! You’re kiddin’ me, right?Josh Hutcherson I’ve ayawls been a fan of. I was waitin’ for him to be posted here! He’s got good style but I’m stuck on if he’s cuh-ute or nawt. But I love those eyes! They make me melt. Haha.~SL~>

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